How to Cleanse Crystals: Complete Review-2022

There are many different varieties of crystals in the world. These crystals work for many purposes. It helps us, motivates us, frees us from sorrows, and keeps us free from danger, negative energies, and so on. Read more below to find out the method on How to cleanse crystals.

Many people, when buying crystals, cleanse them first to ease their mind, body, and soul. They believe that cleansing the crystal regularly returns it to its original state. It also makes the crystal fully charged and cleanses it from dust, and keeps your crystal gleaming.

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How to Cleanse Crystals?

Energy is abundant in our world, but many of us try to get rid of this energy through the use of crystal cleansing. Energy is great in our world, but many of us try to get rid of this energy through the use of crystal cleansing. Crystals are made of pure light energy and can help balance your aura, so it is recommended that you cleanse your crystals every six months. There are many different ways to do this, but some of the most popular methods are:

Fresh Water

Water is used to cleanse all the bad energy accumulated within the stone. Wash your stone under the natural flowing water. Make sure the stone is completely submerged.

Salt Water

Saltwater is also used to clear out all the unwanted energy from the stones. If you live near the sea, you can collect a bowl of saltwater from soaking the stone. Soak it for up to 48 hours and completely submerge it.

Brown Rice

This technique can also be used to draw negatives in a safe and confined environment. This method is very beneficial for protective stones, such as Black Tourmaline. Fill the dried brown rice half in a dish, then bury it under the grain.

Natural Light

This natural light method is used in some specific moments. Put your stone to clean and charge before dusk. This allows your stone to be illuminated by both the moon and the sun. Place your stone straight to the ground to ensure they are not disturbed by wildlife or bystanders wherever they are. After that, wash them to remove dirt and keep it dry.


Sage is a kind of holy herb with several medicinal benefits. This is used to clear any negative vibes and restore its natural vitality. All you need is- A smudging bow, a Lighter, and a bundle of sage.

If you can’t smudge outside, make sure you’re near an open window. This allows the smoke and bad energy to dissipate. When you’re ready, light the sage’s tip with the flame. Transfer the sage to your non-dominant hand, then grab the stone firmly and slide it into the smoke.

Wait 30 seconds for the smoke to cover the stone. If it’s been a long since you’ve cleaned the stone, or you feel it’s retaining a lot, repeat smudging for an extra 30 seconds longer.


A single pitch or tone can be used to wash across an area, putting it into the same vibration as the tone.

Chanting, singing bowls, tuning forks, or even a lovely bell can help with this. No matter what key the sound is, it makes as long as the vibration is strong enough to cover the stone completely.

This method is perfect for collectors with many crystals that are difficult to record or relocate.

Large Stone

Quartz clusters, amethyst geodes, and selenite slabs are effective tools for clearing smaller stones.

Put your stone within or on top of any of these stones. The bigger stone’s vibrations are considered to eradicate the harsh energy contained in the resting stone.

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Smaller Stone

Carnelian, clear quartz and hematite are also known to have a cleansing impact on the body.

Because these stones are usually smaller, you may require more than one to clean other stones properly.

Put the cleaning stones in a shallow bowl, then place the stone you wish to repair on top.


Breathwork is used to cleanse the body. To begin, place the stone in your dominant hand. For a minute, concentrate on your purpose and inhale deeply through your nose. You can raise its vibration by exhaling strong, quick breaths through your nose onto the stone.


Visualization is regarded as the safest stone removal method; it can be daunting for some. It is easier to redirect your energy to the stone you wish to restore if you are in tune with yourself.

Wait for a minute, grounding and centering your energy before picking up your stone and seeing your hands overflowing with white, brilliant light. Feel the light around the rock and become brighter in your palms. Imagine the impurities being cleaned out of the stone, enabling it to shine brighter and with newfound confidence.

Continue this visualization until you notice a change in the stone’s energy.

[Tip] Do not use wet stone after washing it; instead, wait for it to dry.

How to choose a crystal?

You can choose a crystal that suits your purposes in a few different ways. 

