Mermaid Tarot Cards Deck- Review (Pros&Cons)

The “Mermaid tarot card” is a traditional tarot deck based on the image of a mermaid, the mythical creature that is half human and half fish. The mermaid tarot deck is based on Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) tarot deck, the most commonly used tarot deck in the occult and esoteric tarot.

We all have our own unique journeys on our mermaid to find love, guidance, and answers to life’s questions. These messages are not meant to be a how-to guide but merely to be a starting point for your own journey. We hope that our reviews of the deck will help you with your own explorations.

 We have provided the details on the Mermaid Tarot in the articles. Check them out below.

Mermaid tarot card meanings:

It is said that the drowned girl lives on in the mermaid tarot card. A mermaid card depicts a young girl with large eyes, long hair, and a fin on her right hand. She is standing in the sea and holding a lit torch. In some versions, the mermaid is dressed in yellow and blue, and in others, she is in white. The mermaid could be a symbol of youth and innocence or a symbol of grief and despair.

Mermaid tarot card meanings are a bit like tea; everyone has their own favorite. This deck can be used in all sorts of ways and all sorts of places or any situation.  Mermaid tarot cards are a good choice for beginners because they are easy to use and understand.

Mermaid Tarot
  • Robertson, Leeza (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About Author:

The Mermaid tarot is delightfully different from any other deck. It’s a romantic deck, with a playful twist, for the modern Aquarius. Each card is illustrated by Leeza Robertson, born and raised in Florida, and Julie Dillon, born and raised in Michigan.

Liza Robertson is half of Quantum Wealth Coaching, a luxury symbol that enables seven-figure marketers to reconnect with their motivations, causes, and missions by helping them move from motivation to inheritance. Although she no longer walks together with her high-profile clients, she writes books and builds tarot decks for Llewellyn worldwide.

Julie Dillon is the author and contributor of this deck. She is also a freelancer and artist.

Mermaid Tarot Deck Review

The Mer-folk is an instructor and guide, born in a watery international of magical mythology and effective energy. This elegantly illustrated deck incites youtube to hold the training and facilities of the paranormal state, providing the transportation you want to move forward through the demanding situations and limitations we all face. Now bloggers more than ever, Mermaid songs appeal to the people of the world. Let their magic be your guide.

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Mermaid Tarot Guide Book- features and specifications:

The deck was published by the Llewellyn publications on February 08, 2019. It comes in the English language. It has 288 pages of guidebook and the product weighs 1.92 pounds. Also, it has 5.75*2*8.25 dimensions of inches.

  • Its features offer us the insight we need to move forward through the challenges.
  • It included all the stories, explanations, simple exercises, and many aspects of suits to enhance our life journey.

User’s Experience:

  • This deck is sturdy, has a large magnetic box, and includes a skinny card like the everyday witch tarot and green witch tarot.
  • The deck of the guidebook is beautiful, with full color and large, and some user’s claimed that it doesn’t give too much on the card meanings.
  • Its guidebook is most beautiful with a full page in a color representation of each card.
  • The deck of the card stock has a glossy finish that is not too thick to shuffle.
  • Some user’s claimed that its card stock is a little flimsy and edges will not last but shuffle well.
  • The deck of the artwork and packaging is both pretty.
  • The deck included a guidebook that provided great instructions, which is great for beginners and experienced tarot practitioners.
  • The appearance of the cards is vibrant and completely draws you into their world.
  • Its accompanying book also has tarot spells in the black that attract readers.
Pros: Cons:
  • This deck invites us to receive the lessons and blessings of the mystical realm.
  • It offers us insight to move forward through the challenges and barriers that we all face.
  • It guides us through their magical and powerful energy.
  • The deck of the card stock is of good quality.
  • Its card size is not too big and is easier to shuffle.
  • The deck of the guidebook is beautiful, full of color, large, and provides basic information.
  • There is a depiction in the images and all the court cards are static.


So, we hope you have understood all the details that we have provided them in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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