The Essential Tarot Kit Set-Review (PROs&CONs)

The Essential Tarot Kit is the most practical, user-friendly tarot deck for the 21st century. It is the perfect beginner’s deck for people who want to learn tarot but aren’t ready for the more complex decks. Also, The Essential Tarot Kit is an excellent deck for practical magic and divination.

Rosalind Simmons is a tarot enthusiast with love for making meaningful art with tarot cards. She’s been studying tarot for over fifteen years and has been using tarot cards in her personal and professional life for nearly as long.

She created this essential tarot kit because she felt the need for a book that was truly comprehensive and well-organized.

Before reading, let me introduce myself. I am a tarot enthusiast and advisor. My love for tarot began when my first tarot reading changed my life. I began wondering, what kind of person am I? Who am I? I needed to know what my future held.

I have provided the details on The Essential Tarot kit in this article. Have a look at them.

The Essential Tarot Kit Meanings:

The Essential Tarot Kit is a comprehensive guide to all the ins and outs of this card-based divination technique. It’s designed to take you from the first-time user to a confident tarot reader in the space of a few hours and includes extensive and detailed step-by-step guidance throughout.

The Essential Hanson-Roberts Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set
  • Peter Pauper Press
  • It ensures you get the best usage for a longer period

About Author

The Essential Tarot Kit is a book based on the teachings of Rosalind Simmons that includes the meanings of the tarot cards, symbols, and other elements. It is the first book by Rosalind Simmons that she has written.

She is the author of many other books, including; Tarot To Go, The Little Book of Palmistry, and Feng shui.

The Essential Tarot Kit Book & Card Reviews

The deck comes with an essential tarot card set and instructional guidebook. All the book and card sets are packaged in a decorative storage box that comes with magnetic closure.

This deck unlocks all the Tarot ancient and secret of mystical art. Its guidebook provided simple instructions to learn this step to conduct tarot reading;

  • It explains all the fortune-telling elements of each tarot card, its theory, and the core of the tarot.
  • The deck included 78 cards that are rich with full color illustrated by renowned artist Mary Hanson Roberts. All the deck images are based on traditional themes. It captures the spirit and soul of the tarot.
  • It included a box that has a ribbon tab, ribbon hinge and molded tray to keep books and cards.

The Essential Tarot lit: Book and Card set- Features and Specifications:

The Peter Pauper Press published the deck December 01, 2020. It comes in the English language. It has 78 cards and a 120-page guidebook. Moreover, it comes with 12.8 ounces and has 6*1.6*8 dimensions of inches.

  • The deck includes a card measure 2-?” wide into 4” high.
  • It included a book that has 112 pages full-color dust jacket that measures 3- ¼” wide by 4” high.
  • It included a keepsake box measuring 7-½” wide into 5-½ high and 1-½” deep.
  • The deck provided all the easiest instructions on each 78 card deck.
  • It provided us with a sturdy keepsake box for card and guidebook storage.
  • It is a vibrant card that comes with a beautifully illustrated book to bring tarot to our life.
  • All in one set deck which is diverting to give or receive.
  • It is the perfect size to hold and easy to shuffle.
  • The deck takes beginners to an advanced tarot reader through its functions.
  • Some of the small details are missing from the guidebook.


So, we hope you have understood all the details on The essential tarot kit that we have provided in the articles. Feel free to choose this deck. It will be worth your buying.

Happy Shopping.

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