Goddesses: Knowledge Cards Review & Guide

Goddesses: Knowledge Cards is a study of women’s roles throughout history. Through this deck of cards, students will learn about critical events that have impacted women. In addition to learning about the role of women throughout history, students will find a history lesson in each card. The cards are easy to read, entertaining, and contain crucial information.

Recently, I was sent some cards from Goddesses: Knowledge Cards to test out. The cards are a fun new way to learn about different goddesses, myths, and traditions worldwide. The cards come with a brief written description for each goddess, as well as a beautiful illustration. The cards are the perfect size for any pocket, purse, diaper bag, or backpack.

Goddesses: Knowledge Cards Meaning:

These Goddesses: Knowledge Cards are some of the Hermes’ love of wisdom, Knowledge, and intuition. The Goddesses: Knowledge Cards are one of the yin yang symbols. You can see a Goddess: Knowledge Card with a yin yang symbol in the picture.

Goddesses Knowledge Cards : Paintings by Susan Seddon Boulet
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Michael Babcock (Author)

About Author

The deck was created by the author Micheal Babcock.

Michael Babcock (American, b. 1950) is a longstanding San Francisco Bay Area resident and a Stanford University graduate who lives and writes in Oakland, California. He has previously worked as a graphic designer and computer programmer. Their mutual interests in symbols and archetypes strengthened his nearly sixteen-year friendship with Susan Seddon Boulet.

Goddesses: Knowledge Cards Review

This deck of Knowledge Cards features 48 goddesses from Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native American, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and Scandinavian mythology, among others, to help us better comprehend the role of feminine divinity throughout history.

We may recognize these archetypes as pieces of ourselves by studying goddesses from many cultures, giving us a clearer perspective of our strengths and shortcomings and providing us with a standard line, a connection to the collective unconscious.

Susan Seddon Boulet’s exquisite goddess paintings have long been admired by mythologists and art enthusiasts alike. Along with Michael Babcock’s enlightening writing, they present a brilliant image of the pantheon of goddesses worldwide.

Goddesses: knowledge cards; features and specifications:

The deck is pomegranate publications with card edition on January 15, 1998. Forty-eight pages with full English written. Its dimensions are 3.5*0.75*4.2 inches with a width of 4.8 ounces.

Previous Buyer’s Experience:
  • Cards that are well produced.
  • It is a trustworthy divination instrument.
  • Beautiful deck, reasonable price, excellent construction, and outstanding value for money.
  • Beautiful and fantastic, with a wealth of information.


  • The artwork on the deck is stunning.
  • The cards are glossy and laminated, yet they are relatively slight.
  • The painting is excellent and eye-catching.


  • No cons so far.

In Conclusion, the Goddesses: Knowledge Cards are a beautiful addition to my collection of oracle cards. They’re delicate, minimal, and perfectly preserved. The cards are packaged in a sturdy fabric pouch with graphics that compliment the beauty of the cards.

“Goddesses: Knowledge Cards” is a fun diorama-like game. Although the cards aren’t of the highest quality, it’s still a fun game.

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