Animal Totem Tarot Deck Review (Pros & Cons)

Animal Totem Tarot Deck

If you are wondering what the animal totem tarot card is and where to start learning how to read it, this article is for you. The animal totem tarot card is a fascinating and revealing topic for all tarot card readers.

This post is dedicated to providing a wide range of animal totem tarot card reviews & interpretations, as described by author Leeza Robertson and illustrated by artist Eugene Smith.

Tarot, or more technically, an oracle of the tarot, is much more than a tool for divination. The tarot is a link to our past, present, and future and provides a connection to our animal totems and guides.

See, our animals may not physically be with us, but they are still with us, they keep us safe, and they guide us. I have explored the animal guides of the tarot and compiled them into one book.

We have provided the details on the Animal Totem Tarot in the article. Check them out below.

Animal Totem Tarot
  • Robertson, Leeza (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Animal totem tarot card meanings:

There are many symbols used in the tarot, and their meanings are not just obvious. It’s not an easy task to determine the meanings of the cards solely from their pictures.

There are many different kinds of animal totems, but some of the most popular are:

Bear –  You are strong, confident, and determined. You are a leader who takes charge of situations and is not afraid to make big decisions. You are also a go-getter who is not afraid to express your emotions and feelings.

Bird –  You are creative, free-thinking, and an interesting person to be around. You are a person who is very curious about the world and loves to learn new things about it.

Camel –  You are patient and slow to anger. You are understanding and thoughtful. You tend to have a calm demeanor.

Crow –  You are a person who is often misunderstood and misled.

About Author:

The deck author Lisa Robertson is a member of Quantum Wealth coaching, a luxury brand that helps seven entrepreneurs reconnect with their passions, goals, and missions, eliminate burnout and excitement, and transform them into influence and legacy.

Eugene Smith is a born illustrator. He grew up in California and now lives in Chicago, IL. His works appear in books, editorials, tarot cards, and educational graphic novels. He lives with his lovely wife, two children, and a strange dog.

Animal Totem Tarot  Cards Deck Review:

This deck was created by the authors Leeza Robertson and Eugene Smith. This deck journeys into the realm of the animals and discovers the messages that await in spirit.

Animal totems are powerful merges and guide for those who want to connect with their abundant energy. Swimming up or down, crawling with the earth, or calling in silent shadows- all creatures have their own spiritual lessons and insights to help you on your way.

In all their grace and wild beauty, the animals possess knowledge beyond words. Let them talk in your deepest part.

Animal Totem Tarot- features and specifications:

The Llewellyn publications published this deck on March 08, 2016. It comes in the English language and has 384 pages of a guidebook. It includes a dimension of 5.25*0.25*8.25 inches.

  • The deck features its journey into the realm of animals and discovers its messages.
  • It provides us all the creature’s own spiritual lessons and helps to insight us.
  • The book information is beautifully written, and the cards themselves are stunning with the artwork.
  • The book that accompanies the deck is interesting and stands on its own as another resource in interpreting the cards.
  • The deck contains a sturdy magnetic closure box containing the instructions book and the absolutely gorgeous cards.
  • Its art is incredible, and its colors are bright but earthy.
  • The backs of the cards are equally pretty as the fronts.
  • The images are beautiful, and the cards are of decent size.

Previous User’s Experience:

  • The deck of the illustrations is beautiful, and its book is thorough and well written.
  • The deck concepts and its illustrator came out nicely.
  • Each of the tarot cards is assigned an animal totem, and the meanings are connected to the arcanas.
  • The deck includes a huge book as a guidebook that describes the cards along with the animals.
  • The quality of the book and the printing of the deck is gorgeous.
  • The deck is highly recommended for the animal lover as it is like a tarot/oracle card combined.
  • Some users claimed that they seem difficult to explain the card meanings.
  • The deck of the card images is unique, and the description offers everything.
  • Some user’s claimed that its guidebook is too difficult to find the card.
  • The deck included a thoroughly shuffled box with inverted cards, and some of the back pages had water damage.
  • The card is easy to handle and slides perfectly.
  • Some users claimed that the card’s quality is not good. It is slightly bent when shuffling it and doesn’t slide as it should.
  • The deck guides us and connects with their powerful, abundant energy.
  • The deck provides all the creature’s lessons and helps us to insight through them.
  • Each card meaning is provided they are assigned with animals.
  • The deck contains a sturdy box, and the guidebook provides all the relevant details of the deck.
  • The deck of the card is hard to shuffle, but it can get better while using it a lot.


The animal totem tarot card is one of my favorite cards in the deck. Each animal has a unique meaning, and the interpretations are either very literal or very metaphorical. So, we hope that you have understood all the details on the Animal Totem Tarot that we have provided in the article. If you are an animal lover, go for this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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