The Kemetic Tarot Card Review (Pros & Cons)

The Kemetic Tarot

The “Kemetic tarot card” is an interpretation of the tarot deck from the Kemet Empire. Kemetic tarot is a modern, coherent, interpretive, contemporary, and innovative form of Kemetic tarot.

It is a living system constantly being developed and expanded on and is meant to serve as a personal and professional growth tool. The basic cards are based on the Standard deck, with all the associated archetypes and power cards, but with a Kemetic slant.

The Kemetic tarot was invented based on the most powerful Egyptian magic. For almost six centuries, tarot card designers have claimed to have created tarot decks based on ancient Egyptian magic.

This book of essays and rituals is designed to allow a soul to invoke the gods and subdue evil enemies. It travels from the material world to the Duat (later the spiritual world) and finally to the Aru (Egyptian Paradise) for eternal life.

The Kemetic Tarot Card Meaning

The Kemetic tarot cards are a deck of 78 created and used by many modern practitioners of the Kemetic Tradition. The cards are based on traditional tarot cards, with the addition of Egyptian deities.

The tarot is a very ancient divination tool used by the Egyptians and Greeks, and the two have many commonalities. The methods and symbolism are highly similar, and the imagery and symbolism of the tarot are still very much relevant today.

  • Powerful, vibrant artwork on high quality cardstock, with gold-foil...
  • Symbolism designed to invoke ancient Egyptian magic

Kemetic Tarot Deck Review

The Kemetic tarot was published on January 01, 2020, published from – Abracax House. The Kemetic tarot is written entirely in English. It weighs 1.54 pounds.

Kemetic Tarot Cards are vibrant and lively. The tarot indicates archery. The art is associated with ancient Egyptian magic.

Kemetic Tarot tells the story of the fool. The scribe Ani began his journey through the material and supernatural worlds in the afterlife, searching for an unpaid life.

Major Arcana Neteru Cards symbolize the mighty forces that represent the supernatural beings of the gods of chemistry.

Such as – Nebet-Het (Nephthys), the great goddess Aset (Isis), and among others, the gods Ausar (Osiris), Set, and Khonsu.

Minor Arcana cards are based on historical figures, including ancient Egyptian pharaohs, inscriptions, and warriors. It (Remet Cards) focuses on the Kemetic Suits, which map directly to the traditional suites on other Tarot decks,  Such as ankhs, scarabs, wands, and swords.

The Tarot Deck Provides the following:

  • All cards are framed with the hieroglyphic text of “The Book of Coming Forth By Day.”
  • Going through Ani’s later life, the details of each card are contained in the 164-page guide to Kemetic Tarot.

Pros :

  • Accurate imagery and is easy to randomize.
  • Cards are colored and coded by suit for ease of identification.
  • Even the dynamic imagery of the Kemetic tarot cards includes figurative magic.
  • The deck itself is similar to other traditional riders. So it flowed easily!
  • Its box has gold hieroglyphs and beautiful bags and everything, like books.
  • This deck represents accurately and is very useful to know more about each Kemetic deity in its proper light.


  • Not the perfect little book in the form of a guidebook.


The information in The Kemetic Tarot is essential for a reader, and the artwork is also excellent and exciting. So, In Kemetics, the cards are known as the “wisdom of the gods,” and the deck is used to guide people through life.

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