The Tarot de St. Croix Review & Buying Guide

The Tarot de St. Croix is a deck of tarot cards created by the author Lisa de. St. Croix. The deck is based on Carmina Gadelica, a collection of Celtic folk tales. Bach claims that all of the cards are arranged in the traditional 78-card tarot order, with the exception of the Minor Arcana, which only contains 37 cards.

This is the most intriguing part of the book. The tarot deck’s origin story is explored in detail, and each card’s symbolism. Like English playing cards, the cards obey a strict system, and the symbolism of each card follows a particular pattern. The tarot de St. Croix is beautifully illustrated with richly colored illustrations and dozens of full-page drawings.


The deck is created by the author Lisa de. St. Croix.

The Tarot de St. Croix
  • Original Orange Background Deck - Out of Print
  • Replaced by Tarot de St. Croix - 3rd Edition

The Tarot de St. Croix Review

Tarot de St. Croix depicts the fabric of life by transcending time. Although the pictures in this deck are one-of-a-kind, they nonetheless contain the essence of universal archetypes. The visual metaphors are motivating and simple to comprehend, and they provide knowledge that can help us on our life’s path.

Tarot de St. Croix acts as a visual encyclopedia of the spirit, assisting in searching for answers to life’s fundamental questions. The author embarked on a five-year journey into the archetypal world of the major and minor arcana, inspired by a vision in which she was commanded to paint the Tarot.

Lisa shares her firsthand experiences traversing these ancient, holy routes with the spiritual traveler in Tarot de St. Croix. This hand-painted deck is a vibrant, brilliant, multi-faceted jewel, and her narrative will resonate with all who travel with her.

The Tarot de St. Croix; Features and Specifications

2014 was the first year that the 78 Card Deck was released.

Comes in a Two-part box, available with the Language English. Card Size: 3″ x 4.5″

Booklet: 96-page instructional booklet in full color. The weight measures 11 ounces.

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Previous Buyer’s Experience
  • The artwork is beautiful and inspiring.
  • The archetypes are simple enough to grasp at first glance and fascinating enough to entice one to go further.
  • The beautiful hues are very bright and pleasant and diverse and tropical.
  • Fantastic symbolism and significance abound in this collection.
  • The deck has a smooth feel to it, with stunning artwork that follows the theme throughout.


  • Beautiful artwork on the cards.
  • The correct thickness.
  • They’re a breeze to shuffle and use.
  • They have vibrant colors.
  • As an entire deck, it performs admirably.


  • Hardly any.

In summary, this deck is gorgeous and is a pleasure to take to readings. It has a nice heft to it, and the art is stunning. There are some minor annoyances with the cards, such as having a single illustration on the front and back of the cards, but otherwise, there are no major complaints. Overall, this deck will serve you well in your readings.

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