Tarot of Sexual Magic Review (Pros & Cons)

If you are looking for a good and advanced quality deck for magic, this deck can be used as a magic tool. There seems to be no other source of magical energy than the primary drive that can drive us all. It is very passionate, wild, and perfect for harnessing and manipulating the powers of empowerment and sport.

Lo Scarabeo Tarot decks have been acclaimed worldwide for their originality and quality. Because the Tarot of Lo Scarabeo always tries to give readers something good. Even each Lo Scarabeo deck has exceptional artistic value. Compared to other best Italian and international artists.

Sexual Magic Tarot (Sexual Magic Tarot, 1) (English and...
  • Lo Scarabeo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Lo Scarabeo has always been committed to developing innovative new decks to preserve the Tarot’s rich heritageTarotch remains a favorite among collectors and readers.

Scarabeo’s deck’s collaborative booklets are written in five languages: Spanish, English, Italian, German, and French. Llewellyn is the sole distributor of Lo Scarabeo products in North America.

Review on “Tarot Of Sexual Magic”

These Trumps (Tarot cards) are the first in the major arcana category. The cards’ meaning is based on actual occult symbolism, including their Italian name, and accurately represents this symbolism. (This blog is also a tarot deck reviewer and has given this deck the highest possible rating.)

These cards are trendy among those who practice the art of divination and magic. They are based on ancient symbolism and occult beliefs and include many deities. The focus is now on the more erotic aspects of divination. The card art is in a style that is very popular nowadays and is very easy to read.

It was published on July 8, 2009, by Llewellyn Publications of Crds/Bklt edition. It is formed in the English and Spanish languages. Moreover, it weighs 8.8 pounds and has a 4.8 *2.7*1.2 inches dimension.

The Sex Magic Book Provide:

  1.  Most cards show sex or intimacy, with a few exceptions where the focus is on intimacy.
  2. These decks are somewhat intuitive because no practical guidebook is attached to this book.
  3.  Some scenes on this “sex” deck are soft and romantic overall but more complex than the other decks.
  4. The decks in this book are very innovative, and it carries a specific energy.
  • The cards are of excellent quality, and the overall size of the images is excellent.
  • The descriptions are very accurate, and the presentation is just excellent.
  • At any rate, these decks are beautiful deck with great energy. Almost all of them are sexual and nude.
  • The cards in this book contain great sex images that attract readers to read about sex.
  • The interpretation of this deck is not entirely about sex. But it also gives good advice for a love life.
  • If you are a beginner, this is not great for you because the meanings of the booklet on decay are very limited to explain in depth.
  • The quality and starting card material are not very good or significant.
  • If you are not open-minded or do not feel comfortable about sexual matters, this book may not suit you.


We hope you enjoy the description of the tarot of sexual magicTarotn in the article. The book also contains a lot of advice and explanations about sex and love life. These decks are unique for reading. Even if you read the book, you will surely be satisfied.

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