?    Choose a crystal that speaks to you- When it comes to one’s intuition, this method is a favorite of everyone. Choose the one that catches your eye. Whether you’re in a room with crystals or browsing online, it sends you a message you’re not even aware of.

?    Pick a crystal according to what you are struggling with – It might be physical or energetic. For example, you might be stressed or struggling with your life or loved ones. You may choose this struggling crystal. It will help you.

?    Choose a crystal that corresponds to your desire. If you want more money, love, job, abundance. You may choose crystals according to these functions.

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How to Activate your Crystal?

If you feel your stone is heavier or has lost its shine, activate it by sending your energy through breath by signing, chatting, or the way you feel is right for you.

You may also take your stone outside to soak up natural energy. Many people find that it gains a powerful effect through being outside.

You can also surround them with more energetic peers. You may also form an activation grid. Popular options are ruby, clear quartz, kyanite, selenite, carnelian, and apophyllite.

You may activate with whatever stone you want. Just make sure it completely surrounds your main crystal to immerse itself in its vibrations.

In summary, the best way to cleanse crystals is with water or salt water or with positive energy or prayers to your deity of choice. If you have a physical method of cleansing crystals you prefer, by all means, use that. I have used light stroking my crystals with feathers and energy healing. I do not believe that any physical cleansing method is superior to another. All cleansing methods I’ve tried have been successful.

In conclusion, the most recommended way to cleanse crystals is by using rainwater, sea salt, and sunlight. If you can’t get to a beach, walking in the woods will do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it necessary to cleanse my new crystals?

Yes, it is necessary to cleanse your crystals when it comes to your possession. It is a natural stone; it may have dust and many other unwanted energies. To completely meet your personal needs, to connect with them for healing and meditation, you need to clean them; otherwise, the relationship will not build with your stone.

Q. How often should I cleanse my stones?

The more often you use the stone, the more often it collects energy from the stone. You may cleanse it whenever you feel needed, but it is ideal for clearing all your stones at least once a month. Moreover, if you feel heavier or not gleaming, you may also cleanse it.

Q. Which is the best method for clearing stones?

Choose the one that resonates with your practice, works best for you, and feels right to you.

Q. How do I know when a stone has been cleansed?

You will know when your stone feels lighter to touch, physically and energetically.


Crystals play a significant role in our lives. It is intertwined with our lives. We utilize these crystals to collect energy to sustain our life’s calm and happiness and realize our aspirations.

So, whatever we are doing with our crystals, we are doing with ourselves as well. All these above methods make us more conscious of our lives with the stones and others.

Q. How should I use a stone?

To the touch, the stone should feel energetically and physically lighter.

Q. What is the best way to find a method that works for you?

You should listen to what feels suitable for you; what works for you may not work for someone else.

Q. Where should I keep my stones?

Keep them near a window or plant to absorb this natural healing energy. Alternately, you can place the stones around your home, office, or other space in a way that aligns with your intentions.

Q. What are the benefits of crystals?

Unlike any other substance on earth, their composition allows them to absorb, cleanse, and release energy at an accelerated pace.

Q. What is the best way to release negative energy?

Any lingering negativity from your crystals will be removed by placing them outside on a Full Moon.

Q. How do I make my saltwater?

Put your crystals gently into a container of lukewarm water. Let the water soak for at least eight hours with about a teaspoon of sea salt added.

Q. How do I care for my crystals?

Your crystals need care, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Crystals can be cared for in many ways, including storing them in a safe, dry place, placing them in a bowl of water to completely dry them out, placing them in a bowl of water, then placing them in a dry bowl, or leaving them in a bowl of water to evaporate over some time slowly. 

Q. What are creative healing crystal products?

Many cultures have used crystals as a source of inspiration, protection, healing, and meditation. Today, they can help you cleanse, energize, recharge, focus, and relax and meditate. Our wide variety of creative healing crystal products includes: amethyst gemstones, rose quartz gemstones, rose quartz flower stones, citrine gemstones, quartz crystal gemstones, and more.

Q. How do I get started with crystals?

Before crystals can work for you, you have to make them your own and “program” them with specific intentions. There are many ways to learn about crystals. You can read books, visit museums or even go to a crystal store. But if you are looking for a fun and easy way to get started with crystals, have a look at this article.

