Influence of the Angels Tarot Review & Guide

Influence of the Angels Tarot is a beautiful deck that looks less costly than it actually is. This deck is based on the work of renowned Tarot expert Jody Boginski, who created this deck with his wife, artist Karen Bogonski. The first deck in the series to feature the original Rider-Waite Tarot. This article has all the details about the “Influence of the Angels Tarot Review” with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, and product specifications.

This deck review is going to be a little different from the other deck reviews I have done. I am going to focus on a reason as to why you should buy this deck. I have always purchased decks based on the author’s name. Also, I still buy decks by name, but I have been trying to step outside my comfort zone and try to find a reason to buy the deck.

About the Author

Karen Bogonski is one of the authors of the deck who enriched this tarot with intelligence and spontaneous personality. Jody Boginski Barbessi is a visual artist and illustrator. Pamela Colman Smith attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, where she studied fine arts.

Influence of the Angels Tarot
  • Boginski Barbessi, Jody (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski Barbessi & Karen Bogonski: Review

The spiritual impact of angels on human experience is elegantly depicted in this gilt-edge card, featuring famous illustrations. Throughout explanations, significance, and heavenly lessons are included in the 184-page pictorial booklet. This magnificent collection comes in a luxury box with gold foil highlights and includes two referencing cards in complement to the 78 tarot cards.

U.S. Games Systems Inc. published this deck on October 1, 2018. The paperback has 262 pages written in English. It weighs 15.2 ounces, and its dimensions are 3.5 x 2 x 5.5 inches.

Previous Users’ Experiences

  • One of the most beautiful angels tarot decks is Influence of the Angels.
  • Even though the design is a computer composite, it does not feel like it.
  • Traditional antiquity paintings are masterfully incorporated into the tarot architecture, bringing the Moral perspective of angels to reality.
  • The technological work is superb in this case. Barbessi explains that Angeles is the heavenly mediator between God and humanity.
  • The deck includes a hefty 184-page manual that digs into the selected iconography on the cards, heavenly instructions. It portrays this deck as a completely good introductory deck that can be used right out of the box.
  • Anyone, from a novice to an experienced reader, could use the two spreads at the end of this post, specifically designed for the deck.
  • Each of the 22 Majors is associated with an angel, and rather than working with card reversals, each card has a straight and shadow significance.
  • Beautiful artwork that immediately bonded to the cards.
  • Because they obey the RWS system, no specific reading is necessary to use them.
  • It’s a delight to hold it, look at it, and use it.
  • Each card’s composition has been meticulously planned.
  • The cards shuffle readily straight away, and their meanings nearly chant.
  • Too much slippery.
  • Difficult to handle sometimes.


This deck comes with a comprehensive manual. It’s jam-packed with facts, details, and instructions on how to interpret the cards. The presence of the Angels is an excellent starting tarot deck for anyone nervous about the supernatural parts of the tarot. The artwork is very stunning. The guidebook is not your normal “lwb,” yet it is incredibly detailed and precise. Some people may find the cardstock stiff, but I prefer to think of it as robust and weighty. This memento deck’s gilded borders are the perfect finishing touch. It’s a pleasure to handle and interact with the deck. There isn’t much airy enthusiasm here.

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