Divine Dog Wisdom Cards Deck: Real Review

Self-improvement is not a bad word, but it does have a negative connotation by some. When people think of “self-improvement,” they think of “self-punishment” or “self-loathing.” That’s not what we’re talking about at Divine Dog Wisdom Cards.

We want you to be mindful of your progress, try new things, and be better than you were yesterday. Our goal is to help you see your dog as the wonderful creature he is and become a well-rounded person.

We have provided the details on the Divine Dog Wisdom Cards in the article. Check them out below.

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards Meaning:

The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards are full of messages from our furry friends, wise sayings, and special insights into our lives.

These cards are a guide to help us on our way to more joy, peace, and prosperity in our lives.

The cards are based on the principle that we can gain wisdom from our dogs by talking to them and learning from them through their behavior.

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards
  • Barbara J. Horn (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

The author Randy Croucher created this Divine dog deck; Ed.D. is a writer, personal trainer, host, and coach. Helping individuals and organizations discover their passions and achieve their ultimate goals.

His work as an organizational change consultant and entrepreneur, and small business coach made many aspects of his life possible. The country and human beings strive to strive for others, doing their best while having fun.

Barb Horn, BS, MBS is a CHT certified hypnotherapist, personal trainer, motivational speaker, retreat leader, facilitator, retreat and seminar creator; he helps individuals and non-profit organizations regain stories of strength, healing money, and fulfilling their dreams.

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards Review

This deck was created by the author Randy Crutcher, Barb Horn, and Teresa Shishim. This wisdom card is designed to inspire and delight you while providing you with meaningful guidance for your day and life.

62 unique cards depict universal themes such as passion, purpose, balance, collaboration, and many more.

This deck and its accompanying guidebook work with fun, even deeper insightful, and stunningly beautiful hearts of the user. Anyone who likes a great deck of knowledge and especially those who understand that dogs are a constant and relentless source of unconditional love.

A final and memorable gift for yourself or someone else. It is a gift they will use forever.

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards- Features and specifications:

This deck was published by the EnlightenEd; LLC; first edition on August 15, 2017. The deck has an English Language and has 144 pages of guidebooks. It weighs 1.25 pounds and has 4.4*1.6*6.1 dimensions of inches.

  • The deck features it is designed to inspire and delight by giving meaningful guidance.
  • It included a guidebook that is deeper, insightful, and stunningly beautiful.

Previous User’s Experience:

  • The deck of the cards is larger than the standard tarot deck.
  • The appearance of the cardstock is thick and coated.
  • The deck guidebook is well written and easy to understand.
  • Some user’s claimed that some of the cards were missing while ordering them.
  • The deck is beautifully illustrated and straightforward.
  • The deck of the cards is in nice size and great quality card stock.
  • The book features in the guidebook are that each card provides a section called “Another Bone to Chew On,” which are prompts to work with or a Specific exercise to do to deepen the meaning and teaching of the card for our own life.
  • The deck provides amazon insight; they are fun, playful, and beautiful.
  • The cards of the box are as strong as if they were made of wood. Every corner is furnished beautifully, and the outer layer is smooth and pristine.
  • The deck of the cards is sturdy but not stiff or clunky.
  • The deck of the book is paper-bound but not like a pamphlet. Instead, it is of the square, solid binding.
  • The deck is of beautiful quality and has amazing artwork, and its book goes with the wisdom cards that do indeed contain infinite wisdom.
  • The deck is beautifully designed and inspired us through the Divine wisdom of dogs.
  • The deck provides us meaningful guidance and helps us to gain insight.
  • Its guidebook provides information that is well and simply easy to understand.
  • The deck of its cards comes along with two three-word sentences.
  • Its box and cards are sturdy and are easier to shuffle.
  • Some previous buyers feel troubled that they don’t provide all of the cards.


The Divine Dog Wisdom Cards is a set of free tarot cards for exploring the meaning behind a dog’s behaviors and emotions. Each card has a quote from an animal, spiritual leader, or veterinarian on the important lessons dogs can teach us about ourselves. This book is a collection of cards that can help you connect with the Divine Dog. So, we hope that you have got all the details on the cards deck that we have provided in the article. Then, feel free to choose the deck.

Happy Shopping.

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