Men Over 40 Can Get More Out Of Their Lives

The hormone that gives one their drive and is the fanatical Means for athletes to grow even more muscles, the reason is ok with that Fat people to become thicker. What do you need about 40 to keep their testosterone levels at the right level and keep them?

Research On Testosterone And Prosperity Diseases

  • Scientific research has shown that not only your libido to low testosterone but also that it has to do with:
  • Higher risk (death due to) cardiovascular diseases
  • Non-alcohol-related fatty liver
  • Obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • Aware of your blood pressure

It is not true of your Testosterone levels: the higher and better. The hormone provides a natural competitive drive and a good libido. With little testosterone will perform less. On the other hand, a high level, often associated with aggressive behavior, violence and a low IQ. In prison populations, for example by martial artists, the average very high. So, for a medium to a high level: good for your body and not a threat to derail. One over 40 should do their best extra here.

So, They Keep Over 40 Their Testosterone Hormone Levels To:

1 – Regular Strength

This is the best and most natural way to increase your testosterone levels. In every good gym will also be told that it is not necessary to resort to all kinds of resources if you want to grow your muscles. Fat testosterone into estrogen, but not muscle. Grow your muscles, then a self-reinforcing spiral in motion.

2 – Healthy Lifestyle And Enough Water

Less fat, more testosterone hormone. Simple as that. So, keep your weight down by lower-calorie food and exercise more. Limit intake of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Drink plenty of water. Like all other processes in your body also promotes testosterone production when your body is properly hydrated. Ordinary tap water or green tea is fine.

3 – Sleeping

When you have a lack of sleep, your adrenal glands produce extra cortisol and cannot create or testosterone. When there is enough sleep, this is precisely the reverse. Deep sleep or eight hours does wonder. Sleepness may cause stress or anxiety. Do you have sex before you go to sleep, that’s an extra incentive for testosterone production?

4 – Oily Fish

Testosterone is made from cholesterol in the testes (in the Leydig cells). For good production to HDL and LDL cholesterol levels are well balanced. Oily fish or extra fish oil is an excellent way to promote products. Do you have excessive levels of testosterone? Then the fatty acids from fish (oil) sure are optimal processing by the liver.

5 – Sufficient Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that we all, whether consciously or not, recognize the (alleged) potency enhancing the effect. It seems to have a high concentration in oysters; it is the aphrodisiac of choice. Train your lot? Then you run the risk that the level is somewhat low. Result: testosterone production is difficult. Then the necessary addition. Good sources include the aforementioned oysters but also all kinds of meat, chicken, cheese, various legumes, seeds, and nuts or a supplement containing zinc.

Testosterone (Deficit) Affects:

Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Epidemiological studies have shown that people with an average high testosterone level are suffering from cardiovascular disease than men with low levels. The search is processed in the body of the sex in the body. Scientists from the University of Sheffield have studied this in mice with testosterone deficiency. The liver and muscles of these mice could be found in the liver and bloodstream. In arteries leading to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) which is a risk for cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular events.

Non-Alcohol-Related Fatty Liver

When there is less testosterone is present, the fatty deposits in the liver to take. It is likely that testosterone protects against steatosis because it affects the enzymes that provide the breakdown of fat. The burning of fats can be increased by working to develop muscle. Move so. This will also increase your testosterone levels without supplementation. After all, in adipose tissue is converted into estrogen, under the influence of the enzyme aromatase testosterone. By reducing your fat, so does the conversion of.

Blood Pressure

In a Japanese study, 44 people with overweight or high blood pressure subjected to a 12-week program consisted of calorie restriction and three times a week or moderate-intensity exercise. At the end of that period, the blood pressure in all the men had dropped a lot and actually increased testosterone levels.


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