Do Tarot Cards Bring Bad Spirits? Expert’s View

Do Tarot Cards Bring Bad Spirits? No one can deny that Tarot cards are very effective, used by many people to make decisions, and they can be effective for many uses. But, if you’re using the cards for divination, you better be careful of what kind of bad spirits you invite with your reading.

Tarot cards work on different topics depending on the situation. It isn’t easy to understand when a person’s life goes through a situation. Everyone’s opinions, beliefs, expressions, behaviors, perceptions, mindsets are different. In this case, the creation of different opinions among many people on a subject, in the same way, that tarot cards create different curiosities and beliefs among people.

What do spirits mean? 

The spirits are the embodiment of a feeling or belief among human beings. It makes us realize that something is a sensory experience and that the larger we are, the more we are part of it, the cosmic or divine nature.

What are some examples of the spirits?

Sometimes some people try to connect with the spirit world through tarot cards. However, many fail, and many succeed. But many times, trying to connect with good spirits can lead to connections with bad spirits. There are some examples by which we can learn about the spirits. Such as:

  • Pray daily with spirit tarot cards.
  • In contrast to the living, i.e., physical or mundane, which is invisible, untouchable but prone to perception and anxiety for invisibility.
  • Some spiritual character, quality, or nature.

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What is a bad spirit?

Bad spirits are spirits that come with the purpose of harm. That is, the motives of bad spirits are always bad. Bad spirits have the power to destroy everything, not in the slightest, but anger. Bad spirits are very difficult to control. So not everyone can deal with Bad spirits. Not everyone has that ability.

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Can bad spirits be brought with tarot cards?

If someone tries to bring evil spirits to tarot readers with the help of spirit tarot decks, maybe evil spirits can come. However, it may not always be what the reader wants. He can be brought there only if the souls agree. Many tarot readers are engrossed in trying to figure out how to bring spirits by reading tarot cards. Maybe a few readers have succeeded.

Here, I am referring to my 9 friends who are experts and tarot readers. We will know their opinion about is tarot cards bring bad spirits.

Kassandra Sojourner, Scientist of Accurate Science (2018-present)

This is how I look at it. The individual cards on a tarot deck represent forces and situations. For example, the star represents the power of grace – incompetent, accepting conditions. The five swords represent a situation where there is a struggle, and the word can particularly hurt one.

How do readers communicate with spirits while reading cards?

Reading cards is not just called “spirits,” although some psychologists can communicate with spirits through cards. I believe that the main arcana represents a force that is greater than us as individuals.

I read them as a force that came to work with you and teach you. You have many choices about how you will react to the energy you represent, but they will communicate with you regardless of your wishes. I don’t see forces as “spirits,” but forces within nature that work with us in our personal journeys.

Keira Lynn, MS Psychology (2019)

Absolutely. That’s what you’re doing. You are entering a demonic force that is not demonic. These spirits know things because they have been around since they fell from heaven, which is why people with mental readings or tarot cards often have the right truth, but these souls have limited knowledge. The only Lord God has all knowledge and is the creator of life.

The soul that you are attracted to is not of God but darkness. They cause division, destruction, confusion, despair, sadness, frustration, anxiety and take you further away from God.

Elizabeth White, Medical Care Assistant at Private Employer (2013 – present).

It is a religious myth that prevents people from using any kind of prophecy. Tarot cards play cards such as printed paper. None of their powers or spirits are attached to them.

However, I know a few who do not feel comfortable using them for reading, which can happen if they resemble religious guilt. Then they can probably believe that reading is bad. The truth is that tarot card reading is just a pastime. Not to communicate with the soul or to manage your life.

Patrick Spencer, reading practice.

Tarot cards cannot attract spirits on their own. The meditative state that the card reader adopts can attract spirits.

When I do tarot and tension cards for myself or others, I like to sit before I start and listen to some quiet music to focus my mind; I light a candle. The type of candle cane flame is used as a guide to the soul’s presence during meditation.

So it has nothing to do with the card, but the power and presence of the reader can be felt while reading the spirit tarot card.

I hope this helped you a little!

Juna MadroneTarotist, Priestess, magic (2000-present)…


Any one of the spirits of tarot reading or oracle art can attract – ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ This is why it is so important to work with prophetic tools with caution, respect, and prayer.

Also, if you feel that you cannot read on your own, you want to be careful and choose a tarot reader to read. So at that time, you find a holy person – who is not a gypsy practitioner,  or someone who projects a shiny personality, or who is obviously wary of money for it. Be

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Afshen Khan, former writer and tarot card reader.

My answer is ‘no.’

The purpose of tarot cards is not to attract the spirits of miraculous creatures. It provides guidance and advice to people. Tarot readers are the medium between the card and the seeker. Tarot card readers work on their willpower, knowledge of tarot, and insight. They are not special people.

Chris Meadows works for Teletech Products and Services.

This is something that you really have to decide for yourself. Tell me not to believe. They can help you come into contact with subconscious thoughts and attitudes, such as an illustrated version of the Rosacea ink stain, but there is nothing supernatural – so there is no need to arouse spirits.

That’s just my opinion, of course. If you believe in the supernatural, you can believe in something completely different.

Eva Sawer, 24+ years reading tarot T Tucumcari Tarot owner.

The cards themselves can’t, but the person reading them can. Tarot cards are just a tool – cards with 78 beautiful pictures, nothing more. Just as magic is not white or black like itself, practitioners and their motives make the difference.

William La Chenal, a mathematician interested in nonstandard science.

I felt that this required a strong response, with those in power not wanting others to enter power. And throwing dirt into the well. Although what I wrote wasn’t entirely accurate, this is my second correction:

  • Tarot cards do not attract spirits.
  • People with Tarot cards attract spirits.
Do all Tarot readers believe that it is possible to bring bad spirits with Tarot cards?

Not all tarot readers can communicate with such evil spirits. Just like all tarot readers can come to the evil spirit can not believe it with the help of tarot. Many readers have failed in their attempts to bring out evil spirits with the help of the Tarot. In that case, he can only believe that evil spirits cannot be brought with the help of the Tarot. So faith depends entirely on oneself.

If a reader can bring a bad spirit with the help of a tarot, can that spirit do or do any harm to that reader?

Since the reader is addressing the bad spirit, in that case, the spirit can harm if it wants. However, if the reader listens to the reader without any harm because he has called him, it is perfect for the reader. As a result, success in the work that a reader calls bad spirits is more likely to succeed. However, there is no guarantee that all bad spirits will not be harmed.

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If the bad spirit wants to harm the reader, what should the reader do to protect himself from it?
  • Before taking the necessary steps, the reader must take care so that the spirits cannot do any harm before calling the soul. Such as:
  • Knowing about the spirits in advance.
  • Point out the difference between bad and good spirits.
  • To learn about the strengths and weaknesses of spirits.
  • Learning how to control the bad spirits.
  • Knowing the steps that can be taken to control the anger of the spirits.
  • If the spirits want to harm you, know the strategies to survive from there.
  • Arrange in advance so that the spirit cannot be harmed.

With these things in mind, readers should call out the bad spirits. Otherwise, it may be impossible to save oneself immediately if one suffers further damage. 


Tarot cards help people learn about different situations and help them figure out how to deal with future situations. So the situation that he would like to take the help of the Tarot card centered on the situation he will face can be good or bad.

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