How to use tarot cards for the first time?

use tarot cards for the first time

If you’re interested in using tarot cards for the first time, you should know a few things. First, tarot cards can be used for various purposes, including divination, self-reflection, and spellwork. When using tarot cards for the first time, it’s essential to keep your intention in mind. Whether seeking clarity on a situation or gaining insight into your life, focus your energy on what you hope to achieve.

There are a few different ways to shuffle tarot cards. The most important thing is to ensure you’re comfortable with the deck and that the cards feel right. Once you’ve shuffled the cards, you can begin laying them out in a spread. You can choose from various spreads, so focusing on your intention is essential. Once you’ve laid out the cards, take some time to interpret their meaning.

As a beginner, these are some steps; by following these steps, it’ll be easy for anyone to read tarot cards:—

1. Relex

As a beginner, getting nervous, fearful, and anxious is normal, but you still have to overcome these feelings by taking long, deep breaths. Remember, you must focus, concentrate, and be confident to read tarot cards. Don’t panic about what’s going to happen. Instead, try your best and find out what’s unknown to you.

2. Select a tarot deck

A Tarot deck is a set of tarot cards. There are many decks available with different types. So, choosing a good, appropriate deck for reading the Tarot is essential. If there’s a beginner, he can use the most common and best tarot deckRider Waite tarot deck. It is detailed with hidden clues and meanings.

So it’s easy for beginners. But there are many other tarot decks such as— The Thoth tarot deck, Tarot Zen, Shadowscapes Tarot, The Steampunk Tarot, Crystal Vision Tarot, etc. So anyone is free to choose a tarot deck. But, remember, one has to choose a deck with which artwork is essential for you and with which deck you’re confident, comfortable, and connected. So grab any kind of tarot deck and ensure it’s freshly cleansed. Sometimes people use sage smoke to clear the cards, erase other people’s energy, and infuse their own on the deck.

3. Decide a question to ask

Find and be sure about asking a question that makes you curious; what’s that you want to know? Be careful with your questions because every question should be clear and open-ended. So when you’re going to decide on a question, be focused. Otherwise, if you’re confused, then it’ll also be hard to find answers to your questions. Find a question that is bothering you.

4. Shuffle and spread cards

After discovering what you want to know, open a tarot deck. Then it’s time to shuffle your tarot cards. Though there are many kinds of, many types of ways to shuffle tarot cards, you can just do an overhand shuffle. It’s an excellent way to shuffle tarot cards by holding the deck of your tarot cards in one hand and using the other to move cards from one side to another.

You can also try the ‘cut.’ It’s a way to divide the cards of the tarot deck into several piles, generally 3 or 4, and then combine them into one pile again. People cut the deck into three piles usually. If you want to shuffle your tarot cards easily and quickly, you can try spreading the cards of your tarot deck facedown on a surface like a table, board, floor, etc. Then sweeping them into a big, messy pile before tapping into a place again.

Spreading cards is essential, and it matters. So, though there is no right or wrong way to do it, still be focused and concentrate on your shuffling. If it’s your first time shuffling, try all these techniques and see what happens and which technique suits you.

5. Tarot cards pull

If you finish your shuffle, then it’s time to pull cards. You’re free to pull cards. If you want, then you can pull more than one card. Pulling cards help people to access their intuition to a greater degree.

People pull cards to guide them to their personal truth, life, and self. Like the tarot cards shuffle, there are many ways to pull cards. But people usually choose one or more cards to pull, which is drawing their eyes or feeling right. To be told a whole story by tarot cards, people generally pull three cards from their shuffled cards. So, cards will answer your questions in detail.

6. Try to give a guess

After choosing your cards, you must lay them face down in your spread. Your first pull shows you the past, the second shows the present, and the final card represents the future. All the hits and clues are hidden in their symbols, imaginary. So look carefully. After that, you can turn them right side up.

Then gaze at their words, numbers, images, and symbols. Now, you must consider what comes to mind After seeing those. Please don’t hesitate to get the points or the details from any tarot card reading guidebook. But first, think about it by yourself. Then, try to guess what the cards mean to you.

7. Receive the meanings of the cards and their locus

Since you’re just a beginner, you can try to understand every single card deeply in detail. You don’t need to worry and hesitate about it. Simply try to understand a little. Within some time, you’ll have excellent knowledge about it.

8. Now go to the guidebook

After you guess what the cards mean, you can now use the tarot cards by reading a guidebook to be sure. Unless you understand each card, you can’t be able to be guided by the cards. With time you’ll no longer need to use it. Then you’ll be a pro tarot card reader.

9. Ending of tarot reading

If you look at the cards carefully, you’ll be able to find the hints and clues that those cards give you. Then after seeing a guidebook and analyzing it, you’ll be able to find answers to your questions.

If you’re doing a tarot card reading regularly and practicing it, then after some time, you’ll be able to read Tarot like a pro reader. You’ll gain more confidence and feel more comfortable. You’ll also be able to use and read cards freely for yourself and others. You’ll understand the patterns, techniques, and forms within some time.

If you practice regularly, then with time, you’ll be able to read tarot cards easily, freely use them, and develop. You will also start understanding how tarot works, its patterns, and the connections between cards. Your knowledge will gradually increase with time. Then you don’t have to memorize or look for a tarot card reading guidebook. You can read for others more easily.

Since tarot cards are not a matter of science, it’s an art related to psychological issues. The tarot cards won’t give you a straight answer. Instead, you have to use clues and hints to find answers to your questions. In this way, tarot cards will help you to guide you. Tarot cards can also help you make decisions by giving you a quick glimpse into the future.

Trust and use vary from one person to another these days.

Some of them use tarot cards for their meditation, some people use tarot cards to find answers to their questions, and some use tarot cards just for fun. They play with the cards.

In conclusion, tarot cards are made up of 78 cards, which are divided into four suits. The cards have different meanings, and not all tarot cards have the same meaning. Sometimes, the interpreted tarot card will directly correlate to your question. However, there are no hard and fast rules. Reading tarot cards is a process that requires you to pay attention to your inner self and unlock your intuition.

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