Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin Review & Guide

The Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin is a lovely, high-quality deck of cards. The tin protects and preserves the cards well, and the deck itself, though the images are relatively simple, provides a good learning opportunity. This is not just a “deck of cards to draw with,” but a deck of cards is also a learning tool.

You will be surprised that the tarot cards come in a tin. The unique tin is designed to hold tarot cards. A tin with a secret compartment for your other secrets. The tin’s lid is small enough to fit in your purse. The tin’s strap is long enough to wrap around your wrist. Also, tin’s symbology is reassuring on life’s journey.


The deck is assembled by the author Barbara Walker.

Barbara Walker In A Tin
  • G. Walker, Barbara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin Review

Barbara Walker’s Tarot combines religious and pagan symbols worldwide to create a unique feminist perspective on tarot. The mythological gods and goddesses are depicted on the Court Cards. The appearance of the card back design is red, black, and white because they are universally recognized as the colors of the original feminine Trinity and represent three phases Virgin, Mother, and Crone.

Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin- features, and specifications

U.S. Games Systems Inc.; Tcr Crds/P edition manufactured this deck on January 14, 2017. It is written in the English language and has 144 pages of cards. The deck weighs 7.2 ounces and has a dimension of 3*1.25*4.5 inches. It features,

  • Includes 78 pocket-sized cards with English keywords and a 48-page booklet.

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Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • It’s a great size, and it’s delightfully dark and strange.
  • The cards are brimming with fascinating mythology.
  • It comes with a small booklet of 46 pages with no pictures or much content.
  • The card stock in this deck is of poor quality.
  • This deck is extremely dark and intimidating.
  • It’s easy to read, and there’s a lot of information on them.
  • This deck strikes a fascinating balance of light and dark, serenity and repulsion, love and fear.
  • Card stock is similar to standard playing cards, which shuffle elegantly.
  • The keywords on the cards are beneficial, particularly for beginners.


  • Beautiful deck with many symbols of the divine feminine.
  • They shuffle well, have a nice matte finish, and appear very durable.
  • It’s easy to see how dark and gloomy this deck is.
  • Card size is ideal for travel.
  • The tin keeps them far safer than a bag or tuck box could.


  • Small but effective.

In conclusion, the Barbara Walker Tarot in a Tin provides the reader with a complete 78-card deck, an instructional book, and a beautiful tin box for storage and display. The cards have a rich, velvety finish and a sturdy, curved card stock. The decks are reasonably priced, and they offer excellent value.

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