Safe Harbor Christian Counseling Reviews-2023

safe harbor christian counseling reviews

Today we are going to provide Safe Harbor Christian Counseling Reviews. If you read the whole article you will get a clear idea about Safe Harbor Christian Counseling.

Safe Harbor Counseling has been a Christian-Based mental health counseling provider since 1996. Erik Sundquist established it to increase mental health wellbeing and bring hope to personal and family relationships. They provide person-centered face-to-face, online counseling, and suggestive medication for individuals, couples, and families.

This Christian foundation has already provided psychological support for more than 50,000+ people. There are more than 200+ team professionals in 9 states. They have 9 executive team managers with a total of 35 staff. All of the professional experts have strong expertise and spiritual knowledge to collaborate with the clients for their quality of life.

At present, they have the various location to provide their sound counseling:

Offices in Baltimore:

DC, Maryland (MD),

Virginia (VA),

Philadelphia Metro,

Pennsylvania (PA),

Delaware (DE),

Connecticut (CT),


North Carolina (NC),

Atlanta, Georgia (GA).

Safe Harbor Counseling permits the kids to possess a place that they deem safe to speak to a mental state provider about any apprehensions, concerns, or issues.

They are providing treatment for:

Mood Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Self Esteem Issues
Spiritual Issues
Marital and Premarital Counseling
Mental Illness
Grief and Loss
Substance Abuse
Anger and Rage
Personality Disorder
Blended Family Issues

online psychological counseling

What is Safe Harbor Mean?

It can be described with a certain situation, as certain conditions are met in our professional and real lives. The phrase porcupine provision also has been used within the finance, land, and legal industries. The term porcupine provision also can be used to ask a “Safe Harbor” tactic.

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling Process

Regular life developmental counseling is the most significant work for making future leaders at every level. Counseling responsibilities are inherent in leadership. Leaders within the least levels must understand the counseling process. Leaders should supervise routine counseling to strengthen positive energy and superior performance. It supplies the leaders to:

  • Gain success in subordinates.
  • Help subordinates play their role in the successions of the unit’s mission.
  • Acknowledge and reinforce exceptional work or dedication.
  • Evaluate subordinates’ potential for development.
  • Provide subordinates with assistance or resources to affect issues or further strengths.
  • Enhance the self-care strategy to increase personal growth and self-reliance.
  • Identify issues before they become big.
  • Identify and pre-empt causes of sub-standard performance.

The aim of the session is to categorize developmental counseling

The three major categories of developmental counseling are Event counseling, Performance counseling, Professional growth counseling.

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling Services

Event Counseling

Event-oriented counseling is created for a specific event or situation. This counseling can be defined as guidance and advice-giving for the promotion board, attending a new training course, preparing for future development programs. A drag with performance or mission accomplishment, or a personal issue. Samples of event-oriented treatment include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Specific tasks or constant therapy.
  • Reception and integration counseling.
  • Crisis counseling.
  • Referral counseling.
  • Promotion counseling.
  • Transition counseling.
  • Adverse separation counseling.

Specific Instances of Superior or Substandard Performance

Successful counseling for performance occurs as on the brink of the event as possible. Leaders should counsel subordinates for exceptional also as substandard duty performance.

Leaders should counsel subordinates who don’t meet the standard. If performance is unsatisfactory due to a scarcity of knowledge or ability, leaders and subordinates can develop a thought for improvement. Corrective training helps confirm that the subordinate knows and consistently achieves the standard. When counseling a subordinate for performance, leaders take the next actions:

  • Explain the aim of the counseling, what was expected, and how the subordinate exceeded or didn’t meet the standard.
  • Remain neutral.
  • Address and explain the precise behavior or action that doesn’t address the subordinate’s character.
  • Explain the reaction to the organizational activities.
  • Actively hear the subordinate’s responses.
  • Explain to the subordinate how developing a personal development plan will improve performance and identify specific responsibilities in implementing the plan. Still assess and follow au courant the subordinate’s progress. Adjust the plan as necessary.

