Native American Tarot Review & Buying Guide

The Native American Tarot is an intriguing deck that mixes traditional symbols, animals, and cards with more modern interpretations. A rather eclectic mix of symbolism, but the artwork does a good job of striking a balance between traditional and abstract. The illustrations are colorful, whimsical, and depict a variety of animals.

They harness the wisdom of the Seven Grandfather Teachings and the Five Traditional Women’s Ways to create this deck, which explores the aspects of Native American spirituality.


Lo Scarbeo Created this deck.


Native American Tarot
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Native American Tarot Review

Native American symbolic language is both profound and immediate. It is similar to the rhythms of the sky, whose messages are noticed and interpreted by the Shaman, who acts as a bridge between the sky and the earth. In this beautifully detailed deck, the centuries-old wisdom of Native Americans merges with the spirit of the Tarot.

Native American Tarot- features and specifications

Llewellyn; Cards edition manufactured this deck on April 8, 2005. It appears in the English and Spanish languages. The deck weighs 8.3 ounces and has 2.94*1.2*4.86 dimension of inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience
  • The artwork is lovely, but the cards’ meanings are not obvious.
  • This Tarot deck can give you a whole new perspective on life.
  • It has enough detail to allow you to see.
  • It also allows for individual interpretation of fine details in reading.
  • With daily meditation, these cards reveal your destiny.
  • The Strength and Justice cards are reversed, as is traditional for playing cards.
  • They are beautifully drawn and printed.
  • Some buyers claimed that the artwork was jumbled and small.


  • The various representations on the cards provide a diverse range of readings.
  • The dack is stunning, and it conveys a powerful message.
  • The deck is a good size, has a nice texture, and is a work of art.
  • The messages provide new insights from our forefathers.


  • The artwork is quite hazy.

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In summary, the Native American Tarot gives readers valuable insight into their subconscious. The Native American Tarot will also relate to anyone who has Native American ancestry. The artwork is beautiful and the guidebook is easy to read. This deck of cards is for anyone seeking to connect to the land, understand their spirit, and look beautiful.

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