The New Palladini Tarot Review & Guide

The New Palladini Tarot is a deck that Italian artist created, Paola Angelini. The deck is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot but with a few changes. The most notable changes are in the Major Arcana, which has been designed to be more user-friendly.

The New Palladini Tarot is an excellent deck for beginners. The artwork is beautiful, and the card meanings are easy to understand. I highly recommend this deck for anyone who is new to Tarot or is looking for a deck that is easy to read.

The New Palladini Tarot Meaning:

In the late 1970s, an American artist named James F. Wilbur created a new tarot deck that would come to be known as the Palladini Tarot. This deck was different than any other that had come before it, as it was based on the work of Italian Renaissance painter Raphael. The Palladini Tarot quickly became popular among tarot enthusiasts for its unique imagery and symbolism.

The Palladini Tarot has since been re-interpreted by several different artists, but the meaning of the deck has mainly remained the same. Tarot is a tool for self-exploration and personal growth, and the Palladini Tarot is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a beautiful and meaningful deck.


This deck is created by the author David Palladini.

New Palladini Tarot
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • David Palladini (Author)

The New Palladini Tarot Review

David Palladini, the author of the best-selling effects, normally Tarot cards, has designed an original deck incorporating elements of medieval, Egyptian, Renaissance, and modern art. It’s brilliantly colored and offers a new level of comfort to reading. This deck is appropriate for both beginning and advanced tarot readers.

The New Palladini Tarot- features and specifications

U S Games Systems Inc. manufactured this on September 01, 1996. It is in English and has 78 pages of letters. The deck weighs 9.6 ounces and has a dimension of  3.07*1.14*4.72 inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • It has a style but is more colorful and has better facial expressions.
  • Close to RWS fundamentals, but with a medieval flavor.
  • The images are simple and make reading with them easy and comfortable.
  • The card stock is of high quality, and they shuffle easily.
  • They have a matte finish and are great for shuffling.
  • They are quite heavy.
  • The art is lovely and original, and the color palette is one-of-a-kind.
  • Cards are far too narrow; images are distorted.
  • The shape is incorrect, and they appear very strange.


  • This deck is well-illustrated and quite traditional.
  • They’re sturdy and smooth.
  • The colors are vibrant; the cards are a good size.
  • The paper quality is good, with an almost matte finish and light lamination.
  • Simple to use and read.


  • They’re made of thick plastic-covered card stock.
  • It’s very colorful but a little too big to shuffle.

In summary, readers will be drawn to the colorful illustrations and thoughtful words. Like the respected Tarot Deck of Marseilles, the Palladini Tarot is beautifully illustrated, though the design is more artful and less cluttered. However, the Palladini Tarot is unlike any Tarot deck we’ve seen before. While it’s designed for divination, the Palladini Tarot is also a collector’s item and one every occultist and tarotist will want to have.

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