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How to Smudge Crystals

Are you searching for how to smudge Crystals? The concept of smudge painting has been around for a while, but recent years have seen a surge in popularity of this medium, and for a good reason. It’s incredibly simple to use and can be done by anyone. Furthermore, the results are stunning and take a little time and effort to learn. We’ll show you how to smudge a crystal in a few easy steps.

Although smudging is usually used for cleansing the house or burning candles, it can also be used to clean crystals. After all, healing crystals are made of natural crystals. Of course, this article will focus on smudging crystals but make no mistake, you can use the same principles to clean other surfaces, like glass, mirrors, and even your pet.


How To Smudge Crystals?

Smudging a crystal is not a tough thing all you need is: matches or lighter, an abalone shell, a feather, or you may use your hand, and a smudge stick.

To start, we recommend going into a place where there is peace and calm. Clear your mind, calm your breathing, and set a purpose for what you want. Your goal is to cleanse your stones by blowing the healing energy of the smoke over and around them. This smoke will carry your wishes and prayers to your higher power. Just keep in mind that the sage ashes might ignite a fire, so be extra cautious during the procedure and keep your focus on the smudge.

Now,  place your sage in your Abalone shell or metal bowl to smudge your stones. To do this, a large bowl is preferable. Then ignite it, and when you see your leaves are completely burned, wave the flame out so that smoke may puff, creating a cleansing aroma.

Hold your crystals near the smoke; you will utilize your intentions to clear stones to feel the energy. Another method you can do is set your crystal on a table and direct it around the smoke. You may also do it with your jewelry or palm.

While cleansing your stones, we recommend smudging all over the four corners of your house or workstation while leaving the windows and doors open so that all the bad energy departs. Try to smudge once a month if you have a lot of tension in your surroundings. If you are less stressed, then try once every 3 – 6 months. You may do it whenever you feel it’s necessary.

You may also cleanse your crystals in the following ways:

Depending on what type of crystals they are polished or unpolished, soak them in the saltwater the whole night. If they are polished you can clean them for only five minutes.

Secondly, note what type of minerals they are. If they are made of salt, don’t use water. They will dissolve. This method is usable for only cleansing amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz.

You may also take your crystals to be cleansed and recharged by the sun or moonshine for about 24 hours outside your home or in a pouch.

Thirdly, visualization is also a  method for clearing bad energy. You may see an angel emerging from the crystal and dispelling all negative energy if you are clear. This angel absorbs bad energy on your behalf.

[Tip] It is important to note that Citrine and Kyanite don’t require cleansing as they are4 only stone, so they don’t absorb any energy.


How to smudge crystals with palo santo?

First of all, we will need a palo santo branch. Palo santo is a sacred wood of the Indians of Mexico and Central America. It is a sacred plant and the people who use the palo santo as a sacred wood, do their rituals and ceremonies with its wood and leaves and different parts of the plant. It has spiritual and magical properties, and it also has medicinal properties.

How to sage smudge crystals?

Sage (Salvia officinalis) has long been used to purify things. It is used medicinally, realistically, and in the practices of many Native American cultures to cleanse, purify, and balance the natural world. Sage also makes for a great smudging tool.

Sage smudging is the act of burning sage to cleanse negative energy and encourage positive energy to flow freely. Traditionally, sage smudges are performed in the spring to cleanse the body and mind of negativity. But, they can be performed year-round to cleanse anything that needs purification. I use sage smudge to purify crystals, so I can keep them charged with positive energy.

How to smudge crystals with white sage?

You can use white sage in a variety of ways, but you can get a nice, clean burn from it if you get it wet. The smoke from the burning sage will curl up and get stuck in the wet hairs on your body. After a while, it will get all sooty and black from the smoke, and you can then just wash it off.

How to smudge crystals with incense?

Smudging is a traditional sacred practice that has been used for thousands of years. It is a way of cleansing the space of negative energy that is often associated with a place or a person.

To smudge a piece of incense is a way of cleaning your space and purifying it of negative energies. A few of the most common places where you can smudge incense include: A place of daily work, a room you spend a lot of time in, a space where you just need to let go, a space where there is a lot of negative energy, a space where you have a lot of different people coming and going, a space where you have a lot of people, a space where you have a lot of negative energy from

How to use smudge sticks for crystals?

Smudge sticks have been used for centuries for smudging oneself, one’s home, and crystals. In traditional smudging ceremonies, a smudge stick is twirled in the air, creating a beautiful smoke ring. Smudge sticks are usually made from a variety of herbs, but can also be made from sage, cedar, juniper, and even flowers.

The most influential smudge stick practitioners of our time are probably Native Americans around the United States and in a few other countries. These Native American smudge sticks are made from a variety of different herbs, but preferably cedar. Cedar is the symbolic tree of the Native American people and is also a wonderful smudging tool.

Finale Thoughts

In conclusion, you can use smudging to cleanse your home or help with anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Smudge wands are easy to make, and you can make one yourself by braiding strands of dried sage or lavender together. Besides the visual appeal of the wands, the fragrance they provide will make your home smell wonderful! So, we hope that you have now got all the details on How to smudge Crystals that we have provided in the article.

Follow all the methods and instructions to smudge your crystals.

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