7 Best Crystals for Grief & Loss in 2024

Best Crystals for Grief & Loss

When someone experiences a loss, they may want to speak to the ones who are gone. However, finding a way to express their grief can be a struggle. Some people find comfort in conversing with their deceased loved ones, while others find solace in healing crystals. We have provided the 7 Best Crystals for Grief in the article.

It is difficult when a loved one dies, and many people struggle. Grief and loss are reactions to the death of someone close to you, but they are also a normal part of life. Crystals are used in healing and treatments, which are natural and safe.

Quartz crystals have long been considered one of the best tools to help heal after a loss. In addition to its healing powers, quartz provides many other benefits, such as protection, healing, and grounding. Quartz is also the only element of the Earth’s aura that is considered to be alive.

 7 Best Crystals for Grief & Loss

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1. ARTISTONE 2pcs Natural Polished Red Carnelian Chakra Thumb Stone Reiki Healing Crystals:

Artistone Red Carnelian Agate Crystal Thumb Worry Stone for...
  • Worry stone (Palm stones,Thumb stones,Chakra stones) are...
  • Red carnelian worry stone can calm anger and grounds you in...

This is Artistone 2 pcs Carnelian healing stones. It is a pocket-size natural polished red carnelian Chakra thumb stone reiki healing crystals worry stones used for anxiety and stress-relieving also includes a gift box.

Carnelian is a great healing stone for those going through grief. Carnelian is a warm, soothing flame that can ward off demons. This stone is exceptional at balancing energy and giving us a sense of security, safety, and strength.

It is also a stone that connects to the spirit world, so sharing it with our ancestors may ease those overwhelming feelings of loss and dread.

Carnelian Chakra Thumb Stone- features and specifications:

Artistone contrived this product. It comes with a weight of 5 ounces and has 1.6*0.06*2 dimensions of inches. It first came out on August 24, 2020. Moreover, It features,

  • The stone’s appearance is smooth, polished, and has a thumb shape.
  • The stone arrived with a pocket size of 1.6*2 inches.
  • The stones vary slightly in color, size, and weight as they are natural.
  • The product includes a gift box for storing the stone.
  • They are unique and ideal for personal gifts.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • These Carnelian stones aid in anxiety reduction.
  • Certain purchasers asserted that the product they received did not match the photograph. The finished product was a very dull black/gray color.
  • According to some buyers, the packaging is inadequate.
  • Carnelian stones are quite lovely, and they are solid, smooth, and have the familiar thumbprint that anxious thumbs can grasp and rub for relief.
  • Each stone is unique and features a gray-green mottled pattern with a semi-gloss shine and a red cross pattern.
  • The stone is ideal for giving gifts to children still reeling from previous years’ anxiety.
  • The stones arrive in a lovely gift box; they are well packaged, the quality is excellent, and the stone is simply stunning.
  • Carnelian stones are stunning, have a slightly larger smooth surface, and are extremely easy to work with.
  • The stones are lovely, smooth, and nearly identical to photographs.
  • Carnelian is a stone that aids in the dispelling of negativity.
  • It aids in resolving anger and serves as a reminder of universal, unconditional love.
  • Carnelian contributes to the stimulation of action and resolve.
  • This stone is beneficial in treating lower back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression.
  • It maintains kidney function and accelerates bone and ligament healing.
  • It aids in vitamin and mineral absorption while ensuring that organs and tissue receive an adequate blood supply.
  • The product is slightly distinct from the photo and doesn’t come as they explained.

2. ROCKCLOUD Healing Crystal Natural Rose Quartz Heart Stone:

Rockcloud Healing Crystal Natural Rose Quartz Heart Love...
  • 1x puff hearts,polished,smooth,hand carved,vary slightly in size and...
  • Pocket Stones--Weights 2.3 ounces/piece;Approx 1.6 inches Wide,1 inche...

Rockcloud healing crystal natural rose quartz heart love carved palm worry stone. Rose Quartz is a high-vibrational gem that promotes compassion and calm.

Rose Quartz is comforting when going through the stages of grief. It’s especially useful when guilt and self-blame can flood your soul during the bargaining stage. Rose Quartz gently reminds you to love yourself.

