Tarot de Marseille Vs. Rider Waite Smith in 2023

Tarot de Marseille and Rider Waite are traditional tarot decks. The tarot of Marseille is older than the popular Waite Colman Smith deck.

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Tarot De Marseille Deck

The tarot de marseille or Tarot of Marseille is one of the oldest surviving tarot card patterns still present today. From this pattern, many succeeding tarot decks are taken. This card is still more common in french speaking countries than Rider-Waite smith.

Its name comes from its source town, where many decks were made in the national style in the 1850s.

In contrast to Rider-Waite smith, pipe cards are used in this tarot deck set where the minor arcana is not represented with the story-driven images we used, but a simple idea that means the number of items in the suit.

It can be more difficult to read if you rely on visuals to explain the meaning or for free. This Tarot deck is sometimes used to play cards in french-speaking areas.

Tarot de Marseille will later be Pamela Colman Smith and Lady Frida Harris to portray Rider-Waite Smith and Thoth Deck.

Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck

We are most familiar with this deck in the English-speaking world, described by Pamela Colman Smith, especially for its mysterious use. Its additional name is Waite-smith, Rider-Waite-smith, or Rider Tarot Deck.

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The Rider Waite Smith tarot deck includes the secret of minor arcana, which is filled with rich symbolism for covert and divisionary use.

It was first published in 1909, along with a book, “The pictorial key to the Tarot” by Waite, which explains what many of us are familiar with today. Although both Waite and Pamela Colman Smith were members of the Golden Dawn, a metaphysical society whose philosophy largely incorporated tarot into the larger structure of the concept, Rider Waite Smith’s deck was deliberately attracted to the market to avoid astrology and kabbalah resources.

Instead, the image was created from multiple visions of the smith. The symbols and images used on the deck were influenced by the 19th-century magician and sorcerer Eliphas Levy and the teachings of the Golden dawn Hermetic order.

So, the above features are the difference between Tarot de Marseille Vs. Rider Waite Smith. Both are used for divination but are different in structures.

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