Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini Review

Tarot is an age-old practice used to gain insight into possible futures and guidance on personal matters. The Tarot of Marseille has been around since the 16th century and is one of the most popular tarot decks in use today. The Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini is a pocket-sized version of this classic deck that is perfect for anyone who wants to practice tarot on the go.

This deck has been praised as being one of the best renditions of the classic Marseille Tarot available, and I’m to share a review I’ve I’verienced with the deck. My review of the Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini will highlight the deck’deck’sracy, portability, and ease of use while also ding insight into the pros and cons of using this traditional tarot deck. So buckle in, and let’s review this timeless tarot deck.


Tarot of Marseille Mini (Marseille Tarot, 5)
  • de Angelis, Roberto (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Tarot of Marseille Tarot Meanings:

The Tarot of Marseille is an ancient form of divination used for centuries to gain insight into life’life’ssions, relationships, and personal growth. This deck is one of the oldest and most influential tarot decks and has been studied for its symbolism and messages for many years.

The cards of the Tarot of Marseille provide users with deep insight into their lives and the knowledge to make informed decisions. The traditional Marseille tarot comprises 78 cards divided into two parts, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. Each card holds a unique meaning and can be used to gain insight into the present and future. With the help of the Tarot of Marseille, users can gain clarity and understanding of their lives and the decisions they must make.

About Author

This deck is created by the author Roberto de Angelis, a fine artist from Italy.

Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini Review

This whimsical mini-edition of the best-selling Tarot of Marseille is ideal for quick readings. You can take your deck with you wherever you go because it is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Tarot mini decks also make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers for tarotists. Whether you are an experienced reader or just starting, a tarot mini will be fun and usefuvaluabletion to your collection.

Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini- features and specifications

The Llewellyn publications on 8 August manufacture the deck language in English and weigh 5.1 ounces. The deck has a 2.38*1.3*3.63 dimension of inches.

Previous BuyerBuyers’rience

  • The cardstock felt cheap, and the artwork was too small.
  • It’s authentic, has more color, and isn’tisn’tmed with copyright information.
  • A fantastic deck for studying and working.
  • The photos are stunning and are just the right size.
  • It’s packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a proper lid rather than a flimsy cardboard box.


  • The deck provides a little booklet.
  • The booklet provides a nice excellent interpretation of the major arcana.
  • The instruction booklet is also much more detailed, which benefits beginners.


  • The actual cards are of poor quality.

In conclusion, the Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini is excellent for those looking to get a simple, easy-to-use tarot deck. The artwork is beautiful, and the cards are easy to interpret. The cards are also a great size and come with a booklet that provides a comprehensive introduction to the tarot. Whether you’ryou’reginner looking to learn more about the tarot or an experienced reader looking to add to your collection, the Tarot of Marseille Tarot Mini is an excellent choice.

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