Circadian Light Therapy: End of Sleepless Nights?

Do you know how Circadian Light Therapy works? Ok, then lets on it. The clock says it’s 2 am. Ankita, a 25-year-old entrepreneur, is still awake. She is unable to fall asleep in time for the last couple of days. Also, she is very upset about it. So, she is surfing through the internet and looking for solutions. Have you gone through long, sleepless nights too?

Sleepless nights are common these days. Now that we live in the Covid-19 pandemic, all our work is online-based, which makes it ten times more difficult to fall asleep. As a result, we stay up late nights completing our assignments, office work, or playing games with our friends online. Even during the daytime, we are busy with our electronic devices as it has become an inevitable necessity.

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Even when it comes to the kids, they also find it really difficult to sleep sometimes because they spend a lot of time on the blue light screens using the phone, computer, laptop, electronic devices, or watching television. Kids growing in the urban area find it more difficult to get the sun rays as they stay indoors. Because of such habits, it is difficult for them to fall asleep on time.

“Circadian light therapy” can be a great solution for it.

The science behind our sleeping struggles:

The blue light makes it hard for us by stimulating sunlight’s effects, and thus the sleep hormone does not work in time. Our young generation is the victim of it, and they stay awake late hours on computer games instead of sleeping.

This blue wavelength light messes up the circadian rhythm by pushing it back, and it delays our sleeping regular sleep. It is called Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome and other forms of insomnia. It also hampers anyone’s daily routine- they fall asleep late, wake up late, stay tired the whole day, and not perform their regular tasks properly.

Depression or anxiety can be another cause of sleeping difficulties. People suffering from anxiety cannot sleep properly, which gives them more tension later, their body gets anxious, and the sleeping cycles get disturbed.

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What is Circadian Light Therapy?

Circadian light therapy or Bright Light Therapy is a practice of sitting under the bright light for 30 to 60 minutes each morning. The brightness can be 10,000 lux or higher- it helps to regulate the Circadian rhythms. We feel energized and get better moods when Circadian rhythms are in sync. It’s very effective for those who suffer from depression. But for safety measures, one should consult with a therapist before getting this therapy. If you want to get a popular and top-rated circadian light list from then CHECK FROM AMAZON. From Amazon, you will get the best light therapy lamps at a comfortable price.

Why do we need Circadian Light Therapy?

Our body cells maintain a rhythm with nature- with the rising and the sun setting, our body also maintains a timing to release the sleeping hormones. It is the Circadian rhythm that ensures our timetable for sleeping and waking up in the morning naturally.

The whole process is disturbed for many reasons, and that when we need Bright Light Therapy. How the sunlight helps our body feel more active, light lamps do exactly the same. It helps us to fix our Circadian rhythm so that we can get some good sleep at night.

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Is it good and helpful for kids?

It is safe for kids and teens and also very effective. It helps to cut down the prescribed medicines. However, it can cause some side effects like dry eyes, headaches, which are commonly seen. It is best to get natural sunlight in the morning, but one can also use lamps to maintain the proper instructions. Kids should sit a bit far from the source of light, and the whole therapy can be cut down in shorter periods to avoid the side effects.

Practicing bright light therapy can help your child:

  • To improve sleep
  • Maintain better behavior
  • Good performance in school
  • Decrease dependence on medications

Before applying this therapy to kids, parents must first consult with a therapist and follow the instructions properly.

Healthy sleeping habits are the keys to lead a healthy life- only a healthy diet and exercise are not enough! To fix your sleeping habits with the help of Circadian Light Therapy today.


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