Spiral Tarot Deck Review & Buying Guide

Tarot readers everywhere are eagerly awaiting the release of a new tarot deck from artist Tatiana Maslany. The Spiral Tarot Deck by Tatiana Maslany is a stunning deck, as art goes. The cards feature a simple, modern design with a gorgeous black and gold spiral pattern, and the colors used for the major arcana cards are bright, vibrant, and eye-catching.

The Spiral Tarot Deck is a stunning deck of 78 cards, each with a unique spiral motif. The cards are only slightly larger than a standard playing card, so if you’re looking for something you can use for tarot readings and other mystical pursuits, this deck is an ideal choice.

Spiral Tarot Deck Meaning

The spiral tarot deck can be associated with several different symbols and meanings. These tarot symbols represent the metaphysical world and the different energies on our planet. Tarot cards have special readings that help you understand your life path. This deck’s characters each relate to another area of life.


Kay Steventon created this deck.

Spiral Tarot Deck
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Spiral Tarot Deck Review

A beautifully illustrated mythical tarot deck that employs ancient Celtic wisdom to delve into the mysteries of the subconscious. It’s a relatively traditional Rider Waite. The deck has a beautiful design and a spiritually enhanced meaning.

The Spiral Tarot deck is no ordinary Tarot deck. At first glance, it looks more like a gorgeously illustrated coloring book than a deck of playing cards. The deck comes packaged in a red cardboard box; since the cards are unsleeved, it stands out in a way other decks do not.

Each card is printed on both sides and is adorned with intricate artwork, with many cards having a matte finish. Additionally, the Spiral Tarot is an interactive deck. Each card has a spiral hole, and once you apply the included card protector, you can play with it like a xylophone.

Spiral Tarot Deck- features and specifications

The Spiral Tarot offers a fresh, unique take on a classic art form. The deck combines traditional symbolism with subtle, contemporary art to create a deck that will appeal to both tarot enthusiasts and newcomers to the art. The Spiral Tarot offers insightful, meaningful readings and exciting new ways to interpret the cards.

U.S. Games Systems Inc. manufactured this deck on September 1, 1998. It is available in the English language and has 78 pages of cards. It comes with a weight of 8 ounces and has a 2.76*1.18*4.33 dimension of inches.

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Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • It’s simple, but it’s enough to entice you to read the cards.
  • The box has minor damage, including small tears and bends in a couple of corners.
  • They are all lovely and perfectly suited to the messages they convey.
  • In small hands, this is the ideal size for shuffling.
  • The deck is lusciously vibrant and full of rich color.
  • The illustrations are accurate and easy to read.
  • Card stock is a good choice because it is easy to shuffle.
  • This has a matte finish and is not sticky.
  • The colors are extremely vibrant.
  • The artwork is painted and is both beautiful and traditional.
  • Card stock is excellent.
  • It is thin and shiny, but it appears to be strong.
  • Cards shuffle well, don’t stick together, and slip easily.


  • The cards have a multicolored border.
  • A lovely, colorful, and gentle tarot.
  • It includes a lot of information about each card, such as astrology and so on.
  • These cards are stunning, with lovely feminine energy.
  • They were simple to understand, colorful, and easy to shuffle.


  • Their meaning is not explained further in the small book.

The illustrations are lovely, and while some of the cards are a bit wobbly, the quality of the cards is outstanding. If you like traditional tarot, you’ll like this deck. If you like tarot, you’ll not love this deck.

In closing, the Spiral Tarot is an elegant deck that makes you stop and look before you draw. The color imagery is seductive, and the symbolism is subtly potent. The cards, when drawn, unfold meanings that tap into the unconscious, making this deck a gem for the serious tarot reader and, perhaps, a perfect gateway into the rich tradition of tarot imagery.

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