Seven of Wands Meaning, Guide And Review

The Seven of Wands, the Tarot card of creation, growth, and expansion, is a card of action. It is a card of growth, progress, and change. As you will see in the following card, the Wands act as a figurehead for this card.

The seven wands are seven double-ended sticks that are planted in the ground. They stand in defiance of the world around them, each one held aloft to the sky in an effort to break through the surface and release their energy, growth, and potential.

The Seven of Wands is a tarot card from the Minor Arcana. Tarot cards are used to play Tarot card games across much of Europe. Tarot cards became predominantly used for fortune-telling intents in English-speaking countries, where the games are mostly obscure.

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Key Interpretation (Yes/No)

The yes card is the 7 of Wands. However, if this card appears in a consultation, you should be warned that you will face numerous obstacles in the future. Each battle will be won thanks to your powerful willpower perseverance. The 7 of Wands denotes prosperity and triumph, but only after a struggle. To face every hardship that life throws at you, you’ll need to harness your faith and courage. On the other hand, this card suggests that you are the potential of becoming a victor in the face of overwhelming odds.

The 7 of Wands reversed is typically a no card. However, for the most part, this card suggests that you should wake up to reality and avoid concentrating on negative situations. When challenges develop, adopting a defeated attitude will not only force you to imagine a greater difficulty than what it is, but it will also welcome a negative prognosis. A lack of bravery could be linked to a sensation of uneasiness, which certain hidden concerns could explain. To have a different mindset, you must first figure out what is causing your anxieties.

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Seven of Wands as Feelings

The Seeker is protective when they have seven wands as feelings. It’s also possible that the Seeker is at variance with their contemporaries. The Seeker has a mission to deliver and is well aware that it may cause some disagreement. If you’re wondering how someone thinks about you, the Seven of Wands may indicate that they feel compelled to push themselves to get their viewpoint over.

Seven of Wands Reversed Love

Belligerence that is excessive can work against you. The reversed 7 of Wands tarot love interpretation could indicate that the relationship you’re trying so hard to save is in jeopardy. Others who are close to you may notice this and be worried about your health.

Seven of Wands Advice

Have the guts to face your fears, even if the odds are stacked against you. Recognize that you are capable of doing the task on your own. To come up with the power of will to endure, unite Leo’s lion heart with Mars’ Aries logic. Have faith in yourself. The Seven of Wands’ Mars element provides levels of conflict and aggressiveness.

Seven of Wands as a Person

The Seven of Wands card represents those who have firm beliefs and are not hesitant to battle for what they believe in. A person with the Seven of Wands card is strong and resolute, and they will not let anyone get in their business.

Seven of Wands Tarot Meaning


The Seven of Wands signifies resisting, sticking up for what you believe in, battling your corner, and maintaining your own in a broad sense. It denotes choosing the high road, remaining in command, and having a strong will.

This card also represents someone who is guarded, aggressive, bold, robust, persistent, resolute, and possessive. It could mean you’re being attacked, tormented, criticized, or unfairly blamed, but you’re fighting back. With this card in your Tarot spread, life may be difficult, busy, and frantic. Therefore you’ll need the stamina to get through it.


The reversed Seven of Wands denotes folding on your convictions, conceding, resigning, surrendering, and losing in a broad sense. It denotes submitting, accepting loss, and a lack of backbone or energy.

This Minor Arcana card can indicate helplessness, failure to guard or protect someone else you love, as well as exhaustion, burnout, or weariness. It might signify an agreement, a settlement, or the transfer of property. It could also mean you’ve lost control, influence, esteem, or moral standing or that you’ve been implicated in a controversy. The reversed Seven of Wands can also signify being bossy and disliked.

Seven of Wands Relationship

The Seven of Wands is not a good card to obtain in a romantic situation. You will continually be immersed in conflicts with your companion, according to the Seven of Wands. If the Seven of Wands comes in a love reading’s destiny or ending placement, it implies your relationship will end due to frequent fighting, jealously, and strife.

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Seven of Wands Timing

The Seven of Wands represents a significant idea that is put into action. This event could happen in the coming days or weeks.

Seven of Wands Health

The Seven of Wands can represent needing to fight to conquer an illness or injury in a health Tarot reading. This card can also suggest a disease or condition that will require a lot of effort to manage. It is really difficult, but you are determined and capable.


The Seven of Wands, like the Five of Wands, inspires us to fight with power and bravery in our own fights. However, it is more concerned with protecting what we already have, whereas the Five of Wands is more concerned with unmet wishes.

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