Ways to overcome your social anxiety

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You Too Can Overcome Social Anxiety to Live and Lead a Normal Life with mental well-being..!

If you’ve ever wanted to live and lead a normal life, then you know that social anxiety stops you from doing just that, don’t you?  So, if you want to have more fun, friendships, family life, and fabulous health, wealth, and mental well-being, then what you’re about to learn could be one of the most important things you’ll ever learn.

And here’s why

Social anxiety sucks!!

Why because it will suck the life out of your career, your family life, your social life, and affects your health and well-being. In short, if you have social anxiety, your life kisses death hanging over it.

Not to be overly dramatic here, but whilst other people are enjoying their lives, feeling comfortable conversing with people, going to work and getting on, traveling, making friends, living in good health, from what you already know, social anxiety makes all of that either incredibly painful or downright impossible for you to create and then maintain.

Do you want to stop the kiss of death hanging over your life?

So let me ask you this, do you have the kiss of death hanging over your life?  Because the kiss of death is indeed what it feels like to live a life with social anxiety, and I know you know that already.

But as bad as this may be for you, fortunately, there is a way out of this living hell.  How do I know?  Let me introduce myself.

Why you can overcome your social anxiety

My name is Farjana, and you’re here at NewHopepsychology.com because, like me, you too want to stop the anxiety from ruining any more of your life so that you can live and lead a normal life.

Well, here’s the good news, like you, I know what’s it’s like to live in darkness every single day.  For all of my life, from when I was a teenager right into adulthood, I lived in social anxiety hell, that is until a year ago when something happened that changed my life.

This was when I had the breakthrough I had spent my entire adult life searching for, a breakthrough that had me overcome social anxiety, OCD, and other related issues in under a year.

And now, instead of living a life of pain and paranoia, I’m able to lead a normal life, with normal friends, a normal career, and I feel normal; why? Because now I know why social anxiety took over me and my life, I know what kept it in its place, and just as importantly, I now know how to overcome the pain and conflict it caused in my life. I can honestly say that I am over my social anxiety, my OCD, my paranoia, all of which made my life a misery.

So let me ask you this…..

Who else wants more fun, friends, family life, fabulous health, wealth, and mental well-being?

Being able to lead a normal life is something most people take for granted.

The idea of being in a loving relationship with children, a job that is mostly okay, friends to share life with and have laughed with, good enough health, and even the time and energy to do what turns you on in life, comes easily to some. Though others may struggle with this, it’s completely out of reach for someone like you with social anxiety.

So, do you REALLY want to lead a normal life?

But to help you start on the path to leading a normal life, I’ve done two major things.

First, I’ve created a coaching and mentoring program called ‘ Leading a normal life which, as the name suggests, helps you lead a normal life in the 5 most important areas for a social anxiety sufferer.

  • Your career
  • Your relationships
  • Your friendships
  • Your health
  • Your independence

It’s an intensive 1 to 1 coaching mentoring program which will give you the breakthrough tools and strategies that have helped me overcome my social anxiety enough to live a normal life.

And the second thing I’ve done is to give you access for free, to live a normal life in your career, in a 7-week audio program called – Behaviors which you think help but don’t.

Where you’ll cover:

  • The number 1 reason why your social anxiety at work is getting worse despite the things you’ve tried so far.
  • How to stop killing your sense of peace and security and increase your confidence, self-esteem, and success at work
  • What increases your social paranoia
  • Why you act defensively even though you may not want to
  • The feel, think, do triangle cycle and how understanding it will liberate you from social anxiety at work
  • Why your colleagues react to you in a way that may puzzle you
  • How to cope with silences at work
  • The two types of behaviors that help you in the workplace
  • Why it’s important to know whether your suffering from stress or anxiety
  • Relaxation tips that relieve workplace pressure
  • What are exposure therapy practice and their importance to your success
  • Why taking control is an essential element to your success in reducing your social anxiety at work
  • Various practice situations you can try to help you feel comfortable in the three most anxiety-producing situations at work, namely: public speaking, being center of attention, small talk

If I gave you a roadmap to a better life, would you take it?

I’m doing this to help you avoid the extra pain of trying to overcome something without having a map to help and guide you.  For the things you can do by yourself, I’ve created an unaided course for you to use, but for the parts you will need me for, I’ve created my coaching and mentoring program.

If you follow my tips, I know you’ll see great changes at work/ career, and then when you’re ready to start leading a normal life, I’ll be here to guide you personally step by step around all the pitfalls that I went through doing this by myself.

Life should be fun, and there’s no fun in struggling with you to do this, is there?

So to start leading a normal life where you can start to have more fun, friends, family life and fabulous health, wealth, and mental well-being, first sign up for behaviors you think help but don’t’ in the box to the right, and you’ll get your first lesson in your inbox in a few moments.

Go through that and then contact me about how you can have more of the good life, lead a normal life with more fun, friends, family life, fabulous health, wealth, and mental well-being.

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