The Sun Tarot Card Meaning & Guide

Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun is one of the tarot deck’s most positive and optimistic cards. It is associated with happiness, success, and new beginnings. The Sun card can represent the peak of your achievements and the attainment of your goals. This is a time to celebrate your victories and enjoy your hard-earned success. The Sun can also represent new beginnings, hope, and possibility.

The Sun card indicates that better days are ahead if you face difficulties. Things will get better, and you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever challenges you have been facing, know that they are about to come to an end. The Sun reminds you that you are the creator of your reality. You have the power to make your dreams a reality. So, dream big and believe in yourself. Let the light of the Sun shine bright in your life.

 Major Arcana:– 

As someone interested in tarot, you may be familiar with the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana is a 22-card deck within a tarot deck that is considered to be the most important. The Sun is the 19th card of the Major Arcana and represents happiness, vitality, and success.

The Sun Description

The Sun tarot card is one of the seventy-eight cards of a regular, common tarot deck’s Major Arcana or trump cards numbered 19, nineteen. In the imagery of The Sun tarot card, positivity and optimism are irradiated. There is a massive, significant, and bright sun.

It is shining in the sky. This indicates the source of all life on Earth. Below, four sunflowers grow tall over a brick wall. This shows Minor Arcana’s four suits– Clubs, Swords, Pentacles, and Diamonds. It also indicates Four other elements —— Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. A young, naked child is in the foreground of The Sun tarot card’s imagery.

He is sitting on the top of a white colored horse; that white color indicates grace and calm. That boy shows the pleasure and enjoyment of being linked with his inner spiritual sense. His nakedness symbolizes his openness; he has nothing to hide and does not need to hide anything. He has all the purity and innocence of childhood. That white-colored horse is an indicator of purity, holiness, and strength.

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The Sun Keywords

Upright Keywords:– Bliss, comfort, attainment,  trust,  godsend, graciousness, success, optimism, truth, victory, conquest, dependence,  happiness, fringe, confidence.

Reversed Keywords:– Blocked joy, over-enthusiasm,  confined pleasure, despair,  improper enthusiasm,  despondency, unrealistic,  hope,  resist enjoyment, disappointment, impossibility, desire, arrogant, conceited.

The Sun Upright Meaning

The Sun tarot card’s Upright side tells one person reading this tarot card that it is all about the glow, success, shine, and abundance. The Sun tarot card gives strength and power to the reading person; it does not matter if he is not there besides The sun. It will provide him everywhere he goes. The positive, massive and shining energy of The Sun will find out and catch him. This will bring him many pleasant things, enjoyment, and happiness. The beautiful warmth of it indicates his success.

If the person reading has been through a rough time, trouble, or complex situation, this tarot card is a card of the message telling them things will get much better, or everything will be by his side. He should be more confident and walk in a way that will lead him towards his aim or goal. The Sun tarot card never suggests he is egotistical, rude, or scared.

Still, that inner abundant and shining energy is radiating through that person. He will be able to feel and understand that his Solar Plexus Chakra is inviting him to explain himself genuinely and then totally render the world around him. That person has what other people want. He has been asked to reflect his energy and sentiments into this world in his way by using his heaven will explain that power positively.

The Sun tarot card is also known as the energetic card. This tarot card is a radiator of a period when that person can experience an improvement or enrichment in his physical energy, power, general positivity, and vigor. Most probably, that person is bursting with the endeavor, exertion, recovered, spur, refreshed, and enjoying a fantastic sense of health.

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The Sun Reversed Meaning

The Sun tarot card’s reverse side appeals to one person reading The Sun tarot card reverse side to his inner child to come out and play around as his heart wants and wishes. Like adults, they get lost in daily life disputes, hustle, despatch, and bustle. Because of this reason, people forget about fun, enjoyment, and happiness. After watching a little moment a kid is playing, make that person realize how carefree, unencumbered, peaceful, joyful, and wonderful his life can be if that person lets go of all kinds of negative energy, pressure, concern,  stress, worries, and overthink.

When The Sun tarot card arrives in any person’s tarot card reading, it suggests he leaves behind various works and responsibilities for some moments. He should do what his heart or inner sense is wanting or wishing. He needs to let his heart and soul fly freely. The Sun tarot card is telling one person who is reading The Sun tarot card’s reverse side that most probably he is struggling so much to find out the bright, lightning, or sunny side of his own life.

He has likely been in trouble or danger, damaging that person’s enthusiasm, penetration, discrimination, and optimism. Sometimes it will lead him to question so that either he can achieve what he sets out to do. Most probably, that person has been feeling so depressed recently his way may arrive decomposed, distorted and clouded.

Even then, The Sun tarot card is not harmful. This is not permanent. By putting that person’s mind to it, he can easily remove various obstacles, destruction, and challenges. On the other hand, that person reading The Sun tarot card’s reverse side may be too confident or overly upbeat. When the person is satisfied, he may become egotistical. He will also be out of touch with what he has achieved.

Almost all the time, providing positive and uplifting readings, The Sun tarot card is a card worth drawing. It shows and also suggests opportunities but at the same time gives us necessary warning so that we can be careful in every step of our lives.

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