Loving Words of Jesus Cards: Review & Guide

All of us want to receive a card that holds a message of encouragement. Now, you can have such a card delivered to your doorstep, or so you can get one for your next family outing or get-together. Each of “Loving Words of Jesus Cards” contains a message of hope, love, caring, and encouragement.

These words of Jesus are the best gift you could give to your friends and family members when you want to share your faith.

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Focusing on the ethereal power of faith, hope, and love, this publisher’s motto is to express their trueness, beauty, and goodness within the products that they create.

All their products can help customers uniquely find the bliss of life and many different mediums, be it congratulating someone’s success, encouraging a loved one, affirming a friendship, loving a neighbor, or just reminding someone of faith.

All their products are unique, and they preach peace in a loving and caring way.

Words of Jesus, A Box of Blessings
565 Reviews
Words of Jesus, A Box of Blessings
  • Hardcover Book
  • Christian Art Gifts (Author)

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Loving Words of Jesus Cards Review:

The words of Jesus can help someone in the darkest part of their lives when one may feel loss or deprivation, or simply loss.

This little card deck can help someone inspire their day-to-day life to spread the love and words of Jesus for a better way of living and to laugh together. It can be a blessing, or it can be a gift for your loved ones and associates.

It can also express someone’s gratitude, thankfulness, and smiles. The force of this deck comes from the raw idea of driving someone to a better way of living through inspiring words and quotes.

Expressing and sharing love and warmth can make someone’s gloomy day lighter and more cheerful. It is viable for men and women of all walks of life, and it has a specific inspiration of design from traveling and lifestyle.

Features and Specifications:

The deck is available in the hardcover cards version on Amazon, and it is available in English. Christian Art Gifts published it on 21st January 2012. It weighs about 12.2 ounces and has a dimension of about 2.8 x 0.9 x 3.9 inches.

  • The deck has 51 hardcover cards with a size of 3.4″ x 2.3″ (87 x 58mm).
  • The cards are double-sided and with full-color arts and illustrated professionally.
  • All the cards are very efficient and playable sizes.
  • The illustrations are themed on inspiration and encouragement.
  • They come in a lidded sturdy packed box which has a dimension of 3.8″ x 2.7″ x 1.1″ (97 x 69 x 28mm).
  • Perfect for traveling and daily use, and can fit in purses, briefcases, tote bags, and car consoles.
  • The deck has a variety of scriptures and inspirational quotes focusing on Jesus.

Past Users’ Experience:

  • The inspiration quotes on the card can help one’s day-to-day life and encourage them in their activities.
  • An absolute joy and a must-have for believers and Jesus’ lovers out there to enlighten their day.
  • The customers were content with the quality of the cards and their sturdiness.
  • The cards were also deemed very specific and accurate in a lot of customers’ reviews on Amazon.
  • The cards are so beautifully decorated that the quotes almost feel like a text from Jesus himself.
  • According to one customer, it helped him spread and gain positivity and light in his life.
Pros: Cons:
  • Interactive and relatable quotes for encouragement, positivity, and activeness.
  • Perfect for daily use and has durability for overcoming the strain of travel and remains intact.
  • The sturdy packaging box makes it possible to preserve the deck easily.
  • The deck comes in full color, with Illustrations and texts on each side of the cards.
  • The cards are also great and comfortable for shuffling and reading.
  • Some customers had complained and demanded the cards to be upgraded.
  • A few customers had claimed the cards to be printed on only one side upon delivery and not on both sides as advertised.

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To remove the monotonous and remorse of daily life and spread positivity and happiness, we need to embrace the words of peace and goodness within ourselves and help everyone else with it too. Words of Jesus Cards, A Box of Blessings helps us with that in a very thoughtful way.

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