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Chakra meditation is an age-old practice that dates back to ancient times. The belief is that learning to open and balance the chakras or energy centers in the body will increase the flow of energy to the entire body and increase the mind’s awareness, intelligence, creativity, and spirituality. Let’s check the Essential Chakra Meditation Book Review.

Chakra meditation is a meditation where you focus on specific chakra points in the body. Some yoga practitioners focus on the energy centers while others focus on the chakras that are located between the eyes, known in Tibetan Buddhist meditation as the Third Eye. The practice originated in India and has become a popular method among the spiritual, New Age, and paranormal communities.

Essential Chakra Meditation: Awaken Your Healing Power with...
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Essential Chakra Meditation: Awaken Your Healing Power with...
  • Pfender, April (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Essential Chakra Meditation Meaning

Chakras are energy centers in the body where energy flow can become blocked and out of balance. Chakras can be found throughout the body, including in the torso, hands, feet, and head. The seven main chakras are aligned with the subtle body, or koshas, which are made up of etheric (spirit), astral (mental), causal (physical), and causal (emotional) bodies. They control the functioning of the body’s organs, glands, and nervous systems and contribute to our emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Chakras can also be affected by emotions.

How Does Chakra Meditation Work?

Chakra meditation is a physical, mental, and spiritual technique that encompasses the seven major chakras in the human body. Each chakra is associated with a different energy center of the body and is the primary physical manifestation of a spiritual or emotional life experience. Chakra meditation is designed to help balance your chakras, promoting your mental and physical well-being.

About Author

April Pfender creates the deck.

APRIL PFENDER is a Reiki master teacher, meditation instructor, and author of Chakra Balance. The book good ranked on the market. She is the creator of Santa Monica Healing and specializes in Reiki and quantum healing, meditation, sound healing, and sacred conferences and retreats.

Essential Chakra Meditation Review

Essential Chakra Meditation is a fantastic resource for anybody wishing to improve their meditation practice and boost their energy levels.

April has a pleasant, engaging attitude and breaks down meditation techniques while presenting fresh, unique meditations for each chakra.

Whether new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, you will grow spiritually, relieve tension, and feel more balanced than you have in the past.

A simple and easy introduction to meditation that is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. Chakras are key energy centers in your body, and their health influences your physical and emotional well-being. Essential Chakra Meditation explains to you how to practice intention and purpose to alter your mind, body, and spirit, drawing on hundreds of years of wisdom and rich traditions. The book also offers basic energy tactics and advice to help you succeed.

Whoever is thinking of buying, the book is an excellent supplement to Chakra Balance, providing more information. This book is a great companion to Chakra Balance, as it goes further into chakra healing through meditation. Short meditations help you stay focused while your ‘job’ is worth the money.

Essential Chakra Meditation; Features and Specifications: 


  • Learn how guided meditations: Helps you keep your energy flowing by decreasing stress, relieving weariness, and restoring balance to your hectic life.
  • Getting to know your chakras: The Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras are all described in detail, allowing you to detect and correct blockages.
  • Mantras and mudras are essential: Mantras (short chants) and mudras (hand postures) for each chakra can help with meditation and mind-body healing.


The deck was published at Althea press on August 20, 2019. The language is English with 154 pages. Its dimensions are 5*0*7.9 inches and 8 ounces.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:
  • Best for beginners.
  • Good meditation book.
  • Things blend nicely with a hectic schedule and enable people to reconnect with themselves and their inner energies.
  • This is an excellent stress-relieving tool for balancing family life.
  • It’s straightforward, well-written, and simple to implement


  • One hundred forty-two pages of the softcover book.
  • The text is organized into two parts.
  • It reduces stress after reading it.
  • Explained in detail.
  • Easy to read.


  • No cons at all.

In conclusion, Chakra Meditation – with its powerful guided meditations and easy-to-use software – is an affordable and effective way for you to enjoy the benefits of meditation. However, Chakra Meditation is not for everyone, so we hope this review will help you decide whether this meditation app is for you.

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