Fairy Oracle Deck Review & Buying Guide

The Fairy Oracle Deck hand-drawn cards were created by  Lo Scarabeo. The deck is named after the fairies, described as beautiful, wise, and magical. The Oracle Deck is a magical tool designed to offer guidance; each card corresponds to a specific fairy and is meant to inspire visions, revelations, and messages from that fairy.

This deck is meant to connect the reader with the angels, fairies, and spirits. Each of the cards contains a message from an angelic fairy spirit, complete with a picture, a quote, and a question. According to the creators, each card from the Fairy Oracle Deck is meant to inspire, uplift, and empower and is intended to encourage positive change.

Fairy Oracle
  • Rackham, Arthur (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Fairy Oracle Deck Review

The Oracle of the Faeries summons sylphs, pans, gnomes, and, of course, faeries to guide you on a delightful voyage of adventure, revelation, and enlightenment that will illuminate the future and cure the heart and soul.

This exquisitely designed divination set includes everything you’ll need to explore this enigmatic realm, including:

Brian Froud’s full deck of 66 radiant cards.

208-page illustrated book with text by Jessica Macbeth that will teach you how to read the cards of The Faeries’ Oracle and how to connect to and communicate with the faeries personally.

Fairy Oracle- features and specifications

This deck was manufactured by Fireside; 1st edition on October 31, 2000. T appears in the English language and has 224 pages of hardcover. The deck weighs 1.7 pounds and has 5.75*2*7.75 dimension of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • This is a fantastic deck as well as a fantastic book.
  • It’s too bad about the flimsy card stock.
  • They will communicate with you in unexpected and wonderful ways.
  • The set is very reasonably priced, and the included hardcover guidebook is worth the price of admission on its own.
  • The cards are also matte.
  • The descriptions in the book are delightful.
  • This deck’s cardstock is slightly thin but better and more significant than the previous one.
  • This deck contains no written messages.
  • It includes a fantastic hardback guidebook that is beautifully written.
  • The box in which the deck is packaged is similar to a large tuck box.
  • The cards are thin; care must be taken when shuffling.


  • These cards are awe-inspiringly magical and unpredictable.
  • The book is very detailed, and the pages are of high quality.
  • This book explains the meaning and story behind the cards.
  • The cards are lovely and contain a lot of wisdom.


  • Cards are thin.

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In conclusion, the Oracle Deck’s cards are loaded with powerful advice. The oracle cards can help you learn the meaning of life, understand relationships, heal and empower yourself. This Oracle Deck was the perfect tool to guide me on my way toward an amazing life.

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