Q. What are the crystals that can cleanse other stones?

Carnelian and clear quartz, two crystals associated with purification, are thought to cleanse other stones.

Q. How can you best cleanse your crystals?

Place any crystals you would like to cleanse on your windowsill to absorb the moon’s energy during the next full moon.

Q. What do you add to a bath?

Add dried sage, basil, or lavender to the bath to enhance its cleansing effects. Leave the stone in the water overnight. You can read this article for more information.

Q. How do I purify my crystals?

It’s easy and safest to purify your crystals by putting them out in the sun or moonlight, and it’s also perfect for any astrology fans out there.

Q. What are the benefits of sunlight?

In sunlight, your crystals get energized, while under a full moon, any impurities are drawn out and cleared away, Chirico says.

Q. What can sound do for your crystal?

By listening to the sound of crystal singing bowls or gongs, you can soothe the sensitive frequencies of your crystals. Lyons says that sound currents can dissolve energetic patterns and release stagnant energy.

Q. What are the maintenance requirements?

As clothes need to be washed after wearing and shelves need to be dusted occasionally, crystals require some spiritual maintenance to be effective healing tools.

Q. How does san sea salt cleanse your crystal stones?

Put the crystals in a shallow bowl of sea salt, partially burying them in the salt.

Q. How does san smoke cleanse your crystal stones?

Using smoke to remove any negative energy your crystals have absorbed is a great way to cleanse your crystals every day, Chirico explains.

Q. How do you cleanse crystals with incense?

Through the process of burning the incense, your personal energy field will also be cleansed. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to cleanse crystals with incense.

Q. How do I use water for stones?

Create a miniature bath for your crystals in a bowl filled with water. Let them soak.

Q. What are the benefits of selenite?

Only selenite does not need to be cleansed. Selenite can be used to recharge and cleanse other crystals as well.

Q. What is earthing?

Grounding is the act of making contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting.

Q. How do you re-activate crystals?

Reconnecting crystals with the earth is an excellent way to enhance and reactivate them. The sun is a perfect way to do this.

Q. How do you use the crystals under the sun?

When the crystals are exposed to the sun for a short period, they are energized in a very powerful way.

Q. What is the benefit of salt?

Negative energy can be dispelled most effectively with salt.

Q. What can I do with my crystal cleansing ritual?

Your Crystal Cleansing Ritual should also be a special one for you.

Q. What are the benefits of water?

While water is a wonderful cleanser for humans, it can damage delicate or soft crystals when used with stones.

Q. What stones can I use in my bath?

You can dedicate a few polished stones like Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, or Lapis to use in your bath, knowing that eventually, their shine may become dull.

Q. What is the Full Moon?

Full moons mark the end of a sacred lunar cycle, and their raw power cannot be overstated.

Q. How can water help crystal cleaning?

Crystals also rejuvenate their healing power in the same way that water does.

Q. Where can I clean my crystal?

Crystals can be cleaned with flowing water from rivers, streams, waterfalls, or the ocean.

Q. What should I do with my crystals to cleanse?

“If the energy seems dull or less ‘alive’ than usual, it probably needs cleaning,” says Rosie.

Q. When is it time to cleanse?

Submerge your crystals in water for at least 2-3 hours, no more than 12 hours.

Q. How do I know if my crystals are safe to use?

You need to develop an intuitive connection with crystals to work with them effectively.

Q. What is your intention?

Intentions are what you desire and project.

Q. What should I do with new crystals?

New crystals should always be cleansed before use – whether purchased at a market or gifted from a friend; you need to ensure that any lingering energy from previous owners or other environments has been removed.

Q. What is smudging?

Smudging is a popular method for purifying crystals and other sources of negative energy. In many cultures, smudging is an ancient cleansing method.

Q. Is it necessary to cleanse your stones?

Rosie says selenites, halites, kyanite, citrine, and carnelian are all self-cleaning stones, only needing cleaning every now and then.

