Vikings Tarot Deck Review

Vikings Tarot Deck Review

As tarot enthusiasts, we always look for unique and intriguing decks to add to our collections. The Vikings Tarot (English and Spanish Edition) Cards – Illustrated, August 8, 2003, Spanish Edition by Lo Scarabeo (Author) is one such deck that will captivate seasoned tarot readers and newcomers alike. This deck offers a fascinating blend of Norse mythology and tarot symbolism, resulting in a beautiful and powerful tool for divination and self-discovery.

The Vikings Tarot features stunning illustrations that bring to life the gods, goddesses, and creatures of Norse legend. Each card is rich in symbolism, allowing for a deep exploration of the themes and archetypes that underpin the tarot. Whether you are drawn to Odin’s fierce warrior spirit, the Norns’ wisdom, or the Runes’ mystery, this deck has something to offer.

Vikings Tarot Meanings:

The Vikings Tarot deck is a unique and captivating set of cards that draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the Norse people. Each card in the deck is beautifully illustrated with characters and symbols from Viking mythology and offers a wealth of meaning and symbolism for those seeking guidance and insight.

The Vikings Tarot meanings are steeped in the ancient wisdom of the Norse gods and goddesses and offer a powerful tool for divination and self-discovery. From the fierce warrior spirit of Odin to the nurturing and protective energy of Freya, these cards offer a glimpse into the mystical world of the Vikings and provide a powerful means of unlocking the hidden depths of the human psyche.

Vikings Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)
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Vikings Tarot (English and Spanish Edition)
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Vikings Tarot Review

The Viking tarot is a deck that is a powerful and intriguing mythology of Northern Europe, the home of the ancient warrior Vikings. The Tarot is represented by Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya, with the art evoking the magical atmosphere of elves and Valkyries. The Vikings, with their extended trips by sea and land, are practical guides on the Tarot journey. Tisselli’s powerful and beautiful images vividly depict that journey.

Viking’s Tarot- features and specifications

Llewellyn Publications manufactured this deck on August 8, 2003. It appears in English and Spanish languages and has 78 cards. The deck weighs 8.3 ounces and has a dimension of 2.5*1*3.75 inches.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • This enables you to look up additional information if desired.
  • Some of the images are pretty graphic.
  • The characters are not as busy as those in other decks.
  • This is a fantastic way to incorporate God’s culture into your readings.
  • They are well-drawn, allowing us to incorporate culture into any readings.
  • Few keywords provided for each card severely limit interpretations.
  • These characters appear to be much rawer.
  • The artwork is stunning, and they have the most excellent tarot deck.


  • The cards depict various gods and heroes from the Norse pantheon.
  • The cards are stunning, and the artist’s depiction of the various suits is superb.
  • It includes a small booklet briefly explaining the characters on each card.


  • It doesn’t have any negative side yet.

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In conclusion, the Vikings Tarot Deck is a beautifully illustrated deck that offers a unique approach to tarot reading. Combining Viking mythology and tarot symbolism creates a fascinating user experience. Whether you are a tarot enthusiast or a fan of Viking culture, this deck is worth checking out. With its detailed and vibrant artwork, it’s easy to see why it has become a popular option for those seeking to investigate the mysteries of the tarot.

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