How to read Tarot cards for Beginners with playing cards?

How to read Tarot cards with playing cards

No one needs to use a unique or specific, extraordinary tarot cards deck for this reading. Any regular tarot deck is good. Buying Rider Waite Tarot Deck is the best way because it’s beneficial and helpful for beginners and all kinds of people who want to read tarot cards while playing. Just like that, you’ve to choose a tarot deck that feels right to you and that you want to work with. In every tarot deck, there are always an additional set of tarot cards. People call them Major Arcana. The tarot deck gets an additional altitude and more effort of power and energy to the signification of the layout of the cards, called tarot cards Spread.

Though it’s different when someone plays tarot cards instead of reading tarot cards, it still makes one person avail something acumen. Many people are interested in reading tarot cards with playing cards. They use tarot cards for fun.

Most of the time, it’s very difficult and tenacious to read playing cards, as aloof from the court cards, sometimes people call them royal figures cards. This makes anticipating the card numbers and the suits very important. The suits called The Heart represent cups, the suits called The Spades are used to represent Swords, the suits called The Diamonds to render the Pentacles, the cards called Coins or Discs, the suits of The Clubs present Wands, Batons, Rods or Staves.

 The Heart

This main suit has an imitation suit named The Cups. These suits represent emotions, passion, affection, sense, feelings, impetus, consciousness, knowledge, relationships, familiarity, and kinship.

The Spades

This main suit has an imitation suit named The Swords. It represents thinking, mind, concept, meditation, consideration, opinions, indication, communication, intimation, and informing.

The Diamonds

This main suit has an imitation suit named The Pentacles, The Discs, or The Coins. It represents reality, practicality, facts, sooth, philosophy, logic, matters, and history.

The Clubs

This main suit has an imitation suit named The Wands or The Batons, The Rods or The Staves. It presents performance, creativity, functions, deeds, rituals, operations, and actions.

Playing Cards reading

The cards of Heart present the reign of sentiments and feelings. Heart cards suppress or mystify not only affections or love, but the cards of The Heart, in the total province, from despondency and incapacitating and disappointment to impregnation or complacency and enjoyment. Relationships are also represented because relationships and bonds generate the absolute limit or the total province of emotions, feelings, and sentiments, especially before long periods.

The cards of The Spades are afflicted or combined to all and every perspective, hereafter of intimation, thinking, and communication—the cards of this main suit present mindful or mental stuff. So, leasing would maybe come underneath the rule, law, and systems of The Spades, like writing, learning, teaching, studying, memorizing, making choices, and making decisions. The cards of The Spades and The Swords are also connected or amalgamated with receiving formative or slaughterous, baleful actions, wills, forming charges, making changes, using forces, expressive power, displaying energy, showing endeavors, griping courage, anterior friction or impingement.

The cards of The Diamonds are gleaned from all practical, realistic, tangible perspectives, including one’s home, personal life, personal path, working life, business, properties, money— all the things which can be touched. And also relationships from a practical and effective viewpoint. This main suite also alluded to or intimidated health and physical stuff and issues.

The Clubs cards have cooperative suits named The Wands, The Batons, The Rods, or The Staves. This main suit is recognized as an action card. This suit also alluded to or intimidated as invoking action into the territory of creativity, business, understanding, wit, relationships, and familiarity. It represents actions, calamity, adventure, gambling, risks, perils, danger, upheaval, and competition. This main suit is also mentioned as it can allude to physical, mental, and spiritual energy, caliber, encouragement, oracle motives, and enhancements.

Simple cartomancy: Fortune-telling by illustrating or expounding insertion or alignment of playing cards.

By knowing the prominence or feature of the tarot cards, one can have a specific solid framework or system on which the reader can read cards, whether they are just playing cards or even when reading the tarot. Each card of tarot for playing or reading multiplication has a positive and, at the same time, a negative perspective.

  •  Ace: Starting, beginning, positive, present new things.
  • Two: Symmetry, equality, balance, late, delay, wait.
  • Three: Links, connections, division, and chaos in communication.
  • Four: Permanency, fixity.
  • Five: Disorder, inconvenience, chaos, expansion, exhilaration.
  • Six: Conformity, synthesis, parallelism, lack, neglect.
  • Seven: Secrets, riddles, pleasantries, the enigma.
  • Eight : Movement, motion stroll, perturbation, motionless, stagnation.
  • Nine: Addiction, enhancement, accrual.
  • Ten: Repletion, integrity, entirety, ending.

There are two points of subject for the players who are playing cards. One of them is its suit, and the other one is its number. Reading depth depends on the reader’s skills, by which he can see the story, hints, and answer the cards given. Then he has to link or connect the cards, judging them by how they can impact one another. By practicing, one can be able to gain this skill. These explanations must be concise; anyone can propagate them to environmental convictions or thoughts. The two feminine suits — The Hearts and The Diamonds get more positivity after the number five. On the other hand, the masculine suits — The Clubs and The Spades transit into collapse and release unto negativity.

The cards known as Court Cards

These cards are also known as face cards. There are King, Queen, Knight, and Jack. People can read it in two different ways. Ordinary, usual characteristics represent one, and the other one represents extremity unto real humans.

             Jack and Knight
  • Hearts: Fall for love at ease, romantic, impulsive, chatterbox.
  • Spades: Rebel, fight for a cause, intellectual, diplomatic, politics.
  • Diamonds: dependable, quiet, diligent, industrious, mystic deepness.
  • Clubs: Undependable, risk taker, athletic, hot–blooded, quick–tempered.
  • Hearts: Sentimental, reliable, emotive.
  • Spades: Evident, rational, brainy, brutal, cruel, insightful, embodied, manufactured.
  • Diamonds: Pragmatic, empirical, affectionate, torrid, reliable.
  • Clubs: Active, forceful, pithy, impure, incondite, turbid, anarchic.
  •  Heart: Intelligent, philosophical, patient, tolerant.
  • Spades: Spiritual, inward, ethic, moral, stalk, insistence, rapport, correspondent, informant.
  • Diamonds: Sturdy, cheerful, inspiring, manifesting, irritating.
  • Clubs: Originative, inventive, devising, violent, oppressive, hot-headed.

Playing Cards is fun. People enjoy their time playing tarot cards. Sometimes they read while playing tarot cards. With time and practice, anyone can read tarot cards while playing cards easily. Most people are used to believing and thinking of tarot as obscure, mysterious, psychic, and theological beings and guidance to achieve their goals. They also do this to find out answers to their questions. Sometimes people use tarot cards just for fun and enjoyment. Tarot cards are one kind of tool which is used for encouragement, inspiration, and intuition. In this way, one can embed various meanings in these cards in their life.

In conclusion, tarot cards are a simple, quick, and effective way to consult a tarot reader. You are guided through the cards based on your past experiences. The tarot reader tells you the information needed to understand your situation and your current situation. The results of tarot card readings are very accurate.

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