The Empress Tarot Meaning & Guide

The Empress card is one of the most powerful cards in a Tarot deck. She is the embodiment of femininity, fertility, and creation. She is often seen as a mother figure or as a representation of the goddess. The Empress is a card of abundance, fertility, and prosperity. She is a sign of new beginnings, new life, and new growth. When the Empress appears in a reading, it is a time to nurture your creative side and to bring new life into the world.

Major Arcana:– 

In tarot, the Empress is a powerful Major Arcana card representing feminine energy, fertility, nature, and abundance. As the fourth card in the Major Arcana, the Empress is associated with the astrological sign of Cancer and the element of Water. She is a loving and nurturing figure who is often depicted as a mother or goddess. The Empress represents the feminine principle of creation and is a force of nature that is both powerful and beautiful.

The Empress Description

The Empress is the third 3 numbered tarot card of The Major Arcana or a trump car. The Empress tarot card is a card that contains a beautiful young woman. She has beautiful blonde hair. He also has an easy and calm aura around him. That woman on The Empress tarot card has a crown on her head. That crown has twelve stars. Those stars represent her bond and combination with the secret, powerful, mysterious province.

Sometimes it also means a connection between that woman and many natural ingredients such as —— twelve months, twelve plants, et. She is wearing a dress; it is one kind of long and loose now. It is patterned with pomegranates, an emblem of fertility, and sits over a luxurious arrangement and classification of the cushion. There is also flowing red velvet.

One of those cushion characteristics is the symbol of Venu. Venus is the planet of love, creativity, kindness, elegance, enrichment, and fecundity. These are the substance of The Empress. In her background is a beautiful guzzler forest and The Empress, denoting her combination with mother earth and life itself. It is like she is gathering her peace and calmness from the trees and the water and is rejuvenated by all those different energies of nature. In the foreground, there is the golden wheat of spring.

The Empress Keywords

Upright Keywords: – Heavenly, womanly, sensuality, grace, kindness, fertility, nurturing, natural, realistic, beauty, creativity.

Reversed Keywords: – Danger, insecurity, doubts, arrogance, consequential, carelessness, inattention, lack of growth, and progress.

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The Empress Upright Meaning

The Empress tarot card acquaints a strong, powerful, meaningful connection or combination with femininity. Since femininity translates in various ways– expression, loveliness, grace, charm, creativity, kindness, fertility, and sensuality- these are necessary for creating a good balance for both men and women.

The Empress evokes one person to join with the person’s feminine energy. Create and bring beauty to his life. Create a link or connection with the person’s senses through taste, smell, touch, and sound. Trace all 9 of these senses to realize deep fulfillment and great pleasure.

It can be a perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby, enabling one to access this part of himself. The Empress shows abundance. It will reflect one person’s surroundings and the situation he is going through.

The Empress is inviting its readers to take a trip to his favorite natural spots such as — waterfall, sea, ocean, landscape, beach, horizon, mountain, and jungle. Then he can restore his energy, refresh himself, and have consciousness. One person will usually take on her mothering nature by having this energy.

The person will feel one kind of powerful urge to instruct and care for others. It will come from a place of loving, compassion, and support. The Empress tarot card sometimes also suggests pregnancy or even birth. One person has to put his creative ideas into being by complying with them and supporting their growth. One person has to accommodate these plans and their issues to flow through him, act and behave with compassion and love.

The Empress Reversed Meaning

When it is The Empress tarot card reverse side, this card tells one person to make self-care and love. It encourages him to prioritize. Maybe this is the time to bring his energy of loving and focus on himself, specifically if the person has been giving away his power by placing very much refrain and stress on other people’s emotional and material needs, though neglecting and skipping his own.

It is very important that one person fills his cup and cares for himself so he can take care of all other people without any resentment. The person reading The Empress’s reversed side may also seek a strong connection with nature and mother earth.

The Empress tarot card reverse suggests he gets a creative block when trying to make moves, turn his ideas into reality, and explain himself creatively. He is probably worrying about whether this will succeed or if all his work is moving other people. In this situation, the person should not bother about what others think. He should allow his energy or the power of creativity to flow. Even if it means to keep his new, recent creation personal to him only ut if it is about a relationship, then the person may take the mothering role too far. Maybe he is behaving like —– overprotective, controlling, and cooperative.

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The Empress Love Meaning


When it is about reading tarot cards for a love reading, then The Empress tarot card stems from the element of earth. This tarot card observes the person who is reading this tarot card can be loving, caring, and nurturing, and he carries financial security and appreciable of beautiful, easy things.

Often The Empress tarot card can indicate love and work together. Hen it is about a relationship, then The Empress tarot card also pioneers a stable, committed, and serious relationship. This tarot card also includes marriage and, pregnancy, a new family.


When it is about love reading The Empress tarot card reverse side, then this tarot card tells the person who is reading it is smothered by his partner. It is confusing, controlling his sentiments, and he cannot express his feelings.

The Empress tarot card also tells the readers that self-worth is essential. If one person is already in a love relationship, The Empress tarot card indicates to the person to spend some time with his partner. It will encourage both to give time to themselves together; they will be more sincere, caring, and attentive to each other.

The Empress Career Meaning


When it is about a career reading with The Empress tarot card Upright side, it is the high time and the best opportunity to boost up for the person who is reading The Empress tarot card. The person will be more creative and confident than usual. The person can put all the ideas popping into his head. It will turn into good work on that project.

The Empress tarot card is connected with nourishment and the teacher. Most probably, he will work with much ease, making a more pleasant and better working place, where the person will get supportive colleagues, new goals, better environment.

Having a good environment to do a great job is a fundamental matter. Often The Empress tarot card is also indicated to another person in his work that most probably has the qualities.


When it is about a career reading with The Empress’s tarot card’s reverse side, then this tarot card tells the person who is reading The Empress’s reversed side his career. Maybe he is there that is molded, exhausted, and also trivial.

Most probably, The Empress tarot card reverse side is making a few improvements in developing his skills, abilities, and capabilities. Maybe the work is the same, and he has already acquired what he can do in that position. He feels that other people do not appreciate his work and what he is doing, which makes him more frustrated.

This may be why the person is causing other problems he is experiencing at that time. It is essential to take time and figure out and analyze those problems which are asserting a huge external change. His change can be switching jobs, starting a new career, creating a new project, beginning a new business, or internal changes; one person will be able to gain more confidence, new thoughts, choices, and ideas, and he will improve his communication skills.


In conclusion, “The Empress” is the card of strength and feminine power. She is found in a place of power, surrounded by symbols of fertility and abundance. Her hands are solicitous, and her gentle yet powerful gaze speaks of her ability to guide and inspire.

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