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The Bianco Nero Tarot Deck is gorgeous, and the dense quality of the cards is a pleasure to handle. The deck is thick enough to remain durable and easy enough to use if you are unfamiliar with the Tarot. The deck has a classic design with a gold border, which makes it easy to find the Major Arcana card. The deck comes with its own cloth bag and a beautiful, full-color manual of the cards inside.

Bianco Nero Tarot Cards Meanings:

The Bianco Nero Tarot is considered a seminal deck in the Neopagan tarot tradition. The deck is primarily influenced by Celtic myth and legend. It features characters from Irish mythology, including the Irish goddess Brighid, and characters from Welsh mythology, such as Matholwch, the god of blacksmiths.

The Bianco Nero Tarot card deck is a holistic deck that looks at all aspects of life, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

About the Author:

Marco Proietto is an illustrator who amused thousands of readers out there worldwide with his creativity and passion for graphical representation. There is not much saying about him in the web source, probably because he prefers keeping a low profile in front of the world and focusing on his improvement instead.

Bianco Nero Tarot
  • Proietto, Marco (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Bianco Nero Tarot by Marco Proietto

For a genuinely ageless aesthetic, Bianco Nero’s (Black & White edition) Tarot combines Visconti Tarot’s iconic imagery with sophisticated, hand-painted images influenced by ancient drawings and wood carvings. A 64-page pamphlet with a unique Goals Layout is included.

This deck replicates the pictures, meanings, and figures in famous tarot decks. Hand-drawn light and dark ink pictures on paper make up the cards. The deck is created in a symbolic and lifelike manner, but it also contains a fanciful element that gives the depiction a fantasy life-like aspect.

Each artwork is well-defined and full of meaningful nuances that aid in understanding the card’s significance—details, including emotions and movements, aid interpretations by highlighting the card’s outer appearance.

The backs of the cards are symmetrical to prevent the path of the cards from being revealed before they are flipped facing upward. A circle in the back artwork symbolizes Major Arcana’s prominence.

The central eight-pointed star has a longstanding heritage as an emblem of mysticism and divination. The circle is surrounded by a floral design of roses and spikes. The four elements emblems on the sides represent Minor Arcana’s four suits.

  • The suit symbol is represented differently on each card in Bianco Nero; in the context of Swords, the image never replicates again.
  • Custom monochromatic ink pictures on paper make up the cards. Gustave Doré’s antique prints, Albrecht Dürer’s wood carvings, chalcography, and Sergio Toppi’s modernist designs influenced this vector illustration technique.

The product weighs 8.8 ounces, and its dimensions are 2.75 x 1.25 x 5 inches. The paperback format has 64 pages written in English. The U.S. Games Systems Inc. published it on July 11, 2018.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • Most of the users agreed on the fact that the deck has a balanced artwork with the greyscale image effect.
  • The card stock is excellent and shuffles quickly.
  • This tarot deck is helpful for meditation.
  • The fact that they’re black and white doesn’t take away from their beauty.
  • It comes with a tuck box rather than a hard case.
  • This deck is created by combining classical iconography with the contemporary, gritty vibe of an artist’s sketch collection.
  • Some users claim that the King of Pents appears furious, which is inconsistent with his type of personality.
  • This deck is lovely and energizing.
  • The card stock’s picture is balanced, thanks to just the appropriate amount of shade.
  • They shuffle as though they’re made of butter.
  • The card stock is very smooth.
  • This deck is short and sweet.
  • For interpretations, it’s straightforward to communicate.
  • This deck has a gloomy vibe to it.
  • Does not have a detailed understanding.

The deck is strong and polished to a satisfactory degree. The material is sturdy and long-lasting. It’s a good thickness to hold. You can feel the tension just by holding it.


In conclusion, the Bianco Nero Tarot is a beautiful set. The cards are stunning, and the deck is gorgeous, with gold foil and a beautiful embossed pattern on the box. The boxed deck comes with a small booklet explaining the tarot meanings. The deck was shipped in a protective plastic sleeve, and since there are no plastic boxes, you can rest assured that the cards will not be damaged.

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