What are Some Real Tarot Card Reading Stories? 

Real Tarot Card Reading Stories

Many people do not know what happens when they read Tarot cards. There are always people who are interested in reading tarot cards. They have their own story in reading tarot. Tarot learning books help to read tarot cards accurately. But it is better to explore the instinct meaning of every tarot by checking the artwork and illustration of individual cards. In reading tarot card, every people have more or less experience.

So, we will learn real tarot card reading stories from some of the experts who have implemented tarot cards in their lives.

3 Real Tarot Card Reading Stories

1. David William Lemke (Award-Winning Author for Short Stories and 2 Books)

I was a psychic channel long before I started tarot.

One day my guides told me that I should use Tarotuk to help me organize my answers. So I took a class on intuitive tarot and hunted a deck with offensive images. The book was thrown away (literally) because, as an intuitive reader, I don’t consider what a card means.

I could learn the card layouts, so I pulled the book out of the trash, but I quickly made my own. I draw a large circle and write down the different areas of concern, and I ask the client for the three areas of concern and write them down. Then the client asks me to open my guide and keep his guide open to me as well. I then hand him/her the deck and ask him/her to change the cards with the intention that he/she may be present at the perfect place to read the card. When they are ready, I place six cards at a time in the center and five circles outside each area of concern.

In all of my past, I never feel any problem. It may sound simple, and often it was, but it is also very hard work emotionally and mentally. Over time I tried to avoid reading myself, and it got to the point where I cut back and then stopped. Consider it is burning.

I can trade from time to time, but I probably wouldn’t say unless there is regular reading unless someone is disappointed. I didn’t feel as bad as what you’re referring to. It was a fixed drain.

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2. Stina Garbis, Professional Clarkagnigent Psychic, Tarot Card Specialist 

I have been reading cards my whole life and professionally for the last 26 years. During the session, I used tarot cards. I saw the instant and dramatic transformation of attitude and soul. Not to mention the long-term effects of changing the course completely and getting them on the right path to happiness.

? A good read about how you see your world and how you are conversing with others, and making your mind comfortable can open your mind.

? This is what you need to set up for a better future. Conversations with a psychic can change your life forever.

? I consider them my close friends. Who comes back to me all the time.

For a low-cost experience for the first-time tarot cards experience, you can go to my Facebook page, Psychic Stina, where you can ask a question for free.

3. Poppy Waterman-Smith, Singer-songwriter, Tarot Reader, 

I am 24 years old and very fond of Tarot.

There is some tradition in our family where my aunt whips her every Tuesday after dinner with her tarot cards and a few glasses of vino. They always really surprised me, and the mysterious idea always fascinated me, so about 6 months ago I bought a pack for myself.

Since tarot was just a part-time instinct for me, I usually practiced on myself and close friends; sometimes, after drinking a few drinks, I would try with strangers to challenge myself. I can’t say I have a unique talent for cards. Still, I enjoy it and often create a therapy for an innovation where they can open up and address things normally common in conversation/situations.

However, to reach the real point.

? Several months ago, my mother came home crying for most of the day, experiencing a lot of frustration. I saw him. He was the most stressed and the saddest. It has reached such a stage that if he wants to give his notice before any new semester (university lecturer), he has to make a quick decision.

I believe beyond his doubt that he should be released for his mental health, but he was resistant. I suggested we read a Tarot; something might help!

The win was awesome to read this.

? The continuity of reading was almost ridiculous.

So there are 78 cards in a tarot deck. I also consider reverse meanings, which give 156 possible payouts.

I spread out a standard Celtic cross, each card that came in was centered around the idea of a fresh start, moving forward, engaging in a career that used all of your skills under that skill.

Until the final card (result), each card carries the same amount through all 9 cards –

? Ten swords…

I believe that the tenth card does not necessarily predict the future, but the result is if you continue in the current direction.

At the time, I interpreted this card as a journey back to work, a push-pull/life-ending or death (probably his career) journey into a new path to life.

So, we finished reading there, and I left mam to make her own decision.

He decided to continue his job and not resign, which made me feel uncomfortable with the kids.

? We started reading early in the week (probably Tuesday); that’s the day he decided.

Saturday of the same week, something terrible happened (albeit foolishly). He had an accident while playing the rounder (yes, I know!) And broke his collarbone in 3 places. He had never had a serious accident in his life, so it was completely new and horrible for him.

It completely broke him; he can’t go back to work, his life came to a screeching halt, being a crazy active person didn’t affect him in any other way. The whole thing was just horrible.

I thought I needed to do some more research back to the Ten of the Swords and found this explanation online:

? It often manifests itself as a result of an accident that causes a broken bone or another random injury that makes you feel like you are completely incompetent and broken and destitute. If you’re not injured right now, consider it a healthy precaution to keep an eye on your thoughts, so you don’t make room in your life for being accidentally injured.

Gradually, take time to relax and think before making your next move. Don’t get caught up in the busyness. If anything makes you a victim or a victim of depression regularly, you must treat it as a potential disease or injury, something you must remove from your life immediately before you create it, which you can’t get out of.

Surgery has been mentioned in some other inconsistencies. He had to undergo major surgery to keep the bone in place. I never thought to verify the validity of the card’s health explanation because I thought it would be career-centric.

So what about me..!

I’m an outspoken and relatively superstitious person, but I’m also trying to be realistic and not take things too seriously.

But I couldn’t shake the feeling that this accident was a way for my mom to stop on her tracks, a clear warning of what would happen to this card when you’re constantly ignoring the problems in your life that you regularly ignore.

But hey, it could all be sidewall, and everything in life is full of random events with zero significance or meaning!…


Sometimes reading tarot cards has become a habit of many people, while many people have just learned to read tarot and start working professionally from there. So their real experience is significant for other new tarot card enthusiasts.

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