Celtic Tarot Review & Past Users’ Experience

Celtic Tarot Review

The Celtic Tarot was my first Tarot deck and probably my favorite one as well. It has a lot of styles and offers a lot of insight into its imagery. In this review, I’m going to share my thoughts on the cards.

The Celtic Tarot is a new deck of cards by two authors, Kristoffer Hughes and Chris Down from the United Kingdom.

It’s a hand-drawn deck that incorporates Celtic mythology into the mix. For example, the World card has a lot to do with the Celtic pagan beliefs and how to live in this world.

The Seven of Cups is about love and relationship, the Ace of Pentacles is about money and success, and the Eight of Cups is about family and home.

Celtic Tarot Card Meanings:

The Celtic Tarot is a traditional 78 card deck from the 16th century, which has remained one of the most popular decks. It is also one of the oldest decks in print, even though most of the information about it is sketchy and uncertain.

The basis of the deck is the Pansophy of Pythagoras, and it’s one of the few decks published every century since its creation.

The Celtic Tarot is a deck that’s full of artwork from the Holy Land of medieval Iberia. Each card is based on an ancient oracle deck, such as the Major Arcana of the Rider-Waite Tarot, which is the standard Celtic Tarot is based on.

Each card is a different artwork, and the artwork is full of symbolism from the fairy world. All of the cards in the Celtic Tarot are full of symbolism, but the theme is usually folklore about the Celtic people.

Celtic Tarot
  • Hughes, Kristoffer (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

About Author:

Kristoffer Hughes Wales is a famous author, teacher, workshop speaker. He has also contributed heavily to Welsh and English television and radio. Kristoffer Hughes has attended as a guest speaker at many Camps, Pagan Conferences, and Festivals throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America. He has written four books in his specialty and is also the writer of the Celtic Tarot.

Hughes is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovate and Druids, the Chief of the Angeseley Druid Order, and a Mount Haemus Scholar. He has also performed at Her Majesty’s Coroner service as a Death Services Professional. He’s also well known for frequently hosting Amicus Mortis, Death Midwifery, and Mortuary Salience courses both in-person and online.

Living in the UK, Chris Down is an illustrator with interests in Celtic art, Druidry, fairies, mermaids, gothic styles, dragons, and steampunk, and his inspiration can be traced in his art pieces and endeavors. He has illustrated more than 50 books in his career. He also has a website where visitors can see his artwork and illustrations.

Let’s check out more on Celtic Tarot:

Celtic Tarot Deck Review

Featuring and displaying the Celtic gods and goddesses, with their magical allies along with the shimmering world of enchantment, the Celtic Tarot is not just a tarot deck. Still, it is also a pathway to ancient history and the world of myth and magic. Symbols, icons, and motifs will guide you on your journey with familiarizing yourself. They will also express, foretell and transmit to you the wisdom and mysteries of the ancient Celtic society.

Features and Specifications:

It is available on cards version on Amazon, and it is written in the language of English. Llewellyn Publications published it on 8th September 2017. It weighs about 2 ounces and has a dimension of about 5.5 x 2 x 8 inches.

  • The deck has 78 cards.
  • It comes with a 336-page full-color guidebook.
  • The cards have clear illustrations, and the guidebook has full instructions and readings.

Past Users’ Experience:

  • Some customers had claimed that the artwork vividly portrays patriarchy and violent images and illustrations.
  • The cards are designed to give off a pure Celtic aura, and the guidebook is also beneficial for beginners.
  • A few customers found the deck to be thinly made, and they are very hard to handle.
  • The cards are handy and handy for Druid history enthusiast’s everyday use.
  • The cards are also quite charming and captivating for their vivid and detailed beautifully illustrated prints.
  • The cards are accurately made with Celtic and Druidry inspiration in mind.
  • This deck has multiple uses alongside reading, such as meditating and healing.
  • They give a precise reading and are very easy to shuffle.
  • Each card contains a deep message with livid artwork.
  • The cards are not recommended for readers easily disturbed by violence.
  • The deck has a problem of longevity and can be hard to store.


For the Celtic enthusiasts, these cards can add just the sparks of interest they might need in their daily lives with performing the wonders of easing their days.

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