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Gaian Tarot is like using two decks in one—a traditional tarot deck and a deck of sacred geometry. While the latter deck contains standard tarot cards, the Gaian version also includes symbols for your astrological sign, the Tree of Life, the four seasons, and more traditional cards such as the Empress, Justice, and Death. The Gaian deck is a deck of 78 cards, which are beautifully illustrated and printed on thick, high-quality card stock paper.

About Author

This deck was created by the author Joanna Powell Colbert, an artist, professor, and circle facilitator who was named one of the Goddess Spirituality group’s Wisdom Keepers by SageWoman magazine.

Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves
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Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves
  • Colbert, Joanna Powell (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves Review

According to legend, Gaia is the primal Greek goddess who gave birth to the sky, sea, mountains, and all of creation. This lovely 78-card modern and mythical Tarot set, complete with a spiritual guide, focuses on healing the earth and the self. The Major Arcana cards represent 22 soul lessons and archetypes that arose from Renaissance Europe’s religious and mystical worldview.

Minors depict elements, numbers, and people. Upright and reversed divinatory meanings, themes, exercises, symbolism, journal questions, affirmations, and ten spreads are among the interpretations. Sometimes the cards depict a part of our world, sometimes they depict the realms of spirit, and sometimes they inhabit the space between the two.

Gaian Tarot- features and specifications

Schiffer; 1st edition manufactured this deck on June 28, 2016. It appears in the English language and has 184 pages of cards. The deck weighs 1.9 pounds and has a 9*1.75*6 dimension of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The deck is packaged in a lovely magnetic box.
  • The card stock is glossy, but it works well.
  • Card stock is excellent, not too stiff, not too flimsy.
  • The companion book is chock-full of in-depth explanations of the card meanings.
  • The book contains more information, and each card is shown in color, which is a huge plus.
  • It comes in a sturdy box with a hinged lid that neatly stores the cards and book.


  • The cards are big and shiny.
  • Earthy amusement provides accurate readings.
  • The silver gilding is also very nice.
  • The book is excellently written.
  • The back is a lovely leafy/floral wreath that is reversible.


  • Excess gilding washed away during the first few shuffles.

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In conclusion, the Gaian Tarot is a visually appealing card deck. The artwork is striking and the deck as a whole has a modern aesthetic. The deck is well-designed and thoughtfully laid out with plenty of room to write notes or references. The Gaian Tarot deck is a decent value.

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