TAROT by Author Tina Gong Review (Pros&Cons)

The author Tina Gong is a real-life tarot reader who is a spiritual teacher and healer. She keeps her tarot readings simple and clear, helping you to see the big picture of your life.

She feels the need to help others, and she does this by making tarot cards available to them. This simple act of spreading love and light through tarot has spread around the world.

We have provided a detailed review on Tarot: to connect with yourself, develop your Intuition, live mindfully in the article. Check out the below.

About Author:

This deck was created by the author Tina Gong.

Tina Gong is a proficient tarot enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and a skilled clothier primarily based totally in New york.

She became interested in tarot at a younger age as a way to hook up with herself, with others, and with the arena around her and has used her talents to create some lovely tarot decks, which includes the extremely famous Golden Thread Tarot.

Tina has additionally created accompanying apps for her decks to get the right entry to the tarot withinside the contemporary-day world.

Her internet site Labyrinthos is full of professional tips. Her venture is to make tarot an aid that is to be had for humans from all walks of lifestyles to gain from.


Tarot: Connect With Yourself, Develop Your Intuition, Live Mindfully Review & User Experience

This Tarot is a deck that connects with ourselves, develops our intuition, and helps us to live mindfully. It guides you on a journey of self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.

Find out how to customize, interpret, and observe the information of Tarot to enhance each vicinity of your life- your career, finances, relationships, and more.

It understands you through every card in detail. Meet you, the magician who encourages you to accept as true with your abilities; hook up with the nurturing instincts of the Empress; sense the self-belief of the chariot, and discover the meanings of every card for you. It discovers how tarot reading can illuminate your unique path and lead to tangible, high-quality movements that you could practice today.

Features and Specifications:

The DK published this deck; illustrated edition on October 06, 2020. It comes in the English language. It has 224 pages of a guidebook. Moreover, it weighs 1.9 pounds and has 8*0.92*9.5 dimensions of inches.

  • It features guides on our journey of self-knowledge and self-fulfillment.
  • It understands all the 78 card details and encourages us to accept our true abilities.

User’s Experience:

  • The deck is beautiful and of big print and super well made with many spread suggestions and most info that is available easily online.
  • Its basics are pretty, and ultimately you can make whatever spreads you would like, all based on intention.
  • The appearance of the card’s picture is gorgeous, and its example of tarot readings really helps to cement the learning.
  • The book is laid out clearly with lovely calming illustrations and interprets every card’s meaning, with each card having a page of descriptions.
  • Its book starts with a summary overview of numbers and suits meanings and suggestions for spreads and how to get the best out of readings.
  • Some user’s claimed that the big book of Tarot chose a wide margin with a very small font for aesthetics. It would be better if they used font size, which is easier on the eyes.
  • It discovers how tarot reading can illuminate our unique path and lead us to tangible things.
  • It provides us with positive action that can lead to everyday life.
  • Its guidebook provided all the instructions and learning to read Tarot.
  • It encourages us in our abilities and connects with each major card.

  • The book contains small fonts with a wide margin that makes it difficult to see the text.


Tarot is a magical art that can be used for divination, insight, wisdom, and self-development. So, we hope you have understood all the details on the Tarot that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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