Sike You Thought | What is a Winter Storm Sike Nigga You Thought?

Do you know about the term “Sike you thought”? There is no word “sike” in English, but the word sike and psyche sounds the same. Both words have different meanings.

Definition of the psyche: Psyche indicates the human mind, both conscious and unconscious. Suppose people can say coronavirus fear makes people trauma, and that damaged a person’s psyche.

On the other hand, a sike is something you tell, but you don’t want to mean. For example:

Boy: I like you

Girl; I like you too

Boy: Really?

Girl: Sike! Nobody can like an ugly ass.

Sike you thought meaning: Have you ever tried to express yourself that you are not? Sike you thought is a phrase or term that indicates a joking person who often jokes and tried to propagate a fact that is not true.

The phrase of sike you thought origin through images. The images are used to expresses the inheritance meaning.

Image macro:

An image macro is a broad phrase used for describing the caption for images. Characteristically these images consist of pictures and masseuses.  This image micro is used for the community or social media communication. The community members use this macro for expressing their emotions or feeling and thoughts. The image macro also operates as an internet meme.

After a period of time, its indications and appearance changed into photoshopped. Following the Photoshop version, the next various sike you thought gifs have been using. Today if you check social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc., you will see various meme gifs in the messenger and editorial status field.

The meme is very funny and can express your thought and communication meaning. These meme gifs are made by various posturing and gesturing. For example: showing the aggressiveness, sad, great, playful, calm, confident, peaceful, energetic, pleased, lucky, optimistic, etc. The actor may be different people of different ages like baby, boy, girl or any other animal. The expression may be from different sounds. For example:

  • Bats. Screech.
  • Bears. Growl.
  • Bees. Hum and buzz.
  • Calves. Bleat.
  • Camels. Grunt.
  • Cats. Mew, purr, meow, hiss, and yowl.
  • Cattle. moo, low, bawl (calf), bellow (bull)
  • Chickens. Cluck, cackle.

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Types of sike you thought:

Sike you thought can be expressed mainly in 4 ways.

While sike nigga you thought is a phrase that indicates an image’s reaction (also known image macro) or YouTube videos. African American men most commonly use these phrases by indicating their hands or other organs of the body.

Sike you thought origin: American photographer Harry Whitter discovered the captioned images Frees in 1905. The first phrase of image micro was initially posted in 2013 on the Memecrunch news portal.

Sike you thought link: If you search on Google, you can get various sike you thought link. The different website provides their gifs link to use your presentation slides, videos, images, website, or writing. These gifs sign makes any type of presentation more realistic and eye-catching. So the audience can understand the root meaning of the topics. You can make different links from here.

Sike you thought text: Sike thought text sometimes blinks to attract the audience’s attention. In recent, you can check Facebook Messenger, where they created text blinking options.  Different types of fonts and text formats are used to make the sike you thought text. Click here for your custom text.

Sike you thought meme generator: You can make a meme from various meme generator websites. There they provide options for speech, posturing, gesturing. You can easily create what you want to generate in the cartoon or real shapes. Now generate your own meme from here.

Sike you thought sound effect: The sound effect can express the feeling. The different sound effect makes a different expression. Now make your own meme from here. Some proper effect names are:

  • It gives you a realistic sound of a doorbell being rung.
  • House Door Close and Open. A front door is opened and closed.
  • Telephone Ringing. …
  • Alarm Clock. …
  • Pouring Coffee.

Unbidden definition disturbed thought process:

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