Tarot Court Cards for Beginners Review & Guide

Can the Tarot Court Cards help you find your way? The Tarot Court is a way to see your future or at least a glimpse of what might be. If you were to approach a Tarot reader and ask for a reading, they might give you a few cards and a brief description of what the cards might mean. Maybe they would ask you a few questions before proceeding. Let’s check the Tarot Court Cards for Beginners Review.

The author shares her personal journey with Tarot Court Cards and how they can help you have more clarity in your life. Each card is described, with an interpretive reading accompanying it, with many examples of how the cards can be used in readings. This book is perfect for beginner tarot readers or anyone who wants to improve their readings.

Tarot Court Cards Meanings

Tarot Court Cards for Beginners is a guidebook for beginners looking to familiarize themselves with the meaning of the Court Cards in the Tarot deck. It contains all the knowledge you need to understand what the Court Cards represent, their meaning, how to interpret them during a Tarot reading, where to place them in your spread, how to examine the Court Cards for meaning during a reading, and much more.

Tarot Court Cards for Beginners: Bring Clarity to Your...
  • Robertson, Leeza (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author

Lezza Robertson is the one who helps seven-figure entrepreneurs reconnect to their passion and purpose with the institution called Quantum Wealth Coaching. This helps them realize their impact and legacy and helps them by elevating them out of their dull and mundane burnout and hustle.

Apart from working with her incredible clients, she writes books and creates tarot decks for Llewellyn Publication worldwide. Lezza is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to connect and communicate with her readers and fans.

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Tarot Court Cards for Beginners Review:

Tarot court cards are the trickiest and challenging to work with for most tarot readers. But after understanding the certain enigma of these cards, anyone would be hooked on perfecting the tarot art.

These tarot cards can turn into your noble subjects, friends, and allies during a reading or a spread and in case of interpretations. Tarot provides powerful insights, meanings, and symbolism.

The book has a way of communicating with its audience so the readers may get a full taste of the wonders of the art of tarot. The book has a variety of explanations and examples on pages, kings, queens, and knights to enhance one’s journey through the realm of tarot.

Author Lezza has been working with tarot most of her career, and she has also been creating various tarot decks for her publisher throughout her career. Putting her relevant experience to use, she gathered all her knowledge in this book to give her readers the most detailed and precise tarot guide.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in paperback and Kindle Reader version on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 8th May 2017 by Llewellyn Publications. Moreover, it weighs about 12.6 ounces and has a dimension of about 5.2 x 0.6 x 7.9 inches.

  • The book has 216 pages.
  • In this book, tarot is explained from a fresh new perspective, and it also provides precise advice from a. experienced tarot creator and reader.

Users’ Experience:

  • The gathering of the information and details in the books was very impressive to the readers.
  • The book breaks down and describes certain parts and people in the tarot with different sections.
  • This book is highly recommended for those only who’ve only started to explore the world of tarot.
  • The book is very easy, clear, and provides basic ideas for normal people to understand.
  • The book scratches the surface of tarot and also goes deep down information and meaning.
  • It explores and explains about tarot in the different times in society and its roles.
  • The book also has a part where the author describes the historical perspective and insight to tarot.
  • The book may give you understanding and learn beyond your expectations.
  • The book features stories and explanations and simple exercises and tasks to help the reader improve his or her skill in tarot.
  • The book approaches the art of tarot from a different angle and explores the symbols, legends, personalities, messages, and spiritual influences of each card in the deck.
  • This book also provides extra tips, unique ideas of readings, and spreads of tarot.
  • The books are perfect, interactive, and a great educational tool of tarot for beginners.
  • The book has an additional amount of information for the tarot experts alike.
  • The book’s setup has a difficult format to get used to, and readers might find it difficult to look for certain information in the book.


This book helps you introduce yourself to tarot and master the tarot art by yourself and learn all the basics; thus, this is a must-have for tarot enthusiasts and beginners.

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