Bipolar disorder and Suicide prevention

Bipolar disorder is a severe, recurrent mood disorder. One of the major dreadful symptoms of bipolar disorders the tendency for suicide. It is believed that around 10-20% of bipolar disorder patients take their own life and nearly a third of the patients admit to at least one suicide attempt.

Prone to suicide

The leading cause of these suicide tendencies is depression which is associated with bipolar disorder patients. The feeling of hopelessness, inability to do things independently and poor communication skills lead them to take their own lives.

Bipolar patients tend to have the habit of using illicit drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse combined with depression increases the risk of suicide tremendously.

A family history of suicide attempts also increases the risk factor for suicide in bipolar disorder patients.

The research conducted shows that the most vulnerable time for attempted suicide is two years following a hospitalization, seven to twelve years after the onset of the disease, and before the age of 35.

Treatment for bipolar disorder and Suicide

If your loved ones show any suicidal tendencies, it is important to get immediate and effective treatment. The first step in suicide treatment is identifying the threat. These are warning signs for suicide:

  • Constant talking about death.
  • Making comments about being hopeless, helpless, and worthless.
  • Worsening depression.
  • Sudden mood switches.
  • Losing interest in things that used to be of great interest or enjoyment.

The next step is to provide all the necessary support to the patient. Family members’ support is essential for the patient to get rid of suicidal tendencies.

Always try to tell them that they are important in the family. Then, as early as possible, bring the patient to the doctor that provides that treatment for bipolar disorder.

After verifying the condition, if the doctor suggests any counseling, it is important to get the patient proper counseling.


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