Reception and Integration Counseling

Reception and integration counseling serves two important purposes:

  • It helps to sort out the issues or concerns that new members may have these issues.
  • It introduces new team members to organizational standards.

Reception and integration counseling should include but isn’t limited to the next areas:

  • Organizational history, structure, and mission.
  • Organizational standards.
  • Chain of command familiarization.
  • Organizational terms and conditions.
  • NCO support channel familiarization.
  • Key leader contact information.
  • Soldier programs within the professionalism
  • Security and questions of safety.
  • On- and off-duty conduct.
  • Off-limits and dangerous areas.
  • Personnel procedures.
  • Initial and special clothing issue.
  • Helps out on multi-dimensional opportunities.
  • Support with activities and workplaces.
  • Orientation with the other nations.
  • The leader will take the other decisions.

Crisis Counseling

Crisis counseling help on the short-time needs and teaches a Soldier or employee how to handle it if it arises again, just like the news of the death of a beloved. External agency support may include obtaining emergency funding for transportation or putting them in-tuned with a chaplain.

Referral Counseling

Referral counseling is important when issues are beyond the potential or expertise of a subordinate’s leaders. This counseling helps subordinates run through personal situations, which can affect performance. It is getting to or won’t follow crisis counseling.

Promotion Counseling

Army regulations require Soldiers’ various counseling in demanding of work time. Once they achieve promotion eligibility, then periodic counseling ends. Soldiers recommended and addressed these shortcomings and action plans to beat the identified shortcomings.

Transition Counseling

Transition counseling helps soldiers adjust to the change in professional life Leaders, and Soldiers always need to remember the goal as necessary during subsequent professional development counseling sessions. Leaders will assist subordinates with transition activities alongside the servicing Army Career and Alumni Program (ACAP) office and other transition assistance resources.

Adverse Separation Counseling

Adverse separation counseling related to commanding within soldiers and commander for administrative matters.

Developmental counseling won’t apply when a person has engaged in serious acts of misconduct. Leaders should refer to the commander’s interest, and thus, the servicing staff judge advocate in those situations.

It’s an administrative prerequisite to many administrative discharges. It’s advisable to involve the chain of command soon because it’s decided that adverse separation counseling might be required. A unit sergeant first-class or the commander should inform the Soldier of such proceedings supported the notification requirements outlined.

Performance Counseling

Performance counseling is the soldiers’ duty performance boosting treatment. The counseling focuses on the subordinate’s assets, areas to reinforce, and potential. Performance counseling is required under the officer, noncom, and military Civilian evaluation reporting systems. The counseling commander reviews and explores the soldier’s performance at a specific time in the performance. Performance counseling communicates standards and maybe a chance for leaders to work out and clarify the expected values, attributes, and competencies. Army leaders confirm that performance objectives and standards specialize in the organization’s goals and thus the individual’s professional development. They need to support their leader and the other soldiers to succeed in the mission.

Professional Growth Counseling

Professional growth counseling includes the proper structure for the success of individual and professional goals. They need to discuss their ability and weaknesses during the counseling and encourage a personal development plan.

Why is Safe Harbor counseling needed?

By adding a secure Harbor provision to your 401(k), your highly compensated employees will likely be ready to reach their retirement contributions, and you will not need to worry about annual compliance testing. Highly compensated employees are folks that work for your company.

  • Exempts your plan from annual compliance testing.
  • Optimizes you and your highly compensated employees
  • Employer contributions will reduce an employer’s taxable income.

How to Get an Appointment with Safe Harbor?

When you reach out to them, you must request an appointment. First of all, they will know about a few of your core issues to refer a suitable counselor. The schedule coordinator will collect your initial demographic data, including your insurance information, types of service you require, etc. After contacting Safe Harbor, you will see a scheduled appointment within 24 hours-week.

