Christian domestic discipline rules

Christian Domestic Discipline Rules and Consequences

Respect and communication are paramount in any relationship, especially for Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD). Therefore, a strong level of open communication and respectful interactions must always be maintained between partners, with neither ever taking the other for granted. Domestic discipline, an alternative lifestyle that promotes a hierarchical relationship between partners, is often practiced by Christian …

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Domestic Discipline

Domestic discipline is introduced as a place to unite everyone, as we all know the importance of DD. Everyone needs to maintain from both sides. Not only men or not only women can retain it. And we all should be aware of it. Domestic Discipline Relationship Definition Domestic discipline is the practice between 2 life …

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Christian domestic discipline

What does a Christian dd relationship mean? In Christian domestic discipline (CDD), it is believed that the husband is under the authority of God and other family members (wife, kids). Most commonly husband is considered a consensual corporal and expert for adult partners in a relationship. Husbands have the right to assert dominance over their …

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