How Does Psychosis Manifest and Way to Deal?

The diagnosis of a child with psychosis is certainly shocking news to the child’s parents since they cannot figure out the reason for the occurrence of psychosis in spite of their child being intelligent and bright without the symptoms of any illness.

Psychosis occurs with symptoms similar to other diseases but the only difference is that these symptoms may vary between individuals.

How Does Psychosis Manifest?

It is possible for just a single psychosis episode in the entire lifetime of some people whereas, in others, psychosis can manifest frequently and also for a longer duration than normal.

The family members are the first persons to observe the changes in behavior in the person. They tend to notice that the affected person is not behaving as usual and hence prefer to visit a doctor for a check-up.

Since psychosis is capable of presenting perceptual difficulties, the affected person may refuse to speak to strangers and even refuse to come out to the doctor and prefers to stay alone most of the time.

As the illness progresses, their interests in work or even their daily activities will be affected. This is the alerting symptom for the family members.

Psychosis initially shows minor signs of personality changes but these changes will show up obviously after some time They lose the ability to show emotions such as laughing and crying in a short period and even if they express, the change can be shown obviously. They become unresponsive to other activities and finally end up in isolation.

Thought disorder will be installed in several cases and the affected person will find it difficult to concentrate since they tend to forget things. Usually, they develop their own odd language structures instead of talking. They will seem confused and leap from topic to topic without completing any.

Some people tend to become hyperactive. They form intense religious preoccupations hoping that they were on a special mission and jot down several meaningless phrases and some may even addict to drugs and alcohol. Other people react extremely for criticism and attempt to be distant from home and dear ones.

Besides, the psychosis affected person might develop hallucinations. He may see, smell and feel imaginary things, which are not present in reality.

In extreme cases, they tend to commit suicide and auto-mutilate since they hear voices that instruct them to do so. Their senses turn upside down and they may confuse a telephone ring for a fire alarm and create anxiety unnecessarily.

Schizophrenic people understand that they are under problems regarding their senses but conceal their symptoms as a secret for a long time. They refuse all the facts and avoid situations in which they are caught red-handed and questioned face-to-face about their different behavior.

Effective ways to deal with psychosis:

According to the traditional Chinese thought about mental illnesses, in China, traditionally and to the present day, psychosis has been defined as an illness of “excessive thinking”, what means that a person’s mind who goes through a psychotic disorder is actually working so fast that causes him to go “Mad”.

Here are 5 activities you can do with your mind while going through psychosis:

1) Writing a new relativity theory for being psychosis:

You got it right! Your mind works so fast that you can do amazing things with that kind of thinking. You can even rewrite Einstein’s Relativity Theory in a way that would give you your own Nobel Prize.

2) Skimming through your life:

Going through psychosis is like riding a roller coaster. Your mind works so fast, exactly how it does when a person falls from a skyscraper. People who survived such a terminal experience revel that all of their lives went through their minds like a tremendous movie. So you can use the psychosis experience to do exactly that.

3) Develop a thriller:

You have the chance to participate in the thriller of your life! Don’t let go away. After you recover from this experience, seat by the table and write it all down. It has great chances to be the best seller of your life!

4) Review your relations:

Psychosis is a great way to look straight into the eyes of your loved ones and closest relatives. You see exactly how they act when they make a conversation beside you while believing that you can not understand what they talk about. But you know the truth about it, don’t you?

5) To pay back:

When going through psychosis, you don’t have any collar on your mouth. You can then close any open check that you have with your relatives or loved ones, with the justification of being possessed by a psychotic disorder. They will take it into consideration next time they will approach you.

Psychosis affected people are scared that they will be neglected by their loved ones and this is the reason that the family members must be ready to do anything for their sake and support them at every step of their life. They yearn for love, patience, and understanding of their loved ones.


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