ROCKCLOUD Healing Crystals- features and specifications:

Rockcloud contrived this product. It comes with a weight of 11.2 ounces and has product dimensions of 2.5*2.5*1. It features,

  • Each piece is 2.3 ounces and 1.6 inches wide by 1 inch thick.
  • Puff Hearts are ideal for carrying, wrapping, and pacing daily in grids or anywhere else you wish.
  • They are smooth, polished, hand-carved, and puff hearts that make extraordinary one-of-a-kind personal gifts.
  • Arrive at a person full of positive energy and free of negative vibrations.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Crystals are attractive as decorative items and contain spiritual and emotional energy.
  • These rose quartz crystals are stunning, and the size is perfect, but some of the colors are too dark.
  • Its lovely color makes it ideal for decorating or giving as a gift for any occasion.
  • They are substantial, larger, attractive, and extremely smooth.
  • It instills a sense of tranquillity in our body, mind, and spirit.
  • According to some buyers, this stone is predominantly calcite with a trace of lapis lazuli. Unfortunately, it is a Lapis of the lowest quality.
  • Some buyers claim this color is nearly invisible and appears glass.
  • This crystal helps you find peace and balance after a previous relationship.
  • It promotes mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Its healing stone will help you open up to your true soulmate.
  • Rose Quartz also aids in self-acceptance.
  • It gives you the confidence to accept and love yourself fully.
  • The colors of some of the stones are extremely dark and do not match the photographs.

3. FEKUAR Natural Rhodonite Crystal Thumb Worry Stone:

Fekuar Natural Rhodonite Crystal Thumb Worry Stone, Hand...
648 Reviews
Fekuar Natural Rhodonite Crystal Thumb Worry Stone, Hand...
  • Package: 1 Pc. Size: approx 1.8" long x 1.5" wide x 0.3" thick (48 x...
  • Hand-carved Worry Stone: reiki healing gemstone carved in water drop...

A Fekuar natural Rhodonite crystal is also called a thumb worry stone. In addition, it is a hand-carved healing crystal Teardrop pocket stone for anxiety stress relief meditation.

Pink Rhodonite can also help you digest shock and panic without panicking. Rhodonite is a self-love stone that can help you heal old wounds.

It doesn’t just mask the pain but helps you clear the heart and activate the love you need to get through this. Rhodonite gradually lets you let go of old emotions and move into a state of gentle acceptance.

Fekuar Rhodonite worry stone- features and specifications:

Fekuar produced this product. It comes with 1.44 ounces and has an 11.85*2.87*2.52 dimension of inches. It features,

  • They are smooth and measure approximately 1.8″ long by 1.5″ wide by 0.3″ thick.
  • They are lightweight, durable, and sturdy.
  • It brings luck when you carry it.
  • These stones are used for relaxation and anxiety relief and are carved in the shape of a water drop.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • These stones are ideal worry stones and are well worth the investment.
  • Some buyers claimed that the stone’s color did not match the advertisement and received a dull black, greenish-gray, and tan stone instead.
  • According to some buyers, the color is disappointing but serves its functional purpose well.
  • It arrived in good condition and looks even better in real life.
  • They are extremely valuable, arrive quickly and safely, and perform admirably for a worrying stone.
  • It’s the ideal size for slipping into a pocket and carrying it to work.
  • It is beneficial for those who struggle with anxiety.
  • Some Buyers Claimed that the item’s color did not match the image displayed.
  • It is a very smooth and interesting stone with vibrant blue hues and extremely comfortable to work with.
  • It motivates you and assists you in confronting difficult obstacles.
  • It helps in mending broken relationships and re-establishing them.
  • Rhodonite aids in the healing of past wounds and emotional trauma.
  • It assists in avoiding bitterness and anger, and self-destructive thoughts and desires.
  • The crystal color does not match the image; it varies slightly in color.

4. JOE FOREMAN Moonstone Beads Grit Gemstone Chips Beads:

6-8mm Natural Moonstone Beads Gravel Gemstone Chips Beads...
2,609 Reviews
6-8mm Natural Moonstone Beads Gravel Gemstone Chips Beads...
  • -Natural Chalcedony Semi Precious Stone
  • -Beads Size: 6mm-8mm; Strand Length:34 inch; Around 150-200pcs

This is a JOE FOREMAN 6-8mm natural moonstone beads rock gemstone chips beads freeform loose beads for jewelry, making wholesale beads cream white.

Moonstone is a wonderful gem to have close by during the grieving process. This lovely stone tells us that emotions, time, and tides work in cycles. But, it is also a stone of new beginnings, which can help us break a dark spell.

