smith waite vs rider waite

The Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Cards deck has been around since the late 1800s and is a very popular deck among tarot readers for its simplicity and resemblance to Rider Waite. This deck is very simple and consists of 42 cards, each with an image on the top and the card’s name on the bottom […]

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Rider Waite Vs Smith Waite

Are you getting confused between the Rider Waite Vs Smith Waite decks? Well, we will help you to find out the differences. Both are the traditional deck. They have the same meanings and have a difference in the printing process. The Tarot deck tradition is ancient and goes back to the 15th century. The meaning

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Tarot de Marseille Vs. Rider Waite

Tarot de Marseille and Rider Waite are traditional tarot decks. The tarot of Marseille is older than the popular Waite Colman Smith deck. Click here to get ideas on the seven best Marseille tarot decks. Tarot De Marseille Deck The tarot de Marseille, or Tarot of Marseille, is one of the oldest surviving tarot card

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