The Marseille Tarot Revealed Review & Guide

The Marseille Tarot Revealed Review

The Marseille Tarot Revealed is a book that teaches techniques to read the Marseille Tarot properly. Tarot readers have long used decks based on the Marseille pattern to discern the meaning behind the card’s symbols accurately. This book aims to teach readers how to interpret these decks’ symbols so they can evaluate situations and questions with greater accuracy.

This deck of cards offers a glimpse into the Marseille Tarots’ history and symbolism, including their connection with France’s colonial past. The Marseille Tarot has an equally fascinating history and remains, to this day, one of the most sought-out, highly-regarded decks in the tarot community.


The deck is created by the author Yoav Ben Dov.

The Marseille Tarot Revealed: A Complete Guide to Symbolism,...
  • Ben-Dov, Yoav (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The author practiced tarot for people, teaching, publishing, and experimenting with it for over thirty years. He studied tarot and psychomagic with Alexandro Jodorowsky and created the first Hebrew-language Tarot book. He is also the editor-in-chief of the CBD Tarot de Marseille. Yoav lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and his website is

The Marseille Tarot Revealed review.

Learn about the rich meaning of a commonly misunderstood deck and how to utilize the cards to solve life’s significant issues. Everything you need to know about the Marseille Tarot, including history, decks, readings, spreads, symbols, and more, is covered in The Marseille Tarot Revealed.

The meanings of all the cards are traditionally memorized. The spread is then created, with each place in the spread having a specific meaning, such as “past,” “future,” “love life,” and so on. Nav Ben-Dov advocates for a more “open” form of reading, in which the cards reveal their meaning in real-time and in connection to their neighbors.

Compared to more traditional and possibly formal ways, the entire approach takes a more spontaneous and direct response to the cards. The traditional study approach entails a great deal of memorization.

Yoav Ben-Dov explains the meaning of the Marseille art themes and unique reading techniques that may be utilized with any tarot deck to help you connect with your intuition. This book is a must-have for anybody interested in one of the world’s most essential decks, with full-color drawings and explanations for each card.

The Marseille Tarot Revealed: Features and Specification

The deck is Llewellyn’s publication and reprint on May 8, 2017. They are written in English with 384 pages. Its dimensions are 5*0.8*8.9 inches with a width of 1.5 pounds.

Buyers Experience:

  • Reprint an instant classic in a more large format.
  • Lovely, beautiful book.
  • Beautiful color plates.
  • With summaries, the writing is excellent.
  • Spreads and shufflings are both short and sweet.
  • A good book on TdM open readings.
  • Simple, concise, simple to read and comprehend, and most importantly, motivating.


  • The CBD Tarot card has lovely colorful images.
  • Each card is complete, including the pips.
  • The historical setting is used to frame the work.
  • Easy to read.
  • Much more significant than the cards.
  • High-quality paper.


  • No cons so far.

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The Marseille Tarot reveals Marseille’s 300-year-old history, which benefits the reader whether studying or playing. The illustrations are charming and perfectly complement the tarot’s style. This book is unique in its organization and is a worthy addition to any tarot library.

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