Their main service area includes:

You can REACH OUT them with 1-800-305-2089 this phone number, or you can live chat with them from Here. You can also direct Request an Appointment.

If you want to get counseling near you or are eager to check your counselor’s profile, then click here.

To ask your question, click here

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling Jobs

Safe Harbor is always ready to enhance excellently mental health services. At present, they have full-time and half-time job opportunities for professional counselors(LLC is required). They are seeking professional psychologists, LCPC, LGPC, LMSW, LCSW-C in the following areas:

Bel Air, MD
White Marsh, MD
Towson, MD
Ellicott City, MD
Waldorf, MD
Bowie, MD
Upper Marlboro, MD
Silver Spring, MD
Washington, DC

If you are passionate about the mental health sector and want to be a proud member of their team, you can apply. The application process is easy. You will need to provide your personal information like name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, Resume, and basic information about you. Apply Now.

Leadership Personnel of Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

1. Erik Sundquist, Lcsw-C

2. Angela Ryan

3. Pamela Llewellyn, Lcsw-C, Mba
Director Of Business Development
Executive Director Of Safe Harbor Community Services

4. Nichole Blankenship
Operations Director

5. Dr. Jennifer Maxfield-Decarlo, Ph.D., Lcsw-C
Clinical Director

6. Jenny Miller, Mapc
Program Manager

7. Kristen Andrus
Provider Relations Manager

8. Faith Mills
Intake Manager

9. Shay Gibson
Billing Manager

10. Hannah Ryan

Regional Directors list of Safe Harbor:

They have strong leadership to facilitate the clients’ hope from the first session. Now we are showing their address and location.

Eular Gibbs, LCSW-C – Director
P. O. Box 109
Bel Air, MD 21014

(Delaware and Chester County Pennsylvania)
Dawn Michelle Taylor-Gizzio, MA
3318 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19810

(Altoona, Fairfield, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Palmyra, Shrewsbury, and surrounding communities)
Bruce Weatherly, M.A., Psychologist, Director
717-657-1561 ext. 621

(Fairfield and New Haven Counties)
Robert Hutter, MA, LPC, Director
57 Stevenson Road
Fairfield, CT 06825
203-377-5547, ext 407
800-305-2089, ext 407

Selena Eldridge, MS, Christian Life Coach, Director
946 Nabbs Creek Rd
Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Jeff Crosson, Director
8020 Greeley Blvd
Springfield, VA 22152
703-838-0000 ext. 502

Eular Gibbs, LCSW-C, Director
P.O. Box 16603
Atlanta, GA 30321
404-692-5299 office
800-305-2089 toll-free
404-307-0187 fax

Nikki Moussette, LPC, LCAS, Director

They have strong leadership to facilitate the hope of the clients from the first session. Now we are showing their address and location of 3 counseling centers.
1. Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Bel Air, MD, United States · +1 410-893-4600

2. Safe Harbor Christian Counseling

Columbia, SC, United States · +1 800-305-2089

Washington, DC, United States · +1 800-305-2089

Christian Counseling Books

We also have suggestions for Christian counseling books. These books are important for mental health-seeking people for self-help counseling, therapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals. So, let’s check the 5 best-selling and effective Christian counseling books:

  1. Christian Counseling 3rd Edition by Gary R Collins PH.D. (Author)
  2. The Biblical Basis of Christian Counseling by Gary Collins (Author)
  3. Christian Counseling Casebook Paperback by Gary R. Collins (Author)
  4. Christian Counseling: How to Help Yourself and Others Live Biblically 1st Edition by Keith Dorricott (Author)
  5. Christian Coaching, Turn Potential into Reality by Gary Collins (Author)
N:B: We already have mentioned the buying link in the above sections.


As in Safe Harbor counseling, the leader and subordinate may prefer to develop self-growth for success with short- and long-term goals and objectives.

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