Gifts for People with Dementia | What to Buy Someone with Memory Loss?

People with dementia usually have different moods from other people. Their behavior, habitual facts, choices everything is, most of the time, uncommon to others. Do you have any family members suffering from dementia diseases? Can you not choose the right gift for them? Let’s see the solution. We will show you the most suitable gifts for people with dementia.

Dementia patients who are suffering from this disease are mentally unstable and in equilibrium. So in the case of gift selection, you should be careful enough. For dementia patients, you need to choose some products that will give them peace of mind. Most people feel hesitant to choose a gift for someone with dementia. Some people have no idea about what kinds of gifts are suitable for them.

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15 Good Gifts for People with Dementia

There are 15 exciting gifts for dementia patients that will help you to avoid facing any hassle. Let’s take a look at those exceptional products.

Why do you buy these products?

All products are specially designed for dementia people. They deserve unique gifts. So, we want to give them a unique product that will be helpful and useable for the theme. Every product kept here is unique and utterly different from any other ordinary product. These all are also reasonable and attractive. For this reason, you can buy these products without any doubt as gifts.

  1. A Picture Book of Garden By Sunny Street Book

Gifts for People with DementiaAre you failing to keep your dementia-stricken loved one calm? Then this book is for you. The captivating picture in this book will draw the attention of dementia patients.

This book will help them to be mentally calm. This book on Sunny Street is designed specifically for patients with dementia.

The book is carefully decorated with pictures of attractive gardens in bright colors. This is an excellent gift for patients recovering from Parkinson’s disease or stroke. Also, this book helps improve memory.

2. 1950 Memory Lane By Huge Morrison

Gifts for People with DementiaThis is An excellent gift for dementia patients who like to read books. The book covers everyday life in the US and UK in the 1950s. The book contains music, movies, fashion, sports, and many more notable events. For those who were fans of 1950s films, this book will take them back to their old days.

People of any age will enjoy this book as well as dementia patients. Also, you can gift it to people living with Alzheimer’s.

  1. Ageless Innovation Joy, Lifelike & Realistic for All Companion Pets

Gifts for People with DementiaPeople of any age prefer pet cats. It is the most popular way to stay calm and happy. This is a robot cat made in the shape of a real cat. Due to the high-quality technology and sensors attached, it will behave and feel like a real cat. This is also a perfect toy for people living with dementia.

Its sensors attached will move and sound like a cat. This robotic cat can open its eyes, move its legs, open its mouth, and move its head or body like a real cat. Adults with dementia will give it emotional peace and joy. These types of pets can be preferable gifts for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

  1. Pix-Star 15 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Gifts for People with DementiaAre you searching for picture phones for dementia patients? Dementia patients forget everything very soon, such as day, date, month even close relatives look. This Digital Photo Frame of Pix-Star will help them solve this problem. The most exciting aspects of this frame are that it can make updates on its own. You can buy these types of gifts for people with dementia.

This frame can only be used to exchange images via email without connecting to any digital device. Most of the pictures we take daily are shared on social networks or stored on computers. These pictures can be displayed through this frame. If you search for gift ideas for someone in a nursing home, then you can buy them.

This will alleviate the feeling of loneliness and distance in dementia patients. No monthly fee will be required for this frame. It can be controlled with the help of remote control without touching the screen. Its 4 GB memory can store 15000 pictures. Here you can add and remove photos according to your choice. This photo frame allows the user to play brain-based games like 2048, Sudoku, Minesweeper, etc. It will give the user a forecast of someone’s birthday, daily alarm, doctor’s apartment, and even the weather in his own country. In a word, a perfect gift for a dementia patient or an older adult.

  1. Active Living Oversized Digital Blue LED Dynamic Wall Clock

Gifts for People with DementiaElderly patients with dementia often have vision problems. In most cases, they are unable to remember the day-date-time. They often do not accurately see the time on the wall clock due to low vision. Sometimes these types of calendar clocks could be virtual gifts for people with dementia.

This big digital LED calendar clock will solve these problems in elderly dementia patients. The numbers on the LED calendar clock are crystal clear and bright. The watch has large and bright colored lights that indicate the day and date of the week. Calendar clocks can be hung on any table or wall. This is an excellent gift for the elderly, especially those with dementia. You can also gift it to Alzheimer’s caregivers, who must care for the patients accurately.

  1. Smart Caregiver TL-5102MP Motion Sensor and Pager

Gifts for People with DementiaIn most cases, dementia patients need someone to help them move. But in the field, they cannot call for help. It is an essential gift for such people. The pager can easily carry inside the pocket.