Q. What are the different ways to cleanse?

Burning sage or Palo Santo are excellent methods of clearing crystals and spaces of negative energy, visualization, sound cleansing, burial, or using other stones.

Q. How do I clean my stone?

Rosie also suggests water and salt cleansing methods; “This could involve simply rinsing your stone under fresh or saltwater or popping your crystals on a bed of salt.

Q. How can I get that moon energy?

Popping them on the windowsill is absolutely fine!

Q. What are the benefits of performing this ritual?

The more you spend time respecting your crystals and cleansing them, the more useful they will be to you.

Q. How do I clean my crystals?

Crystals hold the energetic charge of anyone and anything they’ve ever come in contact with.

Q. How do I use water to clean crystals?

It is also possible to soak your crystals for four to five minutes in a stream or under running water. Let them soak overnight or for six hours.

Q. Can saltwater absorb energy?

Some alternative health practitioners, saltwater is believed to absorb unwanted energy.

Q. Do selenite blacks need to be cleansed?

Some healers believe that these crystals don’t need to be cleansed.

Q. What happens to crystal?

They rejuvenate and restore us if we touch them, say a word in their presence, or call on them during a sacred healing session.

Q. What is the best way to clean Selenite?

Instead of using Pure Water or Salt Water Cleanses, you should use other methods to cleanse and charge your Selenite, including Sound Cleanses, Rice Cleanses, Sage Cleanses, and especially Full Moon Cleanses.

Q. What are the benefits of Quartz Amethyst?

Quartz Amethyst are two incredibly powerful stones, and both withstand many forms of contact.

Q. What is the best way to recharge and cleanse Blacks?

For charging and cleansing Black Tourmalines, I recommend Sunlight and Pure Water Cleanses.

Q. What is cleansing a crystal?

Cleansing a crystal generally refers to the extraction of negative energies and the healing of the crystal after prolonged exposure to negative energies. Read: What are the Best Crystals for Cleansing?

Q. What are the different types of energy sources?

Moonlight, saltwater, and sound can also be used to charge crystals.

Q. What is vibration?

Every energy source is a vibration, and vibration both cleans and charges.

Q. Why is cleansing your crystal Important?

Cleaning your crystal is important because it’s essential to maintain its energy. If your crystal is constantly clogged with energetics, you need to cleanse it to keep the crystal’s energy at its best. You must know that crystals have memory before learning how to cleanse them. In response to the people and places they encounter, they absorb the energy around them. The energy accumulates over time.

Q. How do I break in a new crystal?

When you acquire a new crystal, sunlight is an excellent way to break it in.

Q. Can I use the light therapy method?

This method can be used even if your crystals are sensitive to discoloration by the sun (such as rose quartz, amethyst, or amber).

Q. What is Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis lazuli is a soothing crystal used for communication, connection, and peace.

Q. How do I program a crystal?

Visualization does not require any outside materials, and it can also be helpful in programming crystals.

Q. What are the best yoga stones?

Maria Moscato Amethyst, rose quartz, aquamarine.

Q. What should I do with my gemstone?

If you choose to use a healing gemstone, it is important to remember that every stone needs to be cleaned regularly.

Q. How do I use water to stimulate my stones?

Placing your stones directly under natural rainfall for 4 to 5 minutes will rinse and stimulate your stones.

Q. Can sunlight and moonlight clean my gemstone?

Your gemstone can be charged and cleaned by sunlight and moonlight.

Q. How can I use the elements of the earth?

Bury your stones underground for a full day to use the elements of the earth.

Q. What’s the best way to get rid of that clingy feeling?

Cleansing sweeps away all those clingy vibrations and restores the crystal to its natural state.

Q. What are the attributes of crystals?

There are many ways to describe crystals. There are attributes of crystals; crystals are made up of atoms, elements, atoms, etc. For example, “crystal” can also be called “silica” or “sand.” As you can see, “crystal” has many different meanings. Some are more specific than others. A crystal’s natural power and attributes are restored through cleaning and charging.

Q. Is sunlight easy to recharge your cluster?

Yes. You also have to cleanse and recharge your cluster, so maybe the sun is the easiest way!

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