Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set: Review

“Botanical Inspirations Deck” has just come out with a new book. The book is an inspiration for painting flowers with the use of a deck of cards. There are over 100 succulent cards and 24 booklets that teach the techniques.

A must-have for any artist and a great gift idea for those on the go. The book and deck are available now at Barnes and Nobles and

This is not simply a book on paper. Lynn Araujo has created a beautiful book that you can use to remind yourself each day to be inspired to write.

This is a book you can keep with you and turn to again and again. You can make your own note cards for each day, or you can have a piece of paper for each day to write your inspiration or a reminder to yourself.

We have provided the details on the Botanical Inspirations Deck in the article. Check them out below.

Botanical Inspirations Deck Meanings:

Botanical Inspirations is a book and deck set that celebrates the beauty and diversity of plants and flowers. The cards feature an array of bright, colorful images of plants and flowers, including various orchid varieties and tropical plants.

The Botanical Inspirations Deck has unique botanical images. Each card has a small print of a photograph of a plant. The tiles are printed on sturdy card stock and arranged in a complete “deck,” placed in a sturdy, fabric-lined box.

This beautiful, full-color, portable guide covers the basics of Botanical Inspirations Deck so that you can create stunning projects right away.

The book contains step-by-step instructions for over 30 techniques, including flower appliqués, crocheted flowers, and designer blooms, as well as beautiful charted designs to make your own. This book will extend your ideas and techniques for making crochet flowers.

The deck includes a 44-card deck, with each card featuring a different plant.

About Author:

This deck was created by the author Lynn Araujo.

Lynn Araujo, known as the “Queen of Flowers,” leads the charge with this book and deck set.

She has authored many published books, including the series of books and decks: Banana Split Card Game Cards; Dreaming Way Lenormand; Native American Playing Cards Set One, etc.

Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set
  • Araujo, Lynn (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set:

Flowers were commonly used to convey various meanings in Victorian England, as well as in other societies. Pierre-Joseph Redouté’s treasured artwork appears alongside the Secret Language of Flowers in the Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set.

A quotation from a botanical text is printed on each Botanical Inspirations card. This guided tour booklet offers narratives and affirmations about history, mythology, legend, and lore, all told in an inspirational way. Every flower has a story to tell and a lesson to share.

Features and Specifications:

The U.S. Games Systems Inc published this deck, Box Tcr Cr edition, on January 14, 2016. This deck appears in the English language and has 100 pages of a paperback. It weighs 8 ounces and has a dimension of 3.25*1.25*5 inches.

  • It features 44 cards with quotations and flower meanings.
  • This deck included a 100 pages illustrated guidebook with messages of insight and inspiration.
  • It included a Fold-Out guide to the Secret Language of Flowers and has a Drawstring organza pouch.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The deck has an old tea-stained kind of feel to them, and all the story behind the drawings is fascinating.
  • This deck contains a very high-quality box and its cards are normal tarot cards size and are easier to shuffle.
  • The deck provided a lot of reading about health issues as well as questions.
  • They provided shortly-to-the-point ideas and clear messages which are useful and educational.
  • The appearance of the images on the cars is beautiful and is of high quality.
  • The cards are beautifully made and have a vintage-style print of cards.
  • The cards come with a bag and an adorable little book complete with plant lore for each card.
  • The deck is simple, beautiful, calm, and meaningful.
  • Its messages are very inspirational, and the cards work in delivering clear answers to questions.
  • The box is beautiful and sturdy, and illustrations in the book are black and white, and the meanings/messages are easy to understand.
  • The deck provided quotes on each card and information provided in the book about the different facts for each flower.
  • All the cards provided positive and uplifting messages.
  • Its card stock is ok, slightly thin but durable.
  • Its box is just a delight with a handy little ribbon to help ease them out of the box.
  • It comes with a cute organza bag and a quick reference guide.
  • The cards come with a vintage look with gorgeous botanical pictures.
  • Its card provided special meanings and quotes that are a very accurate and thoughtful oracle deck.
  • Its artwork is incredible, and all the messages are very inspirational.
  • The deck of the cards and its box are sturdy and durable.
  • The card stock is slightly thin, so you must be careful when shuffling.


I am about to tell you about a deck that you can use to share the beauty and inspiration of plants and flowers. Botanical Inspirations Deck is a collection of gorgeous cards that you can use in any way that you see fit to share your appreciation of plants and flowers. Whether it is a card to explain why you chose a particular plant at a neighborhood park or to explain why you chose flowers for your loved one on their birthday, this deck can help you share your love of plants and flowers.

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