It can be placed next to the user’s bed for individual needs. Its motion sensor caregiver can alert the user’s supervisor by transmitting a wireless signal instead of sounding an alarm. Three batteries power the wireless sensor, and two batteries power the pager. The pager can transmit signals from a distance of 300 feet. So, this is a practical gift for the elderly with dementia patients.

  1. Picture Book of Psalms By Mighty Oak Books

Gifts for People with DementiaThis fantastic character book is an excellent gift for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or stroke. This book contains inspirational verses of lyrical music, which gives peace of mind to dementia patients.

High-quality images will reduce anxiety, calm the mind, and reduce the restlessness of the affected patient. Each verse writes in huge letters. So the user can scan it. It is a perfect way to get rid of boredom and frustration. This book can especially be an inspiring gift for 90-year-old women or men in a nursing home.

8. A Picture Book of Birds By Sunny Street Books

Dementia patients are usually mentally depressed. This book will make this difficult task very easy. This book, with pictures of colorful and exotic birds, will keep them mentally happy.

The book is very comfortable and light. There can be no better gifts than this for patients with dementia. So, you can buy this picture book as a gift for people with bad memories.

  1. Keeping Busy Wooden Tangram

Gifts for People with DementiaThis is a jigsaw puzzle for dementia patients. This product is specifically designed for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The behavior of a person with dementia is usually childish. This product will make them expressly enjoyable. This is a memory aid gift.

This Chinese puzzle has been used for centuries to entertain dementia patients. This puzzle plays a vital role in the recovery of dementia patients. The pieces of wood are dense, smooth, and easy to hold. It is a beautiful gift for dementia patients to get rid of loneliness. Also, it is an excellent gift for people with memory loss.

  1. Memory Activity Book By DK

Gifts for People with DementiaHow do you calm down someone with dementia? This book will help dementia patients slow the progression of memory loss. The book contains various fun and creative things, including the beauty of nature, crafts, puzzles, sports, etc. The book provides step-by-step instructions that can help dementia patients improve their memory.


  1. Dancing With Elephant By Jarem Sawatsky

Gifts for People with DementiaDementia patients usually suffer from depression in their lives. Even suicidal tendencies are more common among them. This book will play an essential role in overcoming the frustration of dementia patients and making life happier.

This is a lovely and inspiring book. This book helps to see life in a new way. This book mentioned several ways to build self-confidence. It is a perfect gift to make the life of a dementia patient colorful and cheerful.

  1. Active Mind Baking Cupboard Games, especially Design for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Activities

Gifts for People with DementiaAre you confused about what to bring to a nursing home visit? This is a funny game for dementia patients, which has 2steps. It has a magnetic imageboard and some magnetic pieces.

With the help of these magnetic pieces, the user can create the baking board of his choice. By playing this game, the old memory of the dementia patient will be able to get back little by little. This is the most effective product to give to someone with dementia.

  1. Memory Loss or Dementia One Button Radio/ Large Analog Retro Style

Gifts for People with DementiaPatients with dementia forget anything very easily and quickly. It becomes challenging for them to remember any simple thing.

This is a particular type of radio for patients with dementia or any natural forgetfulness. It has a strong signal. As a result, it can easily connect with any station.

It allows the user to increase or decrease the volume as he wishes. This radio has a more extended US adapter. Any music can be downloaded and played using a USB memory stick. Buttons entirely control it. This is an excellent gift for elderly dementia patients or the visually impaired.

  1. Memory Loss Fidget and Sensory Pad

Gifts for People with DementiaAnxiety and fidgeting problems often occur in dementia patients. This sensor activity pad will keep them calm from this fidgeting problem. This is one of the best fidget toy gifts for people with dementia.

It has lace, buckling, and zipping system, keeping dementia patients mentally calm, alleviating loneliness, and reducing anxiety. It is machine washable and 100% eco-friendly.

  1. Dementia” Sport/Slim Medical Alert ID

Medical alert bracelets are often dull and old-fashioned. Elite Medical made this dementia Medical bracelet. It is an entirely modern design.

Its sophisticated structure and function have given it new meaning. This is a hypoallergic silicone bracelet. It is comfortable and waterproof, which is easily visible and durable. Also, it is the most fashionable and ideal gift for people with dementia.

All of the products listed above are useful, attractive, and helpful for dementia patients. These products will help them to regain their memory. Hopefully, you will never have to face any problems in choosing gifts for people with dementia.

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