Seven of Swords Meaning, Guide And Review

Swords, number seven Six swords are grouped in a crescent pattern in the Seven of Swords, pointing directly as though to assault a bigger core sword. The layout of the card is chaotic and chilly. In the third world, Netzach is related to Yetzirah. In the soul, Netzach is related to the individuals to withstand the barriers that lie in the path to achieve one’s dreams.

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Key Interpretation (Yes/No)

The Seven of Swords usually necessitates a “no” response. Since this card signifies liberty, it also foreshadows the likelihood of terrible outcomes in terms of your choices.

Seven of Swords Feelings

If you’re curious about a partner’s (or future partner’s) feelings, the Seven of Swords indicates that they do not intend to love you. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that they’re covertly lusting after someone else. They could simply be using you as a backup plan or something to do.

Seven of Swords Reversed Love and Relationship

When the Seven of Swords is reversed, it means you’re yearning for a loving companion. You may have gone on multiple dates in pursuit of that special someone, but despite not feeling sparks with any of them, you chose a less-than-ideal spouse to demonstrate something to yourself.

Maybe all you want to do is show that you’re attractive to others and that you’re “worth dating.” Whatever your genuine purpose is, it’s conscience and doesn’t bode well for a long-term partnership.

Think about stopping your relationship with this individual and working on yourself before attempting again. If you’re in a solid love affair, you should examine your current actions to see if you’ve been paying attention to your partner adequately.

Set your ego aside for a second and think about how you’ve been behaving and how it’s harming your relationship. Don’t be shy to mention to yourself — and to your partner — that you’ve made a mistake. No one is flawless, and after you’ve confronted the reality, you may focus on improving yourself.

Seven of Swords Advice

The Seven of Swords could also be a warning that someone else is attempting to accomplish things through nefarious means – such as robbery. In certain situations, the best suggestion is to keep an eye on your back. This card might also serve as a cautionary tale that you won’t be able to complete a task. It’s possible that you’ll need a Plan B – or that you’ll have to start over.

Seven of Swords as a Person

The Seven of Swords can be read in a range of methods, from betrayal to consciousness. On the one hand, it can indicate someone who is cunning, who works in the darkness and acquires knowledge that will come in use later. They could be plotting to undermine someone or a collection of persons to succeed in their careers. They may, on the other hand, be attempting to improve their circumstances.

The social circle of the Seven of Swords may be giving them a lot of grief and obstructing their growth or path to personality. In this circumstance, people feel compelled to flee their present predicament without offending or harming others they once worried about.

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Seven of Swords Tarot Meaning

The people you’ve encircled yourself with aren’t trustworthy. You may believe they are your pals, but they are prepared to throw you under the bus at any given opportunity. They want what you have and will go to any length to have it, even if it means hurting your feelings.

The Seven of Swords can sometimes represent taking responsibility for something you didn’t do. Others may be more than prepared to sell you out to keep their own weaknesses and anxieties hidden from the public eye. As a result, you’ll be made the culprit.

The Seven of Swords will occasionally symbolize your own dishonesty. You could be trying to run away on something you know you shouldn’t have been doing. Perhaps you’ll become involved in an affair or a scandal, or perhaps break the law. It’s also possible that you’re attempting to deceive yourself. You’ll most likely be conscious of your own dissatisfaction with a situation, but you’ll strive to persuade yourself that everything is alright.

When the Seven of Swords appears in a Tarot reading’s result or a new career, it indicates that the scenario you’re reading about will result in betrayal. Conversely, it could imply that things will come to an end due to the actions of others rather than your personal responsibility.

The Seven of Swords, like other Tarot cards, has a positive side. If it emerges as an affirmative, it suggests that even if your motives aren’t entirely pure, you’ll still be able to acquire what you desire. You’ll get away with it if you’re the one aiming to fool people.

Seven of Swords Timing

The Seven of Swords foretells that a significant thought will be turned inwardly first, then externally, to settle conflicts. This event could happen during the next few hours or days.

Seven of Swords Health Meaning

The Seven of Swords in your health-related spread advises you to get rid of things to boost your wellness. This could refer to either physical or psychological congestion, so be truthful with yourself about which one applies to you.


The Suit of Swords’ Seventh Minor Arcana foreshadows treason and infidelity, as well as personal liberty. In divination, the Seven of Swords can be equivocal, implying that someone close to you is being untrustworthy or that you should end a troubled relationship.

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