Oracle of the Dragonfae Review & Buying Guide

The Oracle of the Dragonfae deck focuses primarily on dragons and dragon fae, although there are also cards on fairies and angels. The artwork is really beautiful, with vibrant, ornate details. The cards read like a book, with each card having a caption that explains what it means. The deck also comes with an accompanying guidebook, which explains the meaning of the cards and how to build them into spreads.

The Oracle of the Dragonfae deck is perfect for new and experienced Dragonfae players. Whether you play the card game or tabletop roleplaying game, the Oracle of the Dragonfae deck will help you master the game’s rules.


This deck is assembled by the author Lucy Cavendish.

Oracle of the Dragonfae
  • Lucy Cavendish (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Oracle of the Dragonfae Review

This Australian deck follows in the footsteps of Doreen Virtue’s many Oracles in that a team of seven artists created the artwork for the Dragonfae Oracle. All of the artists are women, which seems appropriate for a deck celebrating the Goddess in her form as the Dragon.

Michele-lee Phelan created 23 of the deck’s 43 cards, and some of them are spectacular. The work of Michele-lee Phelan is the best in the deck. Interestingly, she painted more than half of the 43 cards. It appears that the deck is divided into two halves. Michele-23 lee’s paintings, as well as the remaining six artists, will share the remaining 20 cards.

The Dragonfae assist us in accessing knowledge from within and reconnecting us with long-forgotten powers of telepathy, telekinesis, and the knowledge that we are all one.

Oracle of the Dragonfae- features and specifications

Blue Angel Gallery manufactured this deck on Mat 21, 2008. It is available in English languages and has 132 pages of cards. The deck weighs 0.035 ounces and has 5.12*1.5*7.17 dimensions inches.

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Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • These are high-quality playing cards.
  • Many of the cards feature small (or large) dragons.
  • Lucy introduces a new spread with each of her decks.
  • Along with her traditional past, present, and future spreads, she introduces an 11-card spread.
  • These cards are both beautiful and functional.
  • The dragonfae’s meanings, especially their words, were uncannily accurate and precise.
  • They are offered in a peaceful and gentle glade among the many who would vie for your attention.


  • The cards are brilliant and very beautiful.
  • The booklet is handy.
  • Promote deep healing and understanding of oneself and others.


  • These are extremely sticky and glossy.

In summary, this deck has awesome art, and it’s fun to use, but I wouldn’t recommend it to new players. It’s too difficult to draw the right cards consistently, and there’s never enough draw to prevent you from running out.

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