Tarot of White Cats Review & Guide

Tarot of White Cats Review

Tarot of White Cats (English and Spanish Edition) Cards introduced an innovative approach to tarot reading that has become highly sought after among tarot card enthusiasts. Featuring the artwork of Severino Baraldi, this tarot deck was first published in 2005 by Lo Scarabeo. Combining traditional tarot symbolism with modern fantasy, the deck contains 78 cards that offer an exciting blend of language and imagery.

The cards are designed to provide intuitive insight and clarity while helping readers to explore their inner worlds. With its focus on white cats, this deck also has an added layer of magical charm that has become a favorite of many tarot readers.

Whether you’re a novice reader looking for your first deck, or an experienced reader searching for a unique deck to add to your collection, the Tarot of White Cats Cards is a must-have for any serious tarot reader.

Tarot of White Cats Meanings:

The Tarot of White Cats is a unique set of tarot cards designed to offer users a more personal form of guidance. The card artwork depicts white cats in different poses and settings, representing different symbols and meanings.

The deck emphasizes the power of intuition and encourages its users to look to their inner wisdom for direction in life. Through the cards, users can gain insight into their current situation and develop a better understanding of the choices they are making.

The deck also provides an opportunity for self-reflection and encourages users to take a more introspective approach to their decisions. The Tarot of White Cats is an intuitive and creative tool for gaining insight into one’s life and making meaningful choices.

Tarot of White Cats (English and Spanish Edition)
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)


Lo Scarabeo and the illustrator Severino Baraldi assembled this deck.

Tarot of White Cats Review

This Tarot of the white deck is easy to use and designed in the traditional Rider Waite deck.

This deck is usable and enjoyable for tarot enthusiasts of all levels. These feline-themed cards, which feature exquisite albino kitties portraying their mystical and valiant personalities, are the ideal gift for your cat-loving friends.

Tarot of White Cats- features and specifications

Llewellyn Publications cards edition manufactured this deck on August 8, 2005. It is scripted in two languages, Spanish and English. It comes with a weight of 8 ounces and has a dimension of 2.75*1*4.75 inches. It features,

  • Contain 78 cards in a deck.
  • For tarot enthusiasts of all levels.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The illustrations are lovely and brightly colored.
  • Whimsical enough to be entertaining without being ridiculous.
  • It’s a cute little deck with cat heads on the Rider Waite deck.
  • The artwork in the deck closely resembles that of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
  • The facial expressions and color are both excellent.
  • They’re just a little shiny, so they’re not too difficult to shuffle.
  • Making them easy to read for both pros and beginners.
  • The illustrations are stunning.
  • The card quality is good, if a little glossy.
  • It’s beautiful and symbolic enough for accurate readings.
  • This deck arrived in excellent condition and exactly as described by the seller.
  • This is a lighthearted and upbeat deck with a strong love of cats.
  • It also serves as fodder for thought and reflection.
  • The illustration is lovely, and the cats are adorable.
  • The quality of the cards is excellent.
  • The print quality is superb.


  • They’re whimsical and ideal.
  • The drawings are clear, vibrant, and based on the Rider Waite.
  • The card’s size was also very comfortable in our hands.
  • The cards are made of high-quality materials.
  • The King of each suit resembles Grumpy Cat.
  • They have a good shuffle.


  • It doesn’t have any cons yet.

In conclusion, Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot of White Cats card deck is a unique and beautiful interpretation of traditional tarot imagery. The cards are printed with vivid colors and detailed illustrations of white cats, which adds to the mystical and magical nature of the deck. The cards come with both English and Spanish editions, allowing readers to gain insight into the powerful meanings of the tarot, no matter which language they are most comfortable with. With its stunning artwork and insightful interpretations, this tarot card set will surely bring joy and insight to readers of all levels.

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