Beneath The Moon Tarot Card Deck–100% Real Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Beneath The Moon Tarot Card Deck Reviews

Beneath the Moon is a Tarot Deck based upon the story of Beneath the Moon, a Japanese tale of a pretty girl who marries a handsome prince but has a terrible secret. The beautiful girl is, in fact, a demon who is not really human; the handsome prince is actually the moon god, and the crazy story is what the moon god did to her to teach her how not to be a demon, which is to hide her beautiful face and beautiful voice.

In Beneath the Moon, Yoshi Yoshitani shares her extensive knowledge on the history and meaning of fairy tales, myths, and divine stories from around the world, as well as their traditions, their role in our lives, and how they can be used to help us learn more about ourselves.

The Beneath The Moon Tarot Card Deck is one of the most popular card decks in the world. It is a modern re-imagining of the traditional Tarot Cards, now called the Beneath The Moon Tarot Card Deck. Modern readers have found that the use of symbolism and archetypes on the cards in the Beneath. The Moon Tarot Card Deck provides a deeper and more powerful reading than other Tarot Card decks.

Beneath The Moon Tarot Meanings:

The term Beneath the Moon is derived from The Moon card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. The Moon card is often referred to as the goddess of the night, as it can symbolize anything from a period of rest (during which we may consider the future) to being connected to a higher purpose.

Beneath the Moon is the second installment of the Beneath the Moon series, and like the first installment, it was designed by the one and only Yoko. The book follows the same structure as the first installment: the spreads are broken down and explained, then there are interstitial spreads, and finally a selection of images from the book.

Beneath The Moon Tarot Card Deck-The Fairy Tales, Myths, and Divine Stories Review

Of the forty-eight divinity stories around the world, the legend is the popular Yoshi Yoshitani. She is one of the creators of the powerful and universal revision of mythology. Everyone admired the artist Yoshi Yoshitani with an exemplary portrait.


In this collection of fairy tales and folktales narrated from cultures worldwide, we learn favorite fairy tales, cultural legends, ancient myths. In this way, we become acquainted with stories shared between many cultures and generations.

The book of this story is fascinating because some inspirational deities have been brought back to life. Dozens more are here: Jack and the Beanstalk (England), Rapunzel (Germany), Sleeping Beauty (Italy), San God Ra ( Egypt), Crane Wife (Japan), Our Lady Of Guadalupe (Mexico).

Less well-known stories introduce characters such as the volcanic goddess Perel from Hawaii, the powerful and resilient Yenenenga, the mother of the Mossi people of Burkina Faso, the wise and powerful King Mwindo of the Nayanga people. The repetitive themes of overcoming adversity and love in various ways, overcoming evil, and seeking companionship are woven into this whole collection.

Each of Yoshi Yoshitani’s stories is lash and lively; her art style is fresh and unique, it has diverse and multicultural characters, both of which will appear in contrast to a related image.

It was published on September 1, 2020, by Ten Speed Press. It is formed in the English language. Moreover, its weight is 1.19 pounds with a dimension of 6.23*0.73*9.76 inches.

The Divine Stories Provides:

Beneath the Moon is a deck of 78 cards that are inspired by a collection of Japanese fairy tales and myths. The deck appears to be a mixture of Yin/Yang duality and traditional symbolism and is very different from most decks on the market. Through the use of Court cards, the author has created many unique interpretations of the different tales, and the images of the cards have been designed to give an impression of Japanese imagery.
  • The Hardcover of this book is 176 pages which include various interpretations of the story.
  • It is composed in the English language illustrated version very perfectly.
  • The paper & print quality of this storybook is stunning. Even the colors are so bright and vibrant.
  • This collection of Yoshi Yoshitani stories serves as a small window into different cultures. She created this book differently because many readers will love the new discovery.
  • It’s a fantastic little book, including a work of art that is admirable.
  • It is a book that can easily stand alone as a small book of folklore around the world.
  • It’s quick and easy to read because each story is organized on one page.
  • It is intertwined with different communities, cultures, and religious stories that make people curious about their religion, culture, etc.
  • It is spread all over the world to represent different cultures.
  • This storybook is, for the most part, very suitable for young children.
  • The storybook is great but very dense hardcover.
  • The storybook is slightly smaller than 6×10 in size.
  • Each card is not very extensive on a few pages, but a full explanation is displayed on the whole page.


Beneath the Moon is the second volume of a series becoming the mystical tarot of the future. A famous artist draws each card’s artwork, and the corresponding explanation contains an essay on the meaning of each card. We hope that every detail given in the article has flooded your mind and you can buy this book without any hesitation. Even if you read the book, you will surely be satisfied.

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