Moonstone is good for all stages of grief, but especially for easing depression and calming anger.

Natural Moonstone Beads- features and specifications:

Joe Foreman contrived this product. It weighs 1.59 ounces and has dimensions of 3.98*0.31*0.28 inches. It features,

  • Each stone weighs 45 grams and features a bead size of 6-8mm and a length of approximately 34 inches.
  • It contains between 150 and 200 pieces and is ideal for embellishing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Some buyers claimed the beads were fake because the color washes away when sprayed and cleaned.
  • Although the stones vary in size, they perform as described, and the price is reasonable.
  • Garnets have a lovely color but are slightly smaller in size than quartz.
  • Each bead has a beautiful shade of purple and is the ideal size for use.
  • The beads are quite nice and well-made.
  • Moonstone facilitates the development of empathy and compassion.
  • It strengthens our intuition, psychic abilities, and clairvoyance.
  • The moonstone inspires feminine strength.
  • It aids in the regulation of our emotions and stress.
  • This can help us reconnect with our feminine and emotional selves.
  • When washed, the bead’s color may come out.

5. JUSTINSTONES Natural Pyrite Gemstone:

Justinstones Natural Pyrite Gemstone Healing Crystal 1 inch...
  • This listing is for 10pcs randomly chosen Pyrite Puff Hearts measuring...
  • Crystals formed into the shapes of a heart help to activate the Heart...

This is Justinstone’s natural pyrite gemstone healing crystal. It is a 1-inch mini puffy heart pocket stone with an iron gift box.

Adrenal exhaustion must be avoided during the grieving process. With all those heavy emotions swirling around, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, leading to increased anxiety and adrenal burnout.

Pyrite’s fiery energy can help. This fool’s gold nugget can connect with your solar plexus to bring balance and respite to your solar plexus.

Natural Pyrite gemstone- features and specifications:

Justinestones produced this product. It weighs 6.4 ounces and measures 4*3*0.9 dimensions of inches. It features,

  • Each stone is about 25mm wide, 20mm tall, and 12mm thick.
  • It is obtainable in a variety of colors and shapes.
  • They are smooth, small, and polished to a high sheen.
  • The product is packaged in a nice iron gift box.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Some buyers claimed they are of poor quality and appear to have a pyrite coating on the heart rather than solid pyrite.
  • The stone is attractive and comes in an attractive shade.
  • They are more petite than anticipated and more lovely in person than they appear in the photograph.
  • They are packaged separately in a box with a foam cousin.
  • The item arrived promptly but did not resemble genuine pyrite.
  • They arrived in a cute tin lined with foam to protect against scuffs and scratches.
  • Unlike some other hearts, which are smooth on one side, these are expanded. It’s a lovely present, and the delivery is lightning fast.
  • They are in excellent condition but would benefit from being twice the size.
  • They are lovely with their soft hues and are ideal for gifting, grinding, and carrying.
  • This stone emits a powerful healing vibration and purifies the surrounding environment of negative energies.
  • It aids in relaxation and anxiety relief.
  • Pyrites are excellent for overcoming sad or depressing thoughts and regrets associated with loss.
  • Pyrites can aid you in dispelling false assumptions and determining what something truly means in its context.
  • It safeguards you against harm and keeps you from focusing exclusively on negative criticism.
  • The crystal does not match the photo.

6. MOOKAITEDECOR Amethyst Crystal Tree:

INSOMNIA RELIEF - Professionally Selected Tumbled Crystal...
  • OVERCOME Insomnia & Get a Restful Nights Sleep. AWAKEN Refreshed &...
  • STONES INCLUDED: Amethyst, Dumortierite, Hematite, & Sodalite Genuine...

This Amethyst crystal tree comes with a Quartz cluster rainbow Titanium Crystals Bonsai Money Tree for wealth and luck.

Amethyst is a natural sedative calming the mind, body, and soul. This cerebral stone can help you reconnect with your core and maintain that connection when you feel overwhelmed or lost in a forest of emotion.

Amethyst soothes the soul when emotions are too strong to bear. It calms anger, rage, and anxiety and can help you sleep.

Mookaitedecor Amethyst Crystal Tree- features and specifications:

Mookaitedecor contrived this product. The product has 8.39*5.2*3.11 dimensions of inches and comes with a weight of 6.7 ounces. It features,

  • It is made of stone and measures 4.5-5.7 inches in height and 3-3.5 inches in width.
  • The crystal tree measures approximately 2.3 “-2.9” in height and 1.9 “-2.5” in width.
  • The crystal cluster base measures about 1.2 “-2.4” in diameter and weighs between 150 and 300 grams.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The crystal Bonsai is flawless; the wire is both sturdy and flexible.
  • Some buyers say the product appears attractive in photographs but lacks real craftsmanship.
  • Some buyers claimed that the base is unsightly, the gluing is obvious, and the product is unattractive.
  • Some buyers say the product is lovely, but the glue included is extremely hot.
  • According to some buyers, the stone about the wire in an advertised product is slightly smaller than the stones overall.
  • Its foundation is a lovely copper tree trunk.
  • The product is lovely, compact, and of high quality, exactly as described, and the measurements are fairly accurate.
  • Some buyers claimed that it appears cute but is incapable of standing.
  • This crystal tree is ideal for use as a home or office decor item.
  • It aids in the enhancement of luck, wealth, and fortune.
  • It is a perfect gift for women and men and a healing crystal for the crystal collector.
  • The tree is infused with healing energy, which directs the crystal energy toward our goals and objectives.
  • It emits powerful vibrations bringing wealth and prosperity.
  • However, there are some problems with the product’s quality.

7. JUST IN STONES Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal:

This is a natural smoky quartz gemstone crystal hexagonal pointed reiki chakra faceted prism and stone home decor.

When someone is grieving or in a state of loss, they may feel detached and overcome by a strong wind. Smoky Quartz can aid in this. Conversely, when your emotions try to knock you off your feet, Smoky Quartz can help you feel grounded and stable. With this quartz as an anchor, you can easily process your emotions.

It can bring its intuition and promote healthy activities throughout the journey, from the initial anger to a deep breath of acceptance. Smoky Quartz is a good depression remedy because it helps transform negative energy.

Just In Stones Smoky Quartz- features, and specifications:

Just in stones produced this product. It weighs 2.39 ounces and has a dimension of 5.2*4.2*1.5 inches. It features,

  • The stone measures approximately 40-50 mm (1.6-2.0 inches) in diameter and about 2-34 mm (0.8-1.3 inches) in length.
  • It has a brownish-gray hue and is also available in additional colors.
  • They are sturdy, large, and long-lasting.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Smoky Quartz stone aids in the dispersal of negative energy.
  • It is an exquisite crystal that is well worth the price.
  • Smoky quartz is quite lovely and even contains a rainbow.
  • They are smaller than the other stones but are extremely clear and beautiful.
  • Smoky quartz has been sanded down to the point of a larger piece.
  • The stone is crystal clear and lovely, and the piece has two long sides and four short sides, making it flatter than rounded.
  • It is both comfortable to hold and use.
  • Some buyers claimed the stone did not arrive as described in the advertisement.
  • The stone is insufficiently large to be displayed.
  • They are quite lovely in their own right, and the color is subtle but authentic.
  • They are quite nice for the price.
  • Smoky quartz appears to be a nice size and has a lovely cut.
  • They have a lovely crystal point and a few natural dings in the crystal caused by small fragments of other minerals, which is a good sign.
  • Smoky quartz is stunning and comes in an ideal size.
  • They have a lot of energy, are slightly larger, and have a lovely color.
  • Daily use of this stone balances chakra.
  • Smoky quartz aids chakra healing and enriches the spirit and well-being of the wearer.
  • It counteracts negative vibrations and aids in the cleansing process on all levels.
  • It stimulates the digestive system’s elimination of radiation and electromagnetic pollution and protects against it.
  • Smokey quartz dispels fear and also helps to alleviate depression and negativity.
  • Smoky Quartz helps to maintain emotional balance while relieving stress and anxiety.
  • It aids in reducing suicidal thoughts and promotes positive thinking and behavior.
  • It banishes nightmares and resurrects your dreams.
  • Smokey Quartz enhances concentration and facilitates communication.
  • Unfortunately, its bottom is not cut properly, causing it to fall over.

Finale Thoughts:

So, we hope you have all the details on the 7 Best Crystals for Grief we have provided in the article. All of the above products are valuable and beneficial too. It works and heals your issues. So, feel free to buy any of these. All of them are going to be worth your buying.

Happy